With the stress level of people shooting to an all-time high, a vacation now seems more appealing than ever. Not just any vacation but a relaxing one in a natural place as nature has been known to help deal with stress and anxiety. When it comes to nature, Kauai is one of the best places to enjoy this type of atmosphere. Being the fourth largest island in Hawaii, Kauai is arguably the best in terms of natural attractions and exciting adventures. The abundant lushness surrounding the entire island has even earned it the nickname - The Garden Island, making it the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. Besides the lush forests, the island is also endowed with lots of hiking trails, stunning cliffs, and beautiful beaches which can help take one’s mind off worry and ease stress. Without further ado, here are the most relaxing things to do for the ultimate relaxation experience in Hawaii.

10 Hike Kalalau Trail

Kalalau trail offers a unique way to help travelers deal with stress by presenting them with a challenging hike. The steep and rugged terrain of this trail is one thing hikers will first have to overcome while the round trip distance of 22 miles is another. This distance is enough to ensure one spends a lot of time walking in nature while enjoying views of the beautiful lush forests, rushing streams and waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and stunning mountains on the way. By the time they get out of this trail, travelers are guaranteed to be relaxed, rejuvenated, and fired up, ready to face the world head-on.

9 Watch Sunset

Sunsets in Kauai are mesmerizing as they display magical colors over the sky when they occur. One can enjoy this experience in almost every part of the island from resort rooms, to restaurants, and even hiking trails although some places such as - Poipu Beach, Hanalei Bay, Waimea Canyon, and Kalalau lookout offer more magical views of the sunset.

8 Go To A Spa For Some Pampering

Spas are available in many resorts in Kauai that offer relaxing spa services to guests. Head over to one of the spas to enjoy services such as - massages, skin treatments, and also professional health advice. Some resorts located close to the sea even bring the spa experience right in front of the waters so the guests get to enjoy the relaxing views and sounds of the waves while getting their bones straightened and their skin pampered. For more wellness experiences, yoga services are also offered in many of these resorts to help stretch out the body and get into the aloha spirit.

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7 Go Camping

Camping in Kauai is one of the best ways to spend more time in nature and truly have a relaxing vacation in Kauai. It presents a way to go to bed with beautiful night skies and wake up to the sweet melodies of birds and the smile of the sun, and also get to breathe in the island’s ever-fresh breeze.

6 Eat Some Local Dishes

Of course, eating is a relaxing thing to do. If you don’t think so, wait to try the delicious local dishes in Kauai which are endowed with freshness and unique flavors. While there are tons of food options to explore, be sure to try out the island’s most popular dishes some of which include; Poke - a fresh fish dish, and Loco Moco - a dish consisting of a hamburger patty, egg, gravy, and often served with white rice.

5 Attend A Luau

Attending a Luau is an exciting and relaxing thing to do in Kauai. This cultural event offers one the opportunity to just sit back and get entertained with impressive cultural performances that include beautiful fire dances, melodious singing, and epic drum beats. A Luau is usually organized by resorts and hotels so one does not have to go too far to catch one.

4 Go Sailing

Sailing in Kauai is a way to experience the beautiful island of Kauai from the sea. On the boat, travelers will be presented with views of colorful cliffs, and the lushness Kauai is known for. Sailing tours to the Napali coast are the most popular ways visitors can enjoy this experience in Kauai and the tours also allow one to see beautiful marine creatures such as dolphins and whales.

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3 Shop At A Farmers Market

Everybody likes shopping or at least most people do. Sometimes it may be all a person needs to feel alright. While there are many places where one can shop in Kauai, only the island’s farmers' markets offer the kind of shopping that one can classify as a relaxing experience. The sweet scents of fresh food, fruits, vegetables, and other food items are enough to uplift one’s spirit and get one into a relaxing mood.

2 Scuba Dive In The Water

The island of Kauai is not just beautiful on land but also underwater and scuba diving is the best way to see this beauty. The island is endowed with lots of sites for this activity and divers underwater will be present with sights of beautiful sea creatures some of which include - turtles, fishers, and dolphins.

1 Take A Scenic Ride In Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is often considered the grand canyon of the Pacific and it is one of the most scenic parts of Kauai. This 14-mile long landscape is characterized by stunning cliffs, impressive waterfalls, and lush forests. Besides hiking the numerous trails, a more relaxing way to explore the scenery is by taking a scenic ride through the landscape and enjoying the views of rushing waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and lots of lushness characterizing the canyon.

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