The consensus is that Trader Joe's has been consistently topping its product quality with each passing year. While 2019 gave rise to many holy grail products that quickly gained popularity with shoppers who like to immerse themselves in all that TJ's stores have to offer, it seems that 2020 has popped off with a few tricks up its sleeve, too. This year, customers were noticing even more new items lining the aisles and were simultaneously falling in love with them.

According to those who call Trader Joe's a second home, these are the products that most people just couldn't do without in 2020, along with some bonus holiday-themed items that we're hoping are here to stick around.


Cocoa Chile Spiced Pecans

Many people remember ringing in the holidays with a bowl of spice nuts at their grandparent's or extended family's houses. These cocoa chile-spiced pecans have a similar nostalgic flair but updated, with a deep, rich flavor from the cocoa and a hit of heat from the chile.

Over The River & Through The Woods Trek Mix

This isn't your ordinary trail mix. This trail mix - or, trek mix, we should say - is full of seasonal flavor. With roasted nuts, dried fruits, and pumpkin pie-spiced pecans, the cherry on top is the addition of both white and dark chocolate pieces. You can catch us eating this all season long and stocking up on a few extra bags.

Gluten-Free Niçoise Pasta Salad

Niçoise salad is a classic French dish and now, Trader Joe's has made it gluten-free. There's something about this premade salad that's so fresh and inviting and truly tastes like sitting in a garden in France on a sunny day.

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With lean yellowfin tuna and a mix of crunchy vegetables, it's also super healthy for you.

Black Truffle Cashew Pesto Sauce

Pesto has become even more popular over the last few months and with it, different, modern versions. The combination of nutty and salty cashews combined with Trader Joe's trademark black truffle flavor is enough to make anyone fall in love with this sauce.

Organic Almond Butter

It's creamy, nutty, and slightly sweet, just the way all nut butters should be. Since the rise of the alternative nut butter, Trader Joe's has been slaying the market with its own almond butter, a version that isn't likely to lose popularity anytime soon.

Greek Chickpeas With Parsley & Cumin

Chickpeas are okay, but chickpeas that have been marinated in parsley and cumin are out of this world. These premade, long-marinated chickpeas are the perfect addition to any salad, dinner dish, or, if you're like us, just the perfect thing to snack on throughout the day.

Hot & Sweet Mustard Sauce

Trader Joe's takes this to a whole new level with layer upon layer of flavor. Gone are the days of traditional mustard and in are the days where no one can get over how delicious this sweet and spicy mustard sauce is.

Vegan Gingerbread Loaf

Baking can be a challenge when you're trying to create something vegan. TJ's makes it that much easier with the vegan gingerbread loaf - a delicious, spiced cake that isn't missing a single thing except the animal-based products... but you'd never be able to tell.

Korean Inspired Bulgogi Beef Fried Rice With Kimchi

It might be a mouthful to say but once you get an actual mouthful, you won't care what it's called. This dinner meal by Trader Joe's is hitting every level when it comes to umami, spice, and robust flavor.

Italian Nocellara Olives

Looking for an addition to your charcuterie plate? Or maybe a way to jazz up your cheese board? Or, perhaps, you're just looking for a quick snack?

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Look no further than these tasty, smooth, slightly tangy olives.

Hold The Corn! Appetizers

Not only are these adorable as each appetizer is rolled into its own cone, but they're also delicious. Corn mixed with other veggies and spices, all rolled into a crispy rice exterior never sounded so good.

Holiday Hash

This hash is so versatile that we wouldn't be surprised if it quickly takes the place of any other hash in your home. It can be mixed into almost anything, from stuffing to soup and everything in between.

Truffle Dip

There really are no words needed to explain this one except that we'd eat this with a spoon. In fact, there are many people out there who probably have and we're definitely not judging them for it.

Beef En Croute

Making any type of en Croute is a serious accomplishment but when Trader Joe's has it prepared and ready to stick in the oven, why not take them up on the offer? It's tender with a perfect buttery, flaky layer of pastry, perfect for a luxe weeknight dinner (pictured is the turkey en Croute, which is just as delicious).

Cornbread Bites

Filled with pepper jack cheese and serrano chile peppers? Count us in! These appetizers are as easy as filling up a sheet tray and popping them in the oven. Although, if you're feeding a crowd, we'd definitely recommend getting more than what you think you'll need.

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