It's no surprise that takeout has been on the rise in 2020. After spending so much time at home, feeling the need for comfort foods from our favorite restaurants, and wanting to indulge a little, takeout has become a staple in many households. Now that the year is almost over, UberEats and other delivery services have determined which takeout foods have been the most popular throughout the year. While some might assume that only one type of food has received more attention than the others, that's actually not the case - depending on both the region and proximity to cities, the most popular takeout foods vary greatly across the US. However, there are only come that have made it out on top over other, less popular options.


That's right - it surprised us, too. As it turns out, the number one comfort food in the country as of 2020 is actually french fries, and considering the balance of greasy, salty, and satisfying, it shouldn't really be all that shocking. Ten out of 50 states alone had french fries as the most popular takeout food according to mashed. 

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Whether they're through a fast food restaurant or a local favorite, these crispy fries are the one food item that nearly everyone in the US couldn't do without this year. When you consider the other food takeout options that were popular following this singular dish, it actually makes quite a bit of sense - half of the most popular takeout cuisines offer dishes that usually come with fries, making this one a no-brainer. It didn't matter how they arrived, if they were cold or extra soggy, the people wanted what the people wanted. Sometimes, oven-baked, at-home fries simply aren't enough.

Number Two: Pad Thai

A very close second to french fries was pad Thai. It managed to outrank every other takeout cuisine and it seems that 2020 became the year that pad Thai grew its roots in the comfort zone scene and while many people knew of its comforting magic prior to this year, a lot more people discovered how delicious it truly is.

There were five states, in particular, that ordered more pad Thai than any other: Georgia, Michigan, Kentucky, Texas, and Tennessee. With the increase in takeout from everyone's favorite restaurants, pad Thai became overwhelmingly popular among other states as well, with many people rallying to support their local community. In doing so, this was the dish that came out on top... second to french fries, of course.

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Runners Up: Pizza, Fast-Food, All-American Pub Fare

Perhaps not surprisingly, pizza was a close third to pad Thai in terms of which food was the most ordered during 2020. While there's no saying whether it was from a pizza chain or from locally-owned businesses, it appears that pizza was overwhelmingly popular regardless of where it was coming from. It's estimated that 79% of people who ordered takeout opted for pizza, which boosts it from previous numbers prior to the pandemic but still isn't all that surprising.

Following pizza was fast-food, which also makes sense but is a bit of a head-scratcher. This, if nothing else, proves that the majority of people were opting to stay home rather than wait in line or at the drive-thru to order their food, even though it is called 'fast' food for a reason. In favor of safety and staying home, people turned to delivery services in order to get their food to them faster (get it?), and with no-contact options, it turns out that this was a win-win for fast-food restaurants as well as delivery services.

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The fourth most popular takeout option was all-American pub fare. This included any type of American-style food that came from local restaurants, as many people chose to support their own community and support local. Pub fare, such as burgers, fries (surprise surprise), salads, chicken dishes (which is the most popular fast-food option, period, around the world), steaks, and so on. When we think of comfort food, it's definitely not surprising that we think of pub fare as it's reminiscent of dinners out with friends, celebratory lunches with family, and quick bites for brunch get-togethers. It's also a good sign that people are supporting this type of cuisine, as it means that small businesses and restaurants have not gone unnoticed since the pandemic started. The cuisines that followed this were Italian, Mexican, and Asian, each of which ranking fairly equal on the takeout scale.

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