Europe is an ideal location for various reasons. It is an inspiration to artists as well as producers all across the world. It is like a perfect backdrop for filming as well, and Europe has a dazzling assortment of iconic movie landmarks. Travelers can walk in the footsteps of their favorite film superstars on a vacation to Europe, provided they know where to look. Below is a list of the most popular, well-known film locations in Europe.

10 Robin Hood, Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has previously been awarded the title of best Shoreline in Europe for the excellence of its coastlines. Tourists who want natural as well as unspoiled coastlines, may go and visit Freshwater West Beach and Pembrokeshire. This location was also used as the setting for Ridley Scott's classic film, Robin Hood, starring Russel Crowe. Tourists who enjoy the TV series may also visit Tenby, which served as the setting for the Television show Sherlock.

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9 James Bond, Glencoe

Enthusiasts of the world's most renowned secret agent film should surely make a trip to Glencoe within the Scottish Alps. It is the location of James Bond's home. Aside from Glencoe, other notable Skyfall sequences were shot at Glen Etive, whereby spies M as well as 007 step out of their Aston Martin to enjoy the scenery. Furthermore, even though visitors are not fans of these films, the Scottish Alps are well worth visiting since the landscape is stunning, unspoiled nature, enormous mountains, and deep blue waters are just what they seek for an amazing experience.

  • Trip Cost: $1,249

8 Harry Potter, Oxford University-England

Locals refer to it as Oxford University, fans of Harry Potter's film refer to it as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This famous English institution was used as a shooting site for the blockbuster Harry Potter film series. The very first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was primarily shot on location at Oxford University, particularly at Hogwarts. In addition, tourists to Oxford University must pay an entry charge, which may be purchased online at the school's official web page.

  • Trip Cost: $2,002

7 Star Wars, Lake Como

The second episode of the movie Star Wars spinoff trilogy was shot in a variety of locales throughout the globe, but the ones that drew every enthusiast of this movie, as well as the tourists, were situated in Italy. To be more specific, the scenes were shot in Reggia di Caserta and Lake Como. The magnificent Villa del Balbianello was also erected on the point of the Dosso d'Avedo cape and faces the stunning Lake Como. In addition, because of the Star Wars film, it is now a popular wedding destination.

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6 The Fault In Our Stars, Amsterdam

The film The Fault In Our Stars, inspired by John Green's finest series of novels, has captivated the heart and soul of thousands of spectators. And one of the most iconic moments was shot in Amsterdam, nicknamed Northern Venice, and several sites in Amsterdam feature in the film. Another notable moment is within the Rijksmuseum arches, as Hazel with Augustus goes outside for a stroll after one lovely supper at a restaurant.

  • Trip Cost: $2,255

5 Captain America & Civil War, Leipzig & Berlin

Although this well-known Marvel blockbuster was largely produced in the United States, some of its essential moments in Civil War were produced in Germany. In Berlin, the Messedamm, as well as the ICC Conference Centre, are among the venues. The primary combat sequence between Avengers that lasted for about 15 minutes was shot at Leipzig-Halle Airport. Clearly, CGI was used to improve the majority of the scene, however, the runway is apparent. Furthermore, Leipzig Airport was included in Liam Neeson's Unknown, but it served as a stand-in for Berlin Tegel Airport.

  • Trip Cost: $1,290

4 Mission Impossible, Prague

Whenever it refers to Hollywood production locations, Prague as well as its historic old village has long been quite attractive. The most famous Prague moments are mostly from the film, Mission Impossible. Tourists can visit the National Museum situated in Wenceslas Square, which was utilized to shoot the inside of the U.S embassy in Prague. Furthermore, it would be nearly difficult to produce this film without including the most iconic landmark in Prague, Charles Bridge.

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3 Grand Budapest Hotel, Gorlitz

Wes Anderson's film known as Grand Budapest Hotel was set in the eastern part of town in Germany for its gothic alleys mixed with Gothic structures and Art Nouveau felt like an ideal setting for the film. As a result, the Görlitz Department Store was an excellent choice for the internal shots of the reception area. Although this department store is no longer available to the masses, it is among the few German superstores to have withstood World War II.

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2 Mamma Mia, Skopelos Island And Skiathos

The Greek islands have long been famous for summer vacation, but we can all admit that the Mamma Mia musical has undoubtedly contributed to the surge in tourists over the years. Skiathos is a tiny island in the northern Aegean Sea whose coastlines were featured in the film. On the other side, one part of the movie was recorded on the northern shore of Skopelos, namely Glysteri, where Amanda reads her journal to her colleagues. Furthermore, both islands are ideal for an intimate trip for couples.

  • Trip Cost: $1,431

1 Trainspotting, Edinburgh

Trainspotting is a well-known British comedy film from 1996 that follows a gang in an underprivileged part of Edinburgh. Despite the fact that the film's narrative focuses on a very difficult subject to handle, the filming locations in Edinburgh will undoubtedly impress all visitors. The opening sequence of the first section of the film was shot on Princes Street, one of Edinburgh's major streets. Tourists could also pay a tour to Arthur's Seat, where Mark as well as Spud, go for a peaceful jog.

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