When it comes to traveling in the new year, it seems like everyone wants to know how, when, and, most important: the where. Thankfully, with current travel trends and predictions, it's fairly easy to pinpoint exactly what destinations are likely to be on everyone's bucket lists.

According to Expedia, there's a whopping percentage of people who are planning on the ultimate vacation. The company is calling this the 'GOAT Mindset' - 'Greatest Of All Trips.' On the list of destinations that would live up to this description, there are four main places. It's already anticipated that when 2022 finally rolls around, it's these destinations that will be more quickly booked over others.


Some might come as a surprise while others might actually be on many readers' bucket lists, already.

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Paris Is Still A Classic Destination

The city of love is one of the top destinations on many people's international travel lists. For obvious reasons, Paris is an appealing destination to many - it's very beginner traveler-friendly, and offers a wide variety of budgetary options despite being one of the most expensive European cities. It's also a great place for those who are planning on indulging in 'splurgecations,' where travelers go all-out to enjoy the most luxe vacation their budgets can afford. This makes it a highly versatile option that also appeals to culinary-inclined travelers, history buffs, and those who are in it for the 'gram.

Overall, Paris is one of the most well-rounded destinations for travelers. For those who plan on getting up close and personal with the Eiffel Tower in 2022, it's best to book any trip, plus accommodations, earlier rather than later.

  • Average 7-Day Cost: ~ $1,450

Rome Remains At The Top For History Lovers

Rome is not as expected as Paris when it comes to international destinations; however, even throughout the pandemic, Italy, as a whole, was very high up on many people's bucket lists. The eternal city has plenty to offer tourists in the way of history and it's an unbeatable location when it comes to Italy. Additionally, this is another beginner traveler-friendly destination - it's a city that's used to tourists and does cater to them in certain respects.

Rome is also a city that comes with a price tag. Those seeking high-end accommodations and authentic Italian food are in for a hefty vacation cost. Some good ways to save money in this city are to opt for Italian street food and local restaurants rather than those with formal dining services and consider an Airbnb over a hotel.

  • Average 7-Day Cost: ~ $1,121

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London Is One Of The Top Bucket-List Destinations

The American dollar doesn't stretch as far in London which is what makes it yet another expensive destination to visit. However, this also speaks to the notion of a 'splurgecation,' which is clearly shaping up to be a powerful travel trend in 2022. While a traveler is looking at yet another hefty price tag, for one week in one of the most iconic cities in the U.K., it's well worth it. London combines the best of old-world charm with modern amenities and plenty of European history, with enough pubs to please any weary traveler.

With that being said, there are definitely ways to save money during a trip such as finding accommodations in a town or village just outside of London. There are many smaller, charming inns, B&Bs, and Airbnbs on the outskirts of the city than one might realize. For those who don't consider the cost to be a challenge, London is also home to some extravagant luxe accommodations - many of them with gorgeous views of this bustling British city.

  • Average 7-Day Cost: ~ $2,000

Bali Means An Affordable Exotic Escape

The only place on the list of popular forecasted 2022 destinations that wasn't in Europe was Bali. This beach lover's haven in Indonesia is popular any other year but it's anticipated to be one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the year to come. Many people are craving the exotic and tropical nature that an island such as this offers, as well as the wellness and holistic benefits that are often included in a resort stay.

In stark contrast to the other destinations, Bali is also very affordable for many travelers. With the average cost of a week in this beautiful destination landing just under $1,000 USD (excluding airfare), it's desirable for more than one reason. Visitors to Bali have their choice of a beachfront resort, a holistic or yoga-inspired retreat, a purely cultural immersion visit, and many more. Not to mention, the allure of an all-inclusive vacation is still something that captivates the attention of many travelers since it takes away the stress of food and beverages.

  • Average 7-Day Cost: ~$1,725 (~ $800 in airfare)

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