The U.S. is big on its sweets and for centuries, dessert has wholly been part of practically every menu. Recipes for sweet dishes go back hundreds of years and something tells us that if decadent cakes were a thing during the 17th century, they would have been at the first Thanksgiving table. While they didn't come along until much later (and we can thank the South for the best recipes out there), it doesn't mean that sweets haven't been ingrained in Americana in some form or another.


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The interesting thing about the most popular desserts in the U.S. is that none of them are considered to be very modern. They're tried and true, and traditional in every sense of the word. You won't find brownies or birthday cake on this list, nor will you find specific cookies (although the classic chocolate chip is a favorite) or modern hybrids such as the cronut. Rather, you'll find dishes that other countries wouldn't even expect, and that Americans may not even have in their repertoire today.


This dessert shares a name with the state tree of Ohio, which became official in 1953. Football fans will recognize that the state team is also named the Buckeyes which is no coincidence. The Buckeyes we're talking about, though, is of the food kind - and they're delicious. This chocolate-covered peanut butter ball just so happens to also look like the nuts that fall from the state tree, thus naming them was a no-brainer. And today, they're one of the most popular desserts in Ohio, as well as the country.

Butter Cake

Typically, a cake that sounds like it's made purely with butter wouldn't be all that appetizing. For those who have an extreme sweet tooth, this cake might be the only thing that can satisfy it in full. Made with a borderline absurd amount of sugar, this cake consists of a classic yellow cake base with a creamy, sweet cream cheese layer on top. It's usually served in place of coffee cake despite the fact that it's sweet enough to top off any dinner meal.

Peach Cobbler

Peach cobbler may have gotten its start in the south where the peaches are sweeter than candy, but peach cobbler has made its way around the country. Now, it's known as one of the most popular summer desserts in the U.S. It's simple, with a crumbly top, a crispy crust, and a center that's oozing with sweet, tender peaches.

Indiana Sugar Cream Pie

As the name implies, this dessert was once a trademark of Indiana and also went by the name Hoosier Pie. It's essentially a sweet custard pie with a buttery crust that has a dusting of powdered nutmeg to finish, and it's become widely popular beyond Indiana's state lines. Most people in other parts of the country, though, know it as 'Desperation Pie,' which was a name given to it during the Great Depression.

Baked Alaska

Contrary to popular belief, this cake is, indeed, baked outside of the state of Alaska. The reason it's not found on every restaurant menu is likely due to the level of difficulty involved with getting each texture right, as the name of the game with this recipe is timing. It's said that the original Baked Alaska was actually created in New York City by a chef by the name of Charles Ranhofer, who created it in honor of the U.S. purchasing Alaska in 1867.

Carrot Cake

Who would have thought that one of the most popular cakes in the country would include something that's made with vegetables? Once again, the U.S. surprises everyone; this cake is believed to have been inspired by British carrot pudding, but its origins are still wholly unknown. It's partially believed that the cake may have been created by accident and, if that's the case, it was a pretty great mistake.

Banana Pudding

Banana pudding might be relegated to the southern states, for the most part, but it has made its way across the country plenty of times. Traditionally, Nilla wafers are used to create a slightly soft, crunchy topping for this pudding, which is sweet and satisfying. The only downside is that it appeals wholly to banana lovers so if that doesn't describe you, then skip this one.

Sour Cream Pound Cake

There was a point in time when desserts were only slightly different than bread and differed only in their texture and sweeter flavors. The pound cake was once one of the most popular desserts in the country since it kept well and was easy to make with simple ingredients that most had on hand. Sour cream pound cake, in particular, was the most popular due to the sour cream that kept the cakes moist.

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