For anyone who has ever wanted to know what it's like to live in a treehouse for a day, here's your chance. Surprisingly, the most popular Airbnb in the US - and possibly in the world - is located right in Atlanta, Georgia, and isn't even found on the ground, but among the treetops. With nearly five stars out of over 400 reviews, the Secluded Intown Treehouse is by far one of the most wishlisted locations out of any on Airbnb. This one bedroom, one bathroom treehouse is just proving to the world that square footage, high-tech upgrades, and multi-million dollar features are not something everyone wants.


That's not to say that this Airbnb isn't luxurious and serene, however; the first line of its description reads, "Suite of three beautifully furnished rooms set among the trees," and that couldn't be more true. It's been featured on the Today Show and Treehouse Master, and it's easy to see why - this treetop home is utterly stunning and gives way to gorgeous views of the surrounding woods, providing guests with a new kind of magic they won't experience anywhere else.

Rope Bridges And All

The first thing many will notice upon coming up to this treehouse escape is the creative use of rope bridges. It's as if Peter Pan's Neverland came to life right before your very eyes, with artfully detailed rope railings alit with fairy lights and the perfect curvature of each bridge plank just yearning to be walked across. Each of the fairy lights cascades down the sides of the bridges, making it appear to be a waterfall of twinkle lights during the day, and a safe haven for crossing at night. In the midst of a Georgia summer, it could almost be mistaken for a crowd of fireflies - which could be a possibility!

The treehouse has an innovative layout, with three rooms all connected via these magical bridges. According to the Airbnb description by the owners, Katie and Peter, these are as follows: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The first room, 'Mind,' is the Sitting Room. This room is clever, detailed, and intricate, featuring a blend of antique furniture and creative touches such as pressed butterfly wings, fossils, and the perfect area for sitting, thoughtful conversation, or reading. It's the perfect blend of vintage and modern, with stunning nature views and plenty of decorative energy for quiet contemplation.

The room labeled as 'Body' is the sitting room, which is home to a two-person bedroom. This cozy bed is outfitted with 100% Egyptian sheets and parachute-style bedding, which means guests might not even want to leave the bedroom during their stay. There's also a tin roof that transforms the entire bedroom when it's raining, sending guests off to a tranquil sleep.

The next room, called 'Spirit,' is the Hammock Deck. Designed with the intention in mind to expose guests to the outside elements and introduce them to the nature surrounding, while still being well within the safety of the treehouse, this room is nothing short of peaceful. According to the owner's description, "the deck surrounds the spirited "Old Man", a 165-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine tree--the largest of the 7 trees that support the treehouse suite and watch over its guests."

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Sleeping Under The Stars Is A Unique Feature

Possibly one of the best and coolest features of the bedroom is that the bed has been set on a rolling frame. This means that guests have the option to roll the bed out of the grand set of French doors to appreciate nature on a whole new level. The platform overlooks a calm stream below, ensuring that every guest will feel as though they are truly one with the nature surrounding them.

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The Decor And Entertainment Have Been Thoughtfully Planned Out

Every piece of furniture and every decorative touch has been so well-thought-out by the owners of this rental. And it's so much more than a rental - it's a way to bond with nature, break free from the confines of daily life, and feel at peace with both oneself and the world surrounding. Even the colors, many of which are earth tones and muted gemstone hues, are flawless in contrast to so much of the surrounding green, lush forest. It's hard not to fall in love with a space such as this but it's even harder to leave it when it's time to pack your bags and go... Who knew that a treehouse could be so much fun and so relaxing, all at the same time?

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