Average hotel rooms usually come with the basic amenities needed to keep visitors comfortable but some hotels rooms look above basic needs and bring in luxury. As pleasant as it can be though, luxury is not a cheap thing – it comes at a huge price. From large living rooms and posh master bedrooms to beautiful seafronts, luxurious amenities, and gold embellishments, different hotels come with different levels of luxury and if you’re an Arabian Prince, a business tycoon, a president, celebrity, or just a wealthy individual who likes spending at hotels, get ready to spend all that money at some of the most luxurious hotel rooms on the planet (while we broke individuals watch and keep wishing).

9 Royal Suite - Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Ranking as one of the most popular hotels in the world, the 24-carat gold embellished Burj Al Arab is luxurious in its entirety but the Royal Suite particularly is determined to spoil visitors with extreme luxury. At 24,000 per night, the suite offers a 780-meter square space which consists of a private library, a private dining room, and two master bedrooms both with full-sized Jacuzzis, and a walk-in shower. Need to take a ride? Head over to the Rolls Royce parked within the hotel’s premises and pay a little fee to drive around the city of Dubai in style.

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8 Penthouse Suite, Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez, France

Stand out from the millions of visitors who visit France each year and lodge in the Penthouse Suite at Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez at a starting price of $40,000 per night. The lavish suite offers up to 12,000+ square feet of space, an impressive view of the Bay of Cannes, and 2 bedrooms with their respective bathrooms.

7 The Hilltop Estate - Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

Enjoy a secluded and luxurious stay at the Hilltop Villa surrounded by beautiful jungle in Laucala Island, Fiji at a starting price of only $50,000 per night. In addition to the breathtaking rooftop view, the private suite also offers an infinity pool, a bar, and 2 bedrooms each with its respective Jacuzzis.

6 The Maruka - Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, Maldives

With so many hotels on land, some have now started moving into the sea to usher in some new experiences. Those with an obsession with staying underwater now have the opportunity to enjoy an underwater hotel experience for only $50,000 per night at the Maruka Villa. Insides this villa located 16-feet under the Indian Ocean, visitors will enjoy mesmerizing views of marine creatures, beautiful colors, and luxurious amenities including – 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a gym, and a private butler service.

5 Royal Villa - Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

Hotels in historic Athens can be pretty affordable but those who simply want to enjoy a luxurious experience will get it in the Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi for just $50,000 per night. For many rich folks out there, that extravagant price is pretty cheap considering the seaside's villa’s two large pools, three bedrooms, a private beach, private massage, great mountain views, a private butler, and a private chef.

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4 The Mark Penthouse Suite - Mark Hotel, New York

One would think that the most expensive suite in New York City would be over the roof but it is far from that. Still, at $75,000 a night, the Mark Penthouse Suite is pretty expensive to imagine. Nevertheless, with the hotel’s 4 fireplaces, 3 King bedrooms, 2 Queen bedrooms, 2 wet bars, 6 bathrooms, and a stunning view of New York City, the price might be a little less-itchy to our broke ears.

3 Royal Penthouse Suite - Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

Before your jaw drops at the $80,000 per night price tag of the Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson, think of the prestigious name of the hotel first and then consider the suite's 18,000+ square feet area, the 2,500-square feet living room with views of Lake Geneva, the 12 bedrooms, a Steinway Grand Piano, and 12 bathrooms with their respective Jacuzzis. With the hotel’s closeness to the European Headquarters of the United Nations, there’s no doubt that this hotel was made for Kings and world leaders; however, with the correct amount, anyone can enjoy a stay here and enjoy the luxury that Bill Clinton, the King of Saudi Arabia, Tony Blair, and other previous guests have enjoyed.

2 Empathy Suite - Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been known as a place of lavishness. With its extravagant casinos and luxurious hotel, be ready to get into some exotic spending. There are lots of expensive hotels with expensive rooms in Las Vegas but the Palms Casino Resort has taken this luxury lodging to a whole new level. Inside the Palms Casino Resort is the Empathy Suite and at $100,000 per night, it is officially the costliest hotel room in the United States (perhaps the world). It’s really difficult to think that somebody actually pays that to spend a night in a hotel. That is a lot of money! However, with the luxurious amenities, the exceptional butler service, and the infinity pool with a view of the Las Vegas Boulevard we can go a little easy on the price.

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1 Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia

Just when you think you’ve seen the costliest hotel in the world, a more extravagant one comes up and claims the title effortlessly. With its price tag of $150,000, the Lovers Deep Luxury Submarine is no joke – it is the most expensive hotel on earth. You wonder if it's even legal to spend so much money on a hotel. More surprisingly, the hotel dwells underwater and moves in a submarine. With this constant mobility, visitors who are fortunate enough to lodge here will be met with views of shipwrecks, marine creatures, and a fairy-tale underwater experience – You’d feel like a Marine Corp. Inside the hotel rooms are also luxurious amenities to give visitors a luxurious hotel experience that’s really worth that extravagant price. But seriously what type of hotel amenities can be worth that price? Perhaps diamond cups, gold sinks, and emerald utensils - even with all that, many of us might still consider leaving with an expensive souvenir.

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