Mackinac Island is a gem of a Michigan island on the astonishing Lake Huron. The splendid island is a magnificent summer holiday spot, surrounded by jagged picturesque cliffs, amazing tranquil lake waters, and aromatic evergreen trees. In fact, vehicles have been forbidden on the mesmerizing island since 1898, and more than 80% of this enchanting land is designated as a state park, making it pure. Tourists can reach the island's tiny airport by aircraft or ferry and are then transported to their destination in a unique way which is through horse-drawn carriage "taxis." They will also find on this wonderful island plenty of exciting attractions. Here are the top 10 most interesting things to do on Mackinac Island.

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10 Arch Rock

Arch Rock is an outstanding natural rock feature that stretches fifty feet (15 meters) at its broadest point. The beautiful and soft limestone rock was progressively dissolved by wind and water over thousands of years, leaving behind a tougher stone rock in the shape of an arch. Native Americans think that this location has many special abilities, and numerous tales surround it. Still, explorers should not be put off by these beliefs and should come to see one of Mackinac Island's most essential attractions.

9 Wings Of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory

The marvelous Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory, located in Surrey Hills on Mackinac Island, is a lovely tropical greenhouse home to hundreds of unique butterflies that flutter freely among the brilliant tropical blossoms. The setting is as pleasing to these beautiful insects as visitors, thanks to the calming humidity and attractive sound of flowing water provided by stone fountains. Birds, goats, a box turtle, and tree frogs have all joined the butterflies in this conservatory throughout the years.

8 Grand Hotel Stable - Horses And Carriage Tours

Tourists can book their narrated carriage trip from the Grand Hotel Stable to visit some of the island's most famous and fabulous historic sites. A horseback riding tour is available for the more adventurous tourists. Mackinac Island's defined bridle routes are ideal for horse lovers to explore. The Grand Hotel Stable provides private carriage rides with a guide for visitors desiring to choose their own itinerary.

7 Forge A Memory

Forge a Memory is a one-of-a-kind blacksmithing store where guests may craft their own hand-forged item of art. To minimize disappointment, visitors should arrange their exceptional blacksmithing session well before their visit. They may choose from four different knife sizes to make under Chad's skilled direction on arrival. Their knives will then be sharpened and polished before being returned to the visitors. Chad's Private Winter Classes are open to aspiring blacksmiths who want to learn more about this intriguing profession.

6 Richard And Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum

The splendid galleries feature a wide range of Mackinac-related artwork, like Native American art and beaded clothes. A substantial area of the museum is dedicated to photography, with photos from the mid-nineteenth century through the following 100 years on exhibit. Artifacts such as early maps from the XVII and XVIII centuries, numerous incredible ornamental pieces, and multimedia presentations are among the other exhibits. Several art activities are available over the summer at the museum, providing children with something to do while their parents discover the gallery.

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5 Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park

Historic Mill Creek Discovery combines the fascinating living history concept and enjoyable modern components to allow visitors to experience the island's ecosystem. The ancient water-powered sawmill, which previously provided boards for numerous of the island's early structures, is shown by costumed interpreters. A children's playground and a water power station are also available, where both the young and adults may enjoy exploring the force of clear water. This location is a must-see while passing by Mackinaw City to reach their destination, and is 16 minutes far from Mackinac island.

  • Other activities: zipline, climbing walls, and hiking.

4 Fort Mackinac

The primary military post on the island, Fort Mackinac, housed the troops and their families. The fort has been completely and wonderfully renovated. There are 14 different buildings, each housing a distinct exhibit focused on a different part of the fort's exceptional history, operations, and purpose, as well as an overview of the island's strategic importance. Visitors will also appreciate the base's own regular displays and unique tours, including exciting military exercises and thrilling cannon firing.

3 Fort Holmes

The fort was renamed Fort Holmes after the War of 1812 in honor of the brilliant American Major Andrew Hunter Holmes, killed in action. This marvelous monument is composed of wood mixed with earth, and it sits atop Mackinac Island's loftiest hill. The antique fort was not involved in the attack, and American forces serenely reoccupied the island for a few years. The location draws many tourists and may even be rented for special occasions.

2 Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

On their way to Mackinac Island, tourists shall take a tour of the dazzling lighthouse that is situated 15 minutes away in Mackinaw City by ferry, and which features fully restored keeper's quarters, an original lens, a video, and various other remarkable galleries. For people interested in seeing inside the tower, free tours are waiting for them including a visit to The Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck museum.

1 Great Turtle Kayak Tours

Slowly gliding along the bewitching rocky shore in a solitary or dual paddleboard or kayak, admiring the stunning historic lighthouses, sighting cute turtles or birds, or appreciating a relaxing time on the water is the best way to explore exquisite Mackinac Island. The Arch Rock Excursion, Sunrise & Sunset Cruise, Devil's Kitchen Adventure, and many more fantastic trips around Mackinac Island and Haldimand Bay are all available via Great Turtle Kayak Tours.