10 Of The Most Instagram-Worthy Hotels

When booking a vacation, finding a hotel is always the most stressful part. Between looking at reviews, prices, room size, location and so much more, there are so many aspects to consider. It can be hard to find one that matches your vacation needs. Everyone looks for different qualities in their hotels like included breakfasts, parking, pool, or maybe even a gym.

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What if one of your hotel requirements is that it has to be worthy of being posted to your Instagram feed? Aesthetics have become a big part of modern society in recent years and has affected the way people travel. Airport outfits, matching luggage and even the places we stay abroad have all been affected by the Instagram era. We’ve got you covered with a list of super cool hotels from all around the world that were practically built to be photographed.

10 Fairy Chimney Inn

Fairy Chimney Inn is a cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey. Cappadocia is known for its geological formations and high lands, so staying at this hotel creates an authentic experience. The rooms are built inside a famous structure called tufa rock cones.

Locals refer to them as fairy chimneys, which is how this hotel got its name. The rooms used to be a part of a secret, ancient Byzantine cave monastery. Don’t be scared by its remote feel as these rooms have attached terraces, as well as air conditioning or heating and free wifi.

9 Graduate Hotel

This hotel in Providence, Rhode Island could be the perfect setting for a murder mystery or the set for an old Sherlock Holmes movie. With its unique style and bold colors, the Graduate Hotel has a quirky combination of modern design with a retro feel.

Velvet couches, green patterned walls, and interesting artwork make every corner of this hotel an opportunity for a photo-op, including the rooms themselves. The details around this hotel are funny and charming, including their keycards which are student ID cards of celebrities who attended Brown University.

8 Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel in Sweden doubles as an art exhibit and is entirely made of ice and snow. Essentially, in the summer this hotel is a regular hotel like any other, but in the winter when the Torne River freezes, this hotel uses it as inspiration and transforms into the ultimate frozen structure. Kids wishing to be Elsa would have a field day in here.

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It's also a unique way to appreciate the natural resources that are abundant in Sweden during the winter months. This hotel runs solely on sustainable power, so not only is it an art display, but it’s eco-friendly too!

7 Inntel Hotel

This hotel in Zaandam, Netherlands might be the most colorful and interesting exterior for any hotel in the world. Almost lego-like, this hotel is made up of a series of stacked homes that are traditional in the Zaan region.

This hotel is meant to create a Zaan cultural feel so it’s guests can experience the history of this region in an authentic way. Unlike the outside of this hotel, the rooms inside are modern and clean with lots of natural light. The juxtaposition of decor in this hotel only adds to its charm!

6 Georgian House Hotel

This one is for the Harry Potter fans out there. This London hotel offers “Wizard Chambers’ as rooms. The magic begins before you even get to the room. The room is hidden by a bookcase door. To get to the room you must first pass through a candlelit hallway lined with portraits, much like what you’d expect from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The inside of the room is fully decorated with stained glass windows, stone walls, cauldrons, trunks, and many more Harry Potter related items to make this room feel magical. The maroon accents serve as a reference to the Gryffindor dormitories.

5 Aux Vieux Panier

Aux Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France has six rooms that have been designed and painted by different artists. These rooms serve as a three-dimensional canvas and are redone every year. Each room is truly one of a kind and have their own unique and respective styles.

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In 2012, their Panic Room by the artist Tilt got a lot of attention. Half of this room is snow white while the other half is colorfully painted in Graffiti style. The walls, the floor, and even the bed are covered in spray paint. Any one of these hand-painted rooms are worthy of the ‘gram.

4 Pantone Hotel

Yes, you read that right. Pantone like the color system. Well now in Brussels, you can actually stay at a Pantone hotel. Each floor has a distinct hue and each room is like a white canvas for pops of Pantone color and artwork. The colors around the hotel have the respective Pantone color match number and label as well as include their color of the year, which has been Living Coral 16-1546 for 2019.

With playful surprises and colorful decor, the Pantone Hotel will definitely serve as a perfect background for your next Instagram post.

3 Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Have you ever slept in an Igloo? Well, at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland, you can! The ceiling is completely made of glass so that you can camp under the stars. In these Igloo rooms, you can experience many natural phenomena that occur in the Arctic.

For example, the Northern Lights can be seen from this location, and if staying in this resort, from the comfort of your own room! Each Igloo room is separate and private, making this the perfect romantic hideout. If you stay at the Arctic Resort, don’t forget your cameras! You’ll want to capture everything from the Northern Lights to the resort itself.

2 Astarte Suites Hotel

Santorini, Greece is one of the most scenic places on earth and has become a popular tourist destination. The Astarte is a luxury hotel set on a clifftop in Santorini, overlooking the Aegean Sea. Its tranquility is unmatched and it’s facilities like the infinity swimming pool and Jacuzzi enhances the peaceful experience this hotel strives for.

Adding to the glamour of Santorini, each suite has a traditional Greek feel but has a ceiling covered in Swarovski crystals over their own Jacuzzi pool. This hotel is a perfect place to live out your European vacation dreams.

1 TreeHotel

TreeHotel in Sweden is the most creative accommodation in the world. With many units belonging to this hotel, each one has a different theme to it. The Mirror suite’s outdoor walls are all mirrors, making it blend into the nature around it.

Because of the reflections, this suite is concealed. Their futuristic visions don’t stop there! Their UFO suite is essentially what it sounds like, a UFO-shaped building situated in the middle of the forest. With rooms resembling lego structures and bird’s nests, the imagination at this hotel is endless.

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