Some of the most stunning and captivating airports around the world have provided travelers a more enjoyable experience at a place well-known to be constantly crowded, frustrating and stressful. The most beautiful airports have provided travelers with numerous amenities and alluring architecture so that their travel plans feel a lot more pleasurable.

There are numerous airports across the globe that are worth checking out just to see how impressive they are. Singapore Changi International Airport features butterfly gardens, a free movie theater and even a jaw-dropping waterfall, which compared to Chicago's Midway, feels like being in a completely different world.


We've listed 5 airports around the world that are strikingly beautiful because of their architecture and amenities. It will want to make anyone book a trip to these destinations just to see their awe-inspiring airports.

Singapore Changi Airport Is Rated The World's Best Airport

The world's top-rated airport for seven years running by Skytrax, a UK-based airport review and ranking site, is Singapore's Changi International Airport. Skytrax ranked more than 500 airports and customers are continuously blown away by how impressive this airport is.

Travelers will find loads of amenities at this airport unlike any other. While most airports have coffee shops and retail stores, you can find a free movie theater, gardens with butterflies and even a rooftop swimming pool at Singapore's Changi International Airport. If travelers have enough time to enjoy these amenities, they definitely should take advantage of them. From sunflower gardens to a koi pond and numerous creative seating throughout the airport, it might be worth traveling here just to see this jaw-dropping airport.

Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport Features Giant Wooden Cocoons

What makes Azerbaijan's Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport unique is the wooden pods that have been described as "cocoons" found on the top level of the airport. To make airports more enjoyable, Autoban (a Turkish architecture studio) designed these fascinating wooden cocoons to set the Baku airport apart from any other airport in the world.

Designer Seyhan Ozdemir of Autoban wanted to make an experience at the airport, which most travelers find frustrating, a little more stress-free with these nest-like structures. These cocoons house cafes, bars, children's play areas, and shopping kiosks. Travelers can also find similar patterns on the floor and around the terminal.

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Beijing Daxing International Airport's Nickname Is The "Starfish"

Beijing, China's Daxing International Airport is the world's largest international airport and cost a whopping $11 billion to build. Spanning 7.5 million square feet, travelers will find the airport 's architecture dazzling and its amenities will have you staying there for longer than you'd think.

It appears that Beijing's Daxing airport wants to beat out Singapore's extravagant Changi International Airport after it revealed it's new design and plethora of amenities. Travelers will find 70 food and drink spots serving hot ramen, dumplings and wholesome teas if you aren't a big coffee drinker. Travelers will also find traditional Chinese courtyards with wooden benches and winding pathways filled with lush greenery open on warmer days.

Koh Samui Airport Mimics Its Natural Surroundings

Thailand's Samui Airport located on Samui Island near Bo Phut Beach is smaller than most airports, seeing just 2 million travelers a year, but packs a punch when it comes to its stunning interior.

With an open-air design and using materials from the surrounding area like palm wood and rattan, this airport mimics the natural beauty located right outside. The photo above shows the airport's departure hall and it looks more like a lounge or restaurant than an airport. Travelers will get an exotic feel to the Samui Airport which matches the already beautiful Samui Island.

Denver International Airport Was Inspired By Its Rocky Mountains

Denver, Colorado's International Airport is striking with its fabric-covered tents that were designed to mimic the state's Rocky Mountains. While U.S. airports aren't the most thrilling or as futuristic as the airports mentioned above, Denver's approach to creating a more fascinating-looking airport is a step above the rest.

What makes these white tents even more alluring is to see them glow at sunrise and sunset. The architects who designed the white tents wanted to pay homage to the region's history and acknowledge the Native Americans who were the original inhabitants of the area. However, the mayor at the time did not want to offend anyone by comparing the tents to tepees, and so, stated that the structure was meant to resemble the snow-capped Rockies. Still, it is a mesmerizing part of the Denver International Airport.

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