Many travelers consider Italy to be the most beautiful city in the world to visit because of its wonderful art and architecture, delicious food, wines, and rich culture that one can experience in a week or two.

It is quite difficult for first-time visitors to Italy to know what to expect from the country's customs and traditions because they are simply unfamiliar. So, here are some crucial things that first-time tourists to Italy should be aware of when they arrive.

10 They Mostly Eat Late

They usually eat late in Italy, which is why most of the travelers that visit here call themselves “Italian late eaters”. So for those used to eating lunch at noon and dinner at 6 p.m. will be woefully out of rhythm in Italy. It’s important to plan accordingly as many restaurants do not open their doors for supper until 8 or later. Even if visitors press their faces against the window, they won't get them to open a minute early! So, visitors with kids should bring lots of snacks and look for eateries that are tourist-friendly and open later in the day and into the night.

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9 They Have Dress Codes, Especially In Churches And Restaurants

Italians are known for their attention to detail when it comes to fashion and looks. Many of them believe that it's a statement of reverence for oneself as well the people around them. Many visitors dress modestly to respect this value in sacred locations such as churches by covering their legs and shoulders. Meanwhile, if one plans to dine at upscale restaurants, they will want to wear anything with long sleeves or a blouse alongside a skirt or long slacks. Otherwise, they could get turned away because of casual attire!

8 It Is Good To Know What Coperto, Servizio, and Mancia Means!

Coperto is a kind of entrance fee in every restaurant in Italy. It's a one-time cost for everyone, regardless of age and it is usually between €1 and €2 in less popular regions. So, be aware of this before dining out to avoid feeling shocked at an “additional fee” on the bill. While servizio is a "service charge" that essentially replaces the tip in Italy. As with the coperto, it's customary for this service to be included in the total bill. So be ready with this kind of terms when going to Italian restaurants. Meanwhile, the mancia is a gratuity in Italy. Tipping is not a customer nor bill-proportionate in Italy. So, when it comes to leaving a gratuity for a waiter, a mancia is acceptable but only if visitors do it Italian style. In fact, the most common mancia is calculated by rounding to the nearest five or ten cents or leaving a few €1 or €2 coins as an expression of gratitude.

In Italy, online pre-booking is available for most major tourist attractions that require a ticket to allow visitors to avoid long lines. It’s still quicker even if they have to queue up to authenticate the online ticket. So, it is recommended for tourists to book tickets online to avoid waiting on other visitors.

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6 Shops Are Closed By Afternoon

Encountering shops that are closed by the afternoon is common in Italy despite it becoming more typical in tourist destinations to see them open all day as small communities still keep this. . Grocery stores are only open in the morning on Mondays, but hairdressers, electronics, and other non-food establishments are open all day on other days of the week. So it is recommended for tourists to keep this in mind for grocery planning.

5 There Are Lot Of Public Restrooms In Italy

The public restroom system in Italy is one of the amazing things in the city that most visitors wanted to see more like this in other cities because, in Italy, visitors can use the restroom without having to appear to be a customer at a restaurant for just one euro as there is always someone on duty to keep the restrooms well-maintained with toilet paper and clean.

4 Learn Some Basic Italian, Especially Greetings!

When visiting Italy, no one expects visitors to be fluent in the language. However, it is a great benefit if they are! So, it is recommended for travelers to learn some phrases to help them get by.

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3 They Usually Have Extreme Weathers, Especially Summer And Winter

Italy's summers can be scorching, and its winters can be bone-chilling, especially up north. It may seem apparent, but Italian temperatures can vary greatly depending on the time of year visitors want to visit, so it's a good idea to arrive well-prepared.

2 Cappuccino Is Best-Served For Breakfast

Cappuccino is traditionally served as a breakfast beverage in Italy that is drunk first thing in the morning. So, if visitors can't bear the thought of missing out on their customary cappuccino in the evening, try a latte instead. Make sure to try this as Italians love to drink this first thing in the morning!

1 There Are Countries Inside This Country!

It may be shocking as it seems but it is TRUE! There are actual countries within the borders of Italy which are the Vatican and San Marino. In fact, both of these countries are sovereign states in their own right.

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