There seems to be no end to what the wellness industry offers to detoxify and reshape us flabby minions from juice cleanses and yoga to energy medicine and virtual training. Further, the hospitality industry has jumped into the fray with healthy retreats and accommodations like New York's upscale Equinox Hotel, which promises a high-performance path to rejuvenation for those on the go and the dollars to take them up on that provision.

Equinox provides luxurious suites designed to calm the body, choosing the best metals, brick, mortar, and furnishings to address that task. Food is deemed hyper-seasonal fare to nourish the patrons. And the facilities to get folks into tip-top shape not only meet the needs of every muscle in your body, but they're also probably high-tech enough to propel a mission to Mars.


All told, it ain't gonna be cheap. But put into perspective, one night at the Equinox is still less than one-percent the rate charged for an evening in the Empathy Suite at the Palms in Las Vegas. But then, the owners of the Sin City hotel probably wouldn't care about your physical well-being. The thickness of your wallet or purse would be enough.

Healthy Luxury For $700 A Night

For as low as 700 big ones, the Equinox will put you in the fast lane on the highway to health. For observers, the bonus is gaping at such palatial surroundings as the rooftop swimming pool and sun deck offering an aerial view of Hudson Yards, a district of swanky developments built where an old railroad terminal once existed on Manhattan Island.

Occupying 25 floors of a 92-story skyscraper, Equinox boasts 212 rooms, from the Deluxe King and Junior Suite to the Double Double and the super-opulent Equinox Suite, reportedly available for $8,000 a night.

Each comes wired with what's dubbed a "sound transmission classification" designed to relax and lull you to sleep. Once up, get into a pulsation shower experience with a three-headed nozzle, engage in some yoga or other exercises via virtual trainer on the flatscreen, and enjoy a totally organic breakfast. And you're just getting started.

More Than Simply Sweating Out Those Toxins

Hitting the exercise club and spa is like venturing into another world where body fat is scorned like mosquitoes at a folk festival. Only this spot really makes it clear you're there for only one reason. The massive array of fitness equipment from the ellipticals to the treadmills is one tip-off. But if the persuasion of the elite trainers and fitness instructors on-site isn't enough, then a glimpse of The Vessel would do it.

The Vessel is a giant climbing facility that goes beyond the height of the neighboring pool and shaped like a cyborg's rib cage, it's an intimidating structure for clambering. Or you can look at how others take on that beast from the comfort of the infrared sauna.

Other options include getting in a few strokes in the indoor salt-water pool, choosing from an array of massage therapy techniques to address those knotted muscles, or get into a SoulCycle session where you can pedal your way to perfection.

Nutritious Noshing At The Electric Lemon

It's pretty evident that Equinox aims to be the most health-conscious hotel in the world, which hints that when it comes to nutrition, you're not exactly going to be served a roadside plate of steak and taters.

Start with breakfast or brunch and nourish your innards with a bowl of granola and oat milk, dig into a fresh black bean crepe or get into a grilled avocado smoked salmon. If your tastes run towards the more rustic side, the American Breakfast offers two eggs done in any preference with your choice of black pepper pork bacon, turkey bacon or chicken sausage.

Equinox also doesn't fool around with lunch with a focus on fresh local offerings, that's par for the course with the rest of its meal menus. But some of the titles do lean towards the exotic like slow-roasted badger flame beets, duck dumplings, roasted pumpkin soup, deviled crab and potato flatbread.

Dinner's always a highlight with roast lamb, black bass, roasted chicken thighs and breasts, and shallots. Equinox also has a unique twist on some common entrees like ribeye steak with chimichurri and cheeseburgers with avocado. And you can wash all that down with the usual lagers and cocktails. But other drinks like carrot ginger colas and sweet pea sparklers might be worth a sip for the sake of curiosity alone.

Techno Therapy Keeps On Evolving

With 60,000 square feet of exercise room dedicated to the Equinox fitness section, already making it the world's largest fitness club and spa in terms of size, owners have also spared no expense when it comes to technology.

The tranquil sound waves that gently pulsate hotel rooms and the infrared rays that heat the sauna are just the beginning. Treadmills are fitted with oxygen ventilators for more active users and every locker is equipped with a USB output to charge phones and laptops.

But the company's also invested in creating a fitness community with Equinox at the center of the action courtesy of a chatbot on its handy app. It also tracks users via the selection of exercise sessions digitally chosen in their suites and gathers membership data on which facilities and methods are used the most and gauges what its consumer base also demands down the road.

And with a second Equinox already under construction in Los Angeles, the company's fitness path won't be so much a sprint but a marathon in what could be a new chapter in hospitality.