Egypt is a unique nation because it has one of the earliest, but unfortunately lost, civilizations that continue to amaze many people worldwide. It contains mysteries that no one has solved to date. As a result, the country attracts numerous tourists all year long.

Some travelers visit Egypt to have the everyday experience like other people. In contrast, others seek unique experiences that give a different kind of thrill. Tourists in the latter group should consider visiting the most haunted places in Egypt, where many people cannot dare to go. This article addresses these areas and what is unique about them.

10 Baron Empain’s Palace

The Baron Empain’s Palace was once home to a family; Baron, the owner, his wife, daughter, and other family members. It is said that Baron’s wife died mysteriously in the palace, having been unhappy about her husband’s extramarital affairs. The daughter became depressed due to her mother’s passing and then perished mysteriously in the palace. Baron perished as well, and no one knows how. Eventually, the other family members abandoned the home. According to guards and people nearby, the palace is haunted because they have seen ghosts and heard unusual voices, despite it being empty.

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9 Dasher

The royal necropolis, Dashour, is located in the desert. It is known to host a military training base that is no longer used. However, some people attest to hearing gunshots despite no training in progress. It is said that some training soldiers died mysteriously and hence could be haunting the place. People believe these soldiers continually roam the entire area near the training ground and randomly fire gunshots in the air, which are mysteriously loud. As a result, people are prohibited from going near the training zone.

8 El Sherifa Dina road

The El Sherifa Dina road is located in Cairo, and it passes in front of a famous house that is said to be haunted. According to locals, a young girl fell from the terrace of the building and died years ago. The whole ordeal was quite mysterious. Since that occurrence, it is believed that the girl roams around the house. Some people have reported seeing her ghost playing with toys, whereas neighbors claim to have heard crying voices and screams at night.

7 Farafra Desert

Farafra Desert is a geological depression covering about 980 square kilometers. It is said to be haunted due to the appearance of the Akhenaten ghost, which many visitors have seen. Akhenaten was a monarch that ruled the land in the 1330s, for 17 years. During his rule, it is believed that he abolished faiths and prevailing rules and instead introduced a new system of belief that did not please many priests. As a result, they cursed him to wander around after his death, and it appears as though the curse stuck.

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6 Helwan Hospital

It is believed that King Farouk’s family members lived in this former palace building. After the family members died, the palace was converted into a morgue for their bodies. So remaining family members had to flee. Some people have reported seeing light bulbs flickering by themselves and ghostly shadows producing creepy voices. Additionally, it is said that there are negative vibes from the site, which has left the building abandoned.

5 Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza is one of the creepiest places in Egypt, making it quite famous. People have reported seeing walking as well as floating ghosts. They appear in early 20th century clothes and appear to be very unwelcoming. According to visitors, a few Egyptian Pharaohs scare people away from the Pyramids. It could be because they owned them earlier, or there could be some tombs in the area. Residents also claim to hear screams and voices instructing them to leave.

4 Roshdy Building

Alexandria is said to have a shortage of apartments. Still, one can dare to live in the Roshdy building, also known as the Djinn apartment, especially after having been locked for more than five decades. According to people that attempted to live in the building, as mentioned above, blood came out of their taps, and they could hear ghostly men screaming, suggesting to be in pain. It is believed that these are ghosts of laborers that the site’s builder tortured during the construction of the building. Other people claim that the construction engineer tore a Quran apart and laid its pages at the foundation stage to make the building holy. Consequently, demons roam the place.

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3 Valley Of The Kings

Valley of the Kings has housed hundreds of kings’ and Pharaohs’ tombs for thousands of years. Many people have attested to seeing shadowy ghosts of Pharaohs roaming around their tombs in their full attire. The valley’s night watchmen say they have heard odd screams, footsteps, angered shouting, and wheels clattering. Such sounds come from the ghosts of the deceased kings and queens, making it quite a spooky place to visit at night.

2 Villa Of Ezzat Abou Ouf

Ezzat Abou Ouf is a well-known Egyptian actor famous for hosting parties at his home. According to some of the attendees, a ghost walks around the house holding an old-style lamp. Many people believe that it is the ghost of the previous homeowner who does not want to let go.

1 Wady El Natron Highway

The Wady El Natron Highway is a dark road leading to the North Coast, which has reportedly had numerous deadly accidents that are shrouded in mystery. Many drivers attest to seeing some ghostly apparitions trying to attract their attention, which could cause accidents. These ghosts roam around and create a false reality making a driver believe he has hit a passenger. When drivers try to confirm, they find no bodies. Others claim to have seen figures running next to the car at the same speed but with substance to their ghostly bodies.

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