Louisiana is a great state to visit if you want to find some haunted places. It's the home of legends like the Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau and the Axeman of New Orleans. The swamplands tell stories of old plantations, murders, and miserable souls.

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There are certainly more than 10 haunted locations to see in Louisiana, so think of this list as simply a sample. Some of these locations have books written about them and others have even appeared on paranormal investigation TV shows and podcasts. Here are 10 haunted spots in Louisiana.

10 St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

This cemetery is like a city for the dead and attracts thousands of visitors every year. It's an old but still active gravesite. In fact, for the small price of $40,000, you can be buried here too! Nicolas Cage is doing it!

Many visitors come to make offers to the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau who is buried in the cemetery. Many travel sites say a trip to New Orleans is not complete without visiting St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. It's a section that is not publicly open though and can only be seen through guided tours.

9 The Hanging Jail

While its name is the Beauregard Parish Jail, most call it the Hanging Jail or Gothic Jail. It became known as the Hanging Jail because two prisoners were hung for the murder of a taxi cab driver.

The jail was built in 1914 and the hanging happened on the 3rd floor in 1928. The jail has been plenty discussed by paranormal investigators and has even been on The Travel Channel and is going to be in an upcoming Netflix film.

8 The Mortuary

This haunted location really likes to own up to its case for more tourism, especially around Halloween. So they very much welcome visitors! They even do year-round escape rooms. If you want a haunted location that is more off the grid, then maybe skip this place.

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It was originally a mansion built in 1872 and was a mortuary for about 80 years. For those that are not aware, a mortuary is where dead people are prepped for burial and funerals.

7 Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles Plantation likes to boast that it's one of America's most haunted homes, and they may be right. They are famous for the ghost of a slave girl named Chloe, who was photographed in 1992.

There are other paranormal photographs taken at this location of ghosts that are widely researched by National Geographic Explorer and the Society of Psychical Research in England (which is the world's most prestigious and oldest paranormal research group).

6 Shreveport Municipal Auditorium

Constructed in the 1920s, this auditorium became famous thanks to Elvis and other famous artists using it as the location for professional concerts. However, the place has been reported to have a dark side.

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Those who have been giving historic tours have reported hearing strange voices, doors opening and shutting on their own, and ghost sightings. It is also worth noting that this was a structure that commemorated those that lost their lives during World War I.

5 Dauphine Orleans Hotel

Don't let the beauty of this hotel fool you, it's been around since the late 1700s and has seen a lot of history. According to the hotel's website, they're not surprised that the hotel may be haunted since that is nothing new to the old buildings of the French Quarter of New Orleans.

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Sightings have included Civil War soldiers and well dressed women. One spirit often seen is a Creole soldier who wanders in military uniform and another is a woman who dances in the courtyard.

4 Loyd Hall Plantation

A crazy fact about this haunted plantation is that is was recently put up for sale last year. We know that many people dream of one day owning their own haunted house! Before it was put up for sale, it was used as a bed and breakfast.

Ghosts that appear on this location include a Union soldier named Harry. He hide in the home after deserting and was shot there. Apparently his bloodstains can still be seen in the attic. There is also Ines Loyd who jumped out of the second-floor room. Also, there is Sally Boston, a former slave who mysteriously died.

3 LaLaurie Mansion

If you are a fan of American Horror Story, then you're probably already familiar with the story behind this mansion. It was where slaves were tortured by Delphine LaLaurie. Seven slaves were found starved, chained, and tortured in this woman's attic after a fire devastated the mansion. LaLaurie's name lives on as a monster and her mansion still stands.

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Historians believe the story has gotten more exaggerated with time, which makes sense. For 200 years, there have been reports of paranormal activity at the mansion and many believe the building is cursed.

2 Magnolia Plantation

Built in 1832, this place was a huge producer of cotton and had many slaves. As you can imagine, the Civil War and the Reconstruction period changed the place a ton. The main house was burned down by federal troops in 1864 and was only rebuilt about 30 years later.

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It's believed that the slaves had a silent rebellion through their voodoo beliefs here. For example, the blacksmiths hid voodoo symbols in the Christian crosses that they made.

1 Calcasieu Courthouse

This courthouse is famous for one case in particular: a woman who was the first to ever be executed by an electric chair in Louisiana. Her name was Toni Jo Henry and she murdered a man in the 1940s.

Some of those that work in the Calcasieu Courthouse believe that Toni Jo's spirit never left and that she wanders around locking doors, messing with the filing system, and whispering to night guards. If you're in Louisiana, you definitely want to add this haunted spot to your list of places to visit.

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