Traveling is very popular and a big dream for many, but when traveling is spoken about, it’s always about the views and places - but what about the hotels? There are so many unique and fascinating hotels and accommodations on earth with many different views, stories, and experiences. A good hotel can become part of a wonderful vacation memory!

Everyone should experience a fascinating hotel at least once in their life. Sleeping is one of the most private and peaceful times of a person's day so it should definitely be enjoyed in a stunning place.

There are so many to choose from, but here are the top 10 most fascinating hotels as of 2022

10 Giraffe Manor

In Kenya, is the peaceful and fascinating Giraffe Manor which is a mansion made of bricks and was built in 1932. But then in 1974, the building was bought and this is when it truly changed into this fascinating hotel. The beautiful mansion is now home to a herd of giraffes. The most magical moment here is when guests are eating for breakfast and dinner with the windows wide open and giraffes are the guests, popping their heads in.

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9 Conrad Hilton

The Maldives is known for its stunning and unique hotels and lodges but the Conrad Hilton is the most fascinating which can be found in Bangalore Island. The hotels are known for the glass flooring so guests can admire and walk over the beautiful clear sea and colorful marine life below them. There are even rotating beds here to follow the stunning sunset and visitors can enjoy many restaurants with perfect sea and sunset views.

8 Anantara Golden Triangle

Anantara resort is known to be the most romantic hotel on earth, with its dreamy storybook vibes. The hotel can be found right in the middle of the Golden Triangle which is where three countries meet - Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. The place is full of history which makes it even more fascinating, full of temples and jungle paths to explore. The resort even has baby elephants which will usually come along and visit when guests are eating breakfast.

7 Ashford Castle, Ireland

When visiting Europe, many visit castles as there are so many there but Ashford Castle allows guests to stay overnight! The castle is huge and was built many centuries ago starting in 1228. In the 1900s, the castle was renovated into a hotel and doubled in size, and is now 5 star. There are many activity options here including horse riding, massages, golf, archery and so much more. Many royal people have stayed in this hotel too, with a gallery on the second floor full of portraits of all these people that have stayed here.

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6 Dhara Dhevi Resort, Thailand

This beautiful resort is so fascinating, it doesn’t even feel like a resort. It feels like a royal palace. The resort is filled with 118 suites in one big circle, surrounding a big farm and a field of rice. From the rooms, guests can admire the views of the beautiful gardens. Here, there are even special places for longer stays which are used for celebrities and important people! Here, guests can enjoy the magnificent pool which has a 7 tiered lobby along with spas, live shows, and a ride on a water buffalo.

5 Kebek Cave Hotel, Turkey

Many years ago, known in Turkish history, Kebek Cave was covered in layers of ash created by the Mount Erciyes volcano. The layers were so thick and many years of wind and rain created these layers into what look like chimneys. Homes were built into the chimneys which then turned into the cave hotel which includes 36 rooms. Guests usually travel here by a hot air balloon which makes the experience very magical.

4 Londolozi Tree Camp, South Africa

At first, this camp was only open to guests such as presidents and now the camp is known to have Africa’s most beautiful lodges, with the most luxurious accommodation, great service, and the finest cuisine. Relaxing here enjoying views, tourists will also spot elephants strolling around the lodge. Activities here include the most unique experiences including going out traveling on a safari to spot leopards and even rare ones, finished with relaxing in the evening in the uniquely furnished lodges.

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3 De Glace Ice Hotel, Canada

Guests can stay in the most fascinating hotel which is made of ice, and enjoy the beautiful and fascinating ice sculptures that are everywhere. Everything here is icy! Even the bar is an ice bar and there is even an ice slide. Guests can sit in ice chairs enjoying a nice drink in an ice cup surrounded by icy chandeliers. Even though the place is entirely ice, guests don’t need to worry about being cold as temperatures are above freezing and there are mattresses and blankets for each bed.

2 Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Finland is home to the Kakslauttanen Resort which has igloos made of glass where the beautiful sky can be seen, northern lights are also spotted here and look beautiful from the view inside the igloos. The igloos are very private and are usually for two people but there are also family rooms that accommodate four people, with each room having hot showers in private and stunning bathrooms. Activities here include reindeer sleigh rides and ice fishing.

1 Tree House Lodge

The land of sloths! The beautiful treehouse lodge resort is full of fascinating lodges which are located in the land of sloths. The place is 10 acres and has access to the jungle where guests can explore, and has access to the beach where guests can also relax. This is one of the most fascinating hotels with many treehouses to choose from all surrounded by sloths which makes it very unique and fascinating.

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