America is home to some of the most incredible restaurants in the entire world. While countries like Spain and France are perhaps the first that comes to mind when thinking about delicious plates, America deserves a spot right next to them. New York City is one of the biggest food destinations known around the globe and states like California boast some amazing spots as well.

When thinking about these places, it is natural to imagine how much they cost. The best restaurants usually always hold the prized Michelin star, awarded to only the most top tier dishes. These restaurants are almost universally tasting menu only. That means that each diner pays a single price, getting anywhere from 6 to 11 courses. The prices are pretty staggering. You can expect to pay anywhere from around $200 all the way up to almost $600 for a meal!

12 Blanca, A Brooklyn Staple That Runs Around $190 Per Person

Blanca is an intimate place perfect for a date night. It is on the lower end of the price range and probably one of the best values you can get for your money. For $190 a person, you get a serious meal. Throughout 19 courses, you will be blown away by some seriously delicious food.

11 Alinea Takes The Cake In Chicago, With A Meal Averaging $230

Alinea is definitely one of the most well-known restaurants in the entire country. Chef Grant Achatz is known for dazzling diners with his iconic dishes. The menu changes very frequently and you never know what you will get when you show up, but you can expect to be blown away.

10 Coi In San Francisco Offers 11 Courses For $250

Coi is one of San Fransisco's premier restaurants. It uses the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. That means a lot of seafood due to the cities location by the ocean. The dishes are ultra-modern, making for a very interesting dinner. The tasting menu consists of 11 courses.

9 É By José In Las Vegas Has 8 Stools That Cost Over $250 Each

Jose Andreas is a very well known celebrity chef from Spain. He has amassed an empire of restaurants throughout the United States, gaining recognition and many Michelin stars along the way. At É, you can enjoy an amazing dinner at the 8 person chef's counter.

8 The restaurant at Meadowood Is Napa Valley's Best At $275 A Head

Napa Valley is known for it's vast, lush fields of grapes that produce some of the most incredible wine in the world. It is also home to many great eateries. At Meadowood, you have a conversation with the chef and he creates a custom dining experience to suit your every wish.

7 New York's Famous Eleven Madison Park Will Set You Back $295

There is probably no restaurant more well known and associated with the rich and famous then Elven Madison Park in NYC. The white table cloth fine dining establishment will dish out 10 of the most insanely delicious food you will probably ever taste in your entire life.

6 You Can Expect To Drop $310 At Thomas Keller's French Laundry

Chef Thomas Keller was once voted the greatest chef in all of America. People were simply blown away by the dishes that he was serving them up at his restaurant The French Laundry. If you want to experience this once in a lifetime meal, it will set you back $310!

5 Guy Savoy In Las Vegas Is Sin City's Second In Command At $345

Guy Savoy's is quite simply just a staple of fine dining in the sin city. It isn't the most expensive, so it is easier to get into then the number one spot. Here you will be treated to one of the most lavish meals you could imagine. If you have the $345 to shell out.

4 Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare Is $395 For A Single Seat

One of the most sought after seats in all of New York City is a spot at the Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare. The meal itself takes over two and a half hours and, get ready, consists of twenty courses. If you want to get in on all of the fun, good luck. The price tag is almost $400 and reservations are next to impossible to get.

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3 Urasawa Is Los Angeles' Premier $400 Sushi Destination

Since sushi has become such a hot and fashionable meal, it is no wonder that L.A. has one of the best spots for it in the country. At Urasawa, you will get a 25-course omakase tasting. This is a traditional Japanese way of serving sushi. You will sample some of the finest fish that the Pacific ocean has to offer.

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2 $445 Is The Minimum At Joël Robuchon's Place In Las Vegas

In a city where there are so many restaurants that have astronomical prices, this is the one who takes the cake. Joël Robuchon is probably the most respected French chef that has ever lived. Here, at his premier restaurant, you will receive 18 plates of the most delicate and mind-blowing french food ever made.

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1 Masa, The Most Expensive Meal In The Country At $595 A Person

Masa, the most expensive meal in all of the 50 United States. it is also most likely in the top 3 most expensive in the world. With only 7 seats surrounding a small sushi bar, this place is at the top of the heap. It is basically impossible to get into unless you know someone. The base price is $595, but with wine, the average checks are around $1,000!

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