If you've been reading 20 Ways To Visit New York Without Spending Money, then the Mark Hotel Penthouse is likely outside of your budget. The Mark Hotel Penthouse says (of itself) that the "lavishly-adorned penthouse will be more like a majestic residence representing the pinnacle of modern luxury..." But still, even with a $75,000 price tag, it doesn't come close to being the most expensive hotel in the world - that honor goes to a luxury submarine hotel one can book for as little as $240,000 per night.


The Mark Hotel Penthouse boasts unprecedented space and is set out over the top of two floors of The Mark Hotel. It was designed by the French interior designer Jacques Grange - according to their website he was "legendary" or something. According to them, they are the Number One hotel in NYC and the Number One in the United States.

What To Expect For $75,000

The penthouse includes:

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 4 Fireplaces
  • 6 Bathrooms
  • 2 Power Rooms
  • 2 Wet Bars

While the main Living Room can be transformed into a full-sized Grand Ballroom. It also boasts massive 26-foot ceilings (and a wet bar and fireplace). The penthouse also has a Library Lounge, a Conservatory, a stately Dining Room, and a private rooftop terrace complete with an outdoor dining area looking out to breathtaking views of the city.

Even the entrances are something. The entrance door is 35.5" wide while the Bathroom entrance is 32" wide - but for all that, they do not have accessible features.

  • Rooms: 3 King Bedrooms, 2 Queen Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 1 Library Lounge, A Dining Room For 12, 2 Powder Rooms
  • Floor: Located On The 16th Floor
  • Size: 10,000 sq ft = 929+ sq m

The price tag for this opulent suite is not listed on their website (one must make inquiries), but according to other sites, it comes with a $75,000 per night price tag.

Sometimes one family can hog the suite for extended periods - one family booked it for 16 straight months!

  • Slippers: Some of The Personalised Loro Piana Slippers At The Penthouse Retail For Almost $700

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The Motel Hotel And Other Accommodation

The Mark Hotel was originally built in 1927 and its interior was completely redesigned in 2009 by the French interior designer Jacques Grange. Six years later the lavish penthouse was unveiled and since then nothing in the United States has been able to match its price tag - at least according to some websites.

  • Address: Madison Ave At 77th Street, New York City, 1007

Others say that The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has a new Damien-Hirst-designed Empathy Suite that costs $100,000 a night - so let's just settle for it being the most expensive in New York City.

  • Internet Speed: They Also Boast they Are The Number 1 Hotel For Internet Speed Being "Up To The Minute with Technologies"

Regular The Mark suites start at "only" (sic) $1,895. It seems the highest price tag suite The Mark lists on their website is the "Two Bedroom Grand Suite" for $8,000. Beyond that and it seems one needs to get a quote. Other suites that are too mightily priced to list without a direct quote are:

  • The Mark Two Bedroom Terrace Suite
  • The Mark Three Bedroom Terrace Suite
  • The Mark Five Bedroom Terrace Suite

Presumably, these suites are priced somewhere between $8,000 and $75,000 for the night. They claim that every suite and guest room in the hotel is luxurious and a serene retreat - including for the plebs living in the pauper's $1,895 per night suites. the same bold vision exacting eye for detail has been applied everywhere.

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What's Included In $75,000? Nothing

Yup, absolutely nothing else is included in the $75,000 price tag. The whole idea is that everything is tailored to the guest's taste and that heaps upon the ultimate price tag. Guests will routinely spend heavily on the hotel's over-the-top perks.

Here guests can have meals by Jean-Georges Vongerichten who runs his own Michelin two-star restaurant Jean-Georges. And it is he who has the hot dog stand selling $6 gourmet organic chicken hot dogs just outside.

The Mark Hot Dog Stand

Thinking that hot dog stands are just cheap street food? Think again! The Mark has their own season hot dog stand that's lavishly adorned with iconic Jacques Grange black-and-white prices. It serves as their gourmet organic chicken and grass-fed beef hot dogs just for the VIP guests of the hotel and other neighborhood friends.

Surprisingly the hot dogs are a mere $6.00 each (so yes - cheap street food) and are served with special Kimchi relish and other condiments of one's choosing. Who said this world couldn't be confusing?

According to some who have tasted these hot dogs, they are as sublime as the Michelin restaurant's $36 lobster with green chili mayonnaise and Yuzu pickles

  • Hours: The Mark Haute Dog Car Is Available Daily From 9 am to 5 pm

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