Florida has great places to visit, but none compares to Pensacola, despite it being a small city. It is the perfect ground for family, couples, and personal fun due to its numerous attractions and activities. There are several museums showing great historical facts, beautiful beaches, and engaging activities for all that need a temporary escape.

The city proudly depicts its history which involves the Spanish, French, and British that were quite interested in the region in the 16th and 17th centuries. This article lists what visitors can do when they visit.

10 Visit The National Naval Aviation Museum

The National Naval Aviation Museum provides tourists with a different perspective of World War I and II. It houses about 150 planes that were used during combat, as well as other items like communications equipment at the time. The majority of these aircraft are the only ones left since the wars took place. If someone is interested in historical occurrences such as these wars that changed the world they will be pleased to see one of the planes that were involved in the Battle of Midway. People can visit the museum at 1878 S Blue Angel Pkwy.

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9 Enjoy Art At The Saenger Theatre

The Saenger Theatre is the perfect spot for anyone that enjoys various forms of art. Established in 1925, this theatre has a great history since it was founded during the Great Depression era. As a result, some of the greatest stars used it to explore music and theatrical performances as Americans began exploring different ways to have fun. Today, it has been renovated, expanded, and still holds the glory it once had. Located at 118 South Palafox Place, this theatre will give great experiences whether someone chooses to listen to musicals and other types of performances.

8 Explore Historic Fort Barrancas

Fort Barrancas is celebrated as a gorgeous historical place that helped in protecting the naval base at Pensacola. It was fully established in 1844 at 3182 Taylor Road and hence carried out its significant purpose in the 19th century. If someone chooses to explore this magnificent place, they will come across underground passageways that soldiers used, their living stations, and depots for weapons. The best part is that one can have a picnic on the grounds after hiking the trails around the fort.

7 Blue Wahoos Stadium For Ball

The Blue Wahoos of Pensacola were given a stadium of their own recently and can still be a great visitor whether one likes sports or not. The Blue Wahoos Stadium is a place for ball games and fun, so it is perfect for the whole family. Based at 351 W. Cedar Street offers fun in the form of tasty foods, upbeat mascots, amazing contests, singing, and more. People actually prefer attending Minor League Baseball due to its informalities, especially in the evening.

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6 Palafox Street For Shopping

Everyone likes to go shopping, especially when visiting a fun place like Pensacola, which actually has one of the most iconic streets in America. According to the American Planning Association, Palafox street is the city’s best place for entertainment. To start with, it is where the Saenger Theatre is located. It also has numerous ventures such as gallery nights and bars for the night scene. There are many boutiques and jewelers waiting for anybody interested in having some beautiful aesthetics on them. The food in the various cafes and restaurants is so delicious people happily wait in line for a taste.

5 Adventures Unlimited

At 8974 Tomahawk Landing Road, visitors can have the adventure of their life through Adventures Limited. This is the spot for all kinds of fun lovers, from zip liners and hikers to kayakers and campers. It is also a spot for overnight fun since there is a resort where tourists can spend the night. There are beautiful birds and wildlife to see while the kids go on scavenger hunts, so it is perfect for family moments. People that enjoy zip-lining can trigger their adrenaline as far as possible through the 5 diverse streams among other spots.

4 Museum Of Art

The Art Museum along 407 South Jefferson Street was established in 1954, after serving other purposes for several years. The building was created in 1906 and the engineers chose the Spanish Revival style as its signature. As times changed it was converted into a courthouse, before becoming a police department. As an art museum, it hosts numerous types of African and glass art, as well as great works by various individuals such as Louis Comfort Tiffany and Pablo Picasso. Tourists that are interested in learning more are offered art classes and so one leaves Pensacola wiser than when one arrived.

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3 Pensacola Fishing

Fishing in Pensacola gives tourists a unique thrill because of the numerous catches that one could make in a few hours. Some commonly caught ocean creatures include redfish, triggerfish, marlin, flounder among numerous others. The best part about the fishing trips is the views of different forts such as Fort McRae, as well as the lighthouse. The dolphins also entertain guests so fishing becomes an adventure and social experience altogether.

2 Historic Pensacola Village

Along 120 Church Street, tourists often visit the Seville Historic District, which is considered quite a historic village due to its components. It hosts 4 museums that give visitors different experiences and twenty-eight buildings that have been restored. Additionally one can walk in pioneers’ footsteps. This historical village is suitable for families because as its museums educate adults on how Pensacola was made, it also entertains children by making their history lively.

1 Fresh Products At Joe Patti Seafood

Joe Patti Seafood has been a sensational spot on the Gulf Coast for almost a century now. Since the 1930s the place has provided travelers with fresh seafood that includes shellfish and shrimp. Other products are sushi, bread, and wine. Due to its fame, one is likely to find a long queue. However, it does not hurt to wait because Patti definitely tells some jokes as he calls out clients to pick up their orders.

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