In the heat of summer, is there anything a pup loves more than playing fetch on the beach or getting their paws in the water? It can be a task to find beaches that are dog-friendly but CasinoHawks has done the work of analyzing nearly 130 beaches, and ranking the top ten most dog-friendly beaches in the world! While the top ten most pet-friendly beaches all rank in US and England, there are plenty of other places in the world to take your pup! Pups deserve the world, and definitely deserve some pup-friendly beach days! Prepare for an amazing adventure, and enjoy spending time with yours at these top ten beaches.

10 Cape Meares Beach - Oregon, USA

Located just directly west of Portland, on the northern coast of Oregon, lies Cape Meares Beach. With a gorgeous lighthouse, some stunning sunrises, and 33 pet-friendly hotels nearby, this beach is a great spot for furry friends!

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9 Whitley Bay Beach - England

Whitley Bay Beach sits on the eastern coast of England facing the gorgeous North Sea and ranks ninth for dog-friendly beaches in the world with several pet-friendly hotels and restaurants nearby. This is a great place to grab some fish and chips, or pack a picnic for owner and pup, and enjoy the blistery sea-breeze of northern England.

8 Hayle Beach - England

Located nearly 500 miles south of there, on the southernmost tip of England's boot lies Hayle Beach in Cornwall, coming in at number eight of the most dog-friendly beaches. This beach is known to be seldom crowded and great for surfing; with rocky points for hiking and exploring nearby, making it the perfect place for adventuring with man's best friend!

7 Mexico Towans Beach - England

With golden sands and turquoise waters, Mexico Towans is a great beach to visit along the coast of St. Ives Bay. Mexico Towans boasts amazing weather, along with over 70 pet-friendly hotels and AirBnbs nearby - making this a great place to holiday with pets in tow!

6 Cove Beach - Oregon, USA

For a quieter spot on the coast of Oregon, Cove Beach is a seldom-crowded coastline with gorgeous pebble sands and views. This relaxed dog-friendly getaway is a great spot to take pups that might get a bit anxious around large crowds or other dogs!

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5 Harlyn Bay Beach - England

Harlyn Bay Beach is another sandy spot in Cornwall, ranked one of the most family-friendly beaches and now, one of the most dog-friendly beaches as well! This spot is great for surfing, swimming, and kayaking, and a great place to take your pup for a day of adventure!

4 Grayland Beach - Washington, USA

With both cars and dogs allowed on these sands, Grayland Beach is a fun place to spend the day in Washington state! This 412-acre state park is welcoming to humans and pups, with some amazing places for camping, quaint little beachside towns, and lots of wildlife to explore nearby.

3 Long Sands Beach - England

A mile of clean, golden sand and dunes amidst an urban landscape, Long Sands Beach near Newcastle, England is the third-best beach for dogs in the world! This beautiful beach ranks highly for its many amenities including showers, toilets, shops, restaurants, and pet-friendly hotels nearby.

2 Crescent Beach - Oregon, USA

A secluded beach with perfect spots for coastal hikes and Instagrammable-photos, Crescent Beach in Oregon ranks number two on the list of dog-friendly beaches. This is the perfect visit for the adventure-loving human and their pup!

1 Del Mar Dog Beach - California, USA

The number one beach in the world to take pups to is located in the Sunshine State of California. Del Mar Dog Beach prides itself on being fido-friendly, where dogs are not just welcomed, but celebrated. This beach includes specific areas for off-leash time, along with over 600 pet-friendly hotels and over 550 pet-friendly restaurants. There is nowhere better for a pup to vacation in the world!