Do you recall your favorite childhood playground, or the small swing set in your backyard? Well, these ten playgrounds around the world definitely aren't the tire swing you remember!

It might be their location, their innovative attractions, or their inclusiveness, but these amazing playgrounds are places meant to be experienced by energetic children and adults alike. Thankfully, these parks are scattered all across the world, so you'll be able to vacation and satisfy your kids' need for adventure, too! Grab your sunscreen and water bottle and get ready to marvel at this list of 10 unique playgrounds you need to see to believe!

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10 Lazy Dayz Outdoor Children’s Playground: Owensboro, Kentucky

Considered by some to be one of the premier parks in the United States, Lazy Dayz was built on the site that once held the home of Bill Smothers, the man who created the first permanent settlement in the city of Owensboro in 1797.

The park includes a 30 foot tall bridge among the trees, a splash park, and loads of colorful sides and structures. There are even animal sculptures, both visible and hidden, that will captivate the most curious of children. Did we mention that the entire park is handicap accessible?

9 Neptune Park: Saratoga Springs, Utah

Located in Saratoga Springs, this park is home to a variety of standard playground fare, with adeptly designed slide and climbing combination structures to keep the rowdiest of kids busy.

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However, the standout among the spinning wheels, pavilion, and basketball courts is definitely the large rope pyramid in the center of he park. Even if kids aren't comfortable climbing up the ropes, they definitely won't run out of things to explore in this creative, captivating park.

8 Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground: London, United Kingdom

Though this famously named park is usually fairly busy, it is definitely worth the wait. Opened in 2000 in honor of the beloved Princess Diana of Wales, this wonderland is equipped with a large pirate ship as its centerpiece!

Everything in the park is Peter Pan themed, so expect to see a group of teepees and some amazing sculptures! The website for the playground boasts that over 1 million visitors a year have enjoyed their playtime at the Memorial park, so it is definitely a must-see.

7 Walholla: Purmerend, The Netherlands

Was your childhood playground this awesome? Located at an elementary school in Purmerend, The Netherlands, the original Walholla play structure was designed to accommodate 60 children in a small area of space.

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Developed by the company Carve, Walholla incorporates climbing, slides, and brightly colored structures to provide children with a safe and unique playground experience. The model is now sold throughout the United States and can be purchased in three different sizes with a variety of add-on attractions like nets, ropes, sliding walls, and more.

6 Water Playground: Tychy, Poland

Located in Poland, this park is an absolute delight to the eyes! Opened in 2011, this bright and innovative space is perfect for exploring and keeping cool in the summer months.

The architectures who designed the park desired to build a space that would not interrupt the park that was already there, so they opted for a figure 8 shaped area that contained small structures and space to roam. In doing so, they also preserved the trees in the park, which act as shade in hot weather! The park also outfitted with lovely LED lights that keep the area bright at all hours of the night.

5 Clemyjontri Park: McLean, Virginia

Clemyjontri, named after the donor's four children Carolyn, Emily, John, and Petrina, is an inclusive space for children of all types. Located in Fairfax County, the large space is suitable for children in wheelchairs, children with sensory or developments disabilities, and those who use knee braces or walkers!

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The park includes a carousel, chariots, a spinning tea cup attraction, a trackless train, and of course, slides and swings! Clemyjontri's "liberty" swings are amazing for their ability to hold those in wheelchairs without them even needing to leave their seat.

4 Ghost Train: Lima, Peru

What was once a group of abandoned structures from an unrealized electric train project that had been shelved in 1986 is now a useful and fun area for kids! In 2010, Spanish group Basurama turned the large column-like pillars into an imaginative playground.

Bathed in a neon of colors, Ghost Train is made of recycled materials and includes a canopy-line, swings, and climbing structures. This unlikely amusement area is fun for the entire family, and the free admission makes it certain that even more people can enjoy what it has to offer!

3 Swarovski Kristallwelten: Wattens, Austria

Designed by architectural firm Snøhetta, this amazing playtower is just one of the attractions that visitors at Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal World) can find to entertain the young ones in the family!

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Spanning four different levels, the different floors can be accessed by climbing up a vertical net. This structure has it all, including trampolines, rock structures, and slides, all encased by the crystalline facets that make the company famous! Kristallwelten also includes a large garden playground and a hedge labyrinth, so children can truly get lost in their own imagination as they explore the park.

2 Hakone Open Air Musuem Woods of Net Playground: Tokyo, Japan

This playground, we can safely say, is like no other in the world! Located west of Tokyo, the Woods of Net playground was created by fiber artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam for the 40th anniversary of the park. The pavilion is a structural marvel, made entirely of wood, and contains the beautiful rainbow crocheted play area inside!

Entirely hand-knitted, the playground is a permanent fixture in the park, and was designed to be a focal point that would attract kids "like a campfire" in the words of MacAdam. It took her around a year to craft the park, and was made without any metal--only timber and a steady hand!

1 Bounce Below: Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales

If you ever dreamed of a spelunking trip when you were a young kid, then Bounce Below will offer exactly what you are looking for! This mammoth park is twice the size of St. Paul's Cathedral and provides an unforgettable experience for the entire family.

Don't be surprised if you spot adults enjoying the park--it is suitable for a large age range! Though the playground is dark, lighted helmets are provided to help you navigate the obstacle courses, trampolines, and slides. Bounce Below will provide you and your kids with memories to come, and will definitely assist in your afternoon workout if you're willing to experience a full hour of playtime!

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