The Earth’s surface is covered with bodies of water. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. As with anything, there are always the ones that set themselves apart from others. Many of the world’s lakes possess a beauty that is unparalleled. They stand as a testament to nature’s ability to create scenes that no paintbrush could truly duplicate. Whether a lake is located in the warmth of a tropical island or centered in the icy lands of a northern country, its beauty speaks for itself. Here is a list of ten most beautiful lakes in the world.

10 Dead Sea, Jordan

The name of this lake often throws people off, until they find out the reason behind it. The Dead Sea is a salt lake that is surrounded by trees, mountains, and snake-like salt creations. The water’s salt level makes it hard to swim but the human body can float with ease. Known as the saltiest place on Earth, vacationers and locals flock to the lake because of its ability to make everything weightless.

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Unfortunately, the lake is beginning to withdraw at a rapid rate. The Dead Sea is the only thing that feeds the Jordan River. Its disappearance can be catastrophic.

9 Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

Legend would have it that the color of Laguna Colorado is the result of the bloodshed of the gods. In actuality, the red hue can be largely associated with a type of algae of the same color that grows in the lake. At over 4,000 meters above sea level, the lake only reaches depths up to about 1 ½ feet. The salt lake is located close to the Chilean border in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. Andean flamingo are often seen wading in the lake. As a result, their naturally white feathers are turned pink from the pigmentation in the lake’s water.

8 Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is so astounding that a hotel with inclines high above it dubbed itself “Heavenly.” Lake Tahoe is also the largest lake in the country and is bordered by the states of California and Nevada. Seasonal changes have no effect on the lake’s beauty. It's perfect for snow skiing in the winter and water skiing in the summer. From the right location, travelers can enjoy time in two states on the same day. Mountains, water and plenty of fresh air. Winter sports and summer fun. Mother Nature took it all into consideration when she created this crystal clear body of water.

7 Pehoé Lake, Chilean Patagonia

Pehoé Lake is not among the easiest destinations to reach, but the beauty that sits on the other side of the journey more than makes up for it. Located in one of Chile’s national parks, this impressive lake is soaked in a variety of color. Visitors are surrounded by softer hues of purple in the morning and bright oranges when the sun is going down. Trails on the higher ground allow travelers a different view. Pehoé Lake is renowned for its greenish-blue water and exquisite environment. The lake’s inflow comes from the Paine River and it is connected to Nordenskjold Lake.

6 Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake’s name is derived from the fact that it was created when part of a volcano collapsed thousands of years ago. The explanation of its formation does nothing to tell how its water got its clear blue color.

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Crater Lake is circled by drop-offs that reach thousands of feet into the sky. The deepest lake in the United States, its depths reach over 1,900 feet. Another thing that sets Crater Lake apart from other lakes is that there is no inflow. As a result, its waters are free of pollution and considered among the purest water on the planet.

5 Moraine Lake, Canada

Canada has lots of lakes but none compare to Moraine Lake. So beautiful, it has been used on the face of Canadian currency, as an Android and Windows feature photo and has even made an appearance in a popular video game. Moraine Lake is among the more notable and exquisite bodies of water in the Rockies. Rock flour in the wintry waters gives the lake its marvellous cerulean hue. The shores of Moraine Lake is home to a variety of animals that enjoy the awe-inspiring trails just as much as visitors. It isn’t uncommon to catch a glimpse of a deer or two.

4 Lake Bratan, Bali

Most people associate Bali with its beautiful beaches. Its amazingly stunning lakes are often overlooked. In comparison to other lakes, Lake Bratan is relatively small. That doesn’t diminish its natural allure. Making it more appealing is the Puru Ulun and Bratan temple, a shrine that is home to many smaller shrines. The lake temple is in dedication to Dewi Danu, the water goddess that is charged with keeping the water pristine and plentiful. The lake is serene and the presence of the various temples in the background offer a sense of peace that can’t help but exist in the midst of all of this beauty.

3 Loch Duich, Scotland Highlands

Translated, “loch” means lake. Loch Duich is what is referred to as a seal lake. The Highlands, on the western side of Scotland, are adorned with them. Although they are all beautiful in their own right, the Loch Duich is one that visitors remember most because of the eye-catching Eilean Donan Castle.

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It is a picture-perfect view. The castle’s location is also the meeting point of three sea lakes: Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh. One legend speaks of three brothers who were fishing when they were beguiled by three seal-maidens who had taken on the appearance of humans and frolicked in the moonlight.

2 Plitvice Lakes, Central Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes national park is a favorite destination for those traveling to Croatia. This unbelievable site is made up of forest land, lakes, caverns and waterfalls that cover an area of more than 186-square miles. Mineral deposits have formed natural dams that separate the park’s lakes, yet sixteen of the lakes are integrated by a series of waterfalls. The mixing of mineral also results in the glorious aquamarine hue of the lakes’ water, which changes depending on the mineral amounts present. Of course, a national park of this size offers refuge to a variety of wildlife and natural vegetation.

1 Melissani Cave Lake, Cephalonia, Greece

This Cephalonian Cave Lake is one of Greece’s beauties, created by Mother Nature. Located on Cephalonia Island, the cave was shaped by the natural process of rocks and water moving into space. The constant activity of water over rocks resulted in the creation of recesses and an underground lake that is millions of years old. Melissani Lake consists of salt and freshwater and in some areas reaches depths of up to thirty meters. One of the most breathtaking features of the lake is the sizeable hole in the top of the cave, giving the lake a natural sun-roof.

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