Italy is known for having the best pasta and pizza around the world. Its luxury extends from restaurants to buildings and lifestyle. However, despite these cultural luxuries, not many know Italy as having some of the most beautiful lakes. These lakes are unique from each other and feature unique activities to enjoy. To lessen the planning loads, here’s a list of the best Italian lakes to consider adding to your bucket list.

10 Lake Como

Lake Como is not only the best lake but the most popular among celebrities as well. Its popularity dates back to the Roman era that stood the first villa on the lake. The ancient villas, luxurious restaurants, and the crystal blue water of the lake attract many tourists from around the world. Its depth of 400 meters makes it one of the best lakes for adrenaline water activities. The enchanting view of the lake made celebrities like George Clooney buy a whopping €11 million worth of villa.

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9 Lake Garda

The largest lake in the country is also the most beautiful in the northern region. Aside from the well-preserved crystal blue water, the view of the mesmerizing mountains, especially if it's snowing, makes the lake worthy to be on the bucket list. The most visited location in Lake Garda is the century-old Sirmione castle which definitely provides the vintage reputation to the lake. Moreover, it is popularly surrounded by lemon and orange trees which makes the shore scenic and smelling like citrus.

8 Lake Maggiore

Visiting a lake where you can be in two countries at one is one worth the bucket list. This second largest lake borders Italy and Switzerland, hence, both countries share territorial claims over Lake Maggiore. It is where tourists can find some exotic plants because it has the perfect Mediterranean climate. The blossoming plants also make the lake even prettier, adding more colors to the clear blue waters of the lake.

7 Lake Iseo

This lake has a lot more to offer, from the villas that date back to the medieval era to the view of the country’s finest vineyards. Yes, it is more Italian than one can imagine. Surrounded by tall mountains, it sure provides the best view from the colorful medieval villas. The lake provides any tourist with a quality break because it is a lot quieter compared to other lake destinations. Hence, this lake is one of the most serene lakes tourists can find, because it has little to no buzzing noise like cars and engines.

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6 Lake Ledro

Lake Ledro is one of the most stunning lakes there is. It has crystal clear waters beautifully surrounded by hills and forests. It is also popular for its outdoor activities which make every tourist appreciate the natural view of the lake. The path around it, which leads to Ledro Valley, is the most visited by hikers and bikers because at the top awaits the view of the lush green mountains and blue lake.

5 Lake Orta

Besides the naturally preserved view of the lakes, Lake Orta looks more fancy and modern. The lake features its blue waters with the stunning view of Isla San Guilio at the center. Many celebrities dine in front of San Guilio because it is simply stunning. The buildings around it add fanciness to the lake’s reputation while maintaining the medieval accents of typical Italian infrastructures. Lake Orta is also a lake of romance and leisure because couples can stroll by boat or walk around the cobblestones.

4 Lake Bolsena

Italy has a unique variety of lakes and Lake Bolsena is a no-brainer on top of the list. It sits on a volcanic crater which creates black sand beaches along the island. The lake has very clear waters, especially near the island of Bisentina. On top of that, the lake features Etruscan ruins like churches, statues, and castles that are perfect for history and classic tourists. Birdwatching and water activities are popular in Lake Bolsena which makes the trip never a bore.

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3 Lake Bracciano

This lake not only is home to an island of beautiful ruins but as well the destination for adrenaline water junkies. The view of the old city of Anguillara Sabazia is one straight out of a movie. At dusk, the sky reflects beautifully on the waters and at night, the gorgeous golden lights of the city illuminate the lake. Moreover, tourists could never get enough of the activities to enjoy here, from scuba diving and swimming to canoeing and surfing, and a stroll around the old castle of the city makes a complete vacation.

2 Lake Lugano

Like Lake Maggiore, this lake is also between Italy and Switzerland. The buildings on this lake are particularly fancy, and it's a nice blend of nature and modern. This elongated glacial lake draws features scenic views that draw tourists every year. It is surrounded by mountains that make up a mesmerizing panoramic view. Some activities to enjoy here are fishing and fossil hunting on Monte San Giorgio.

1 Lake Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno is dubbed as the great salt lake of Italy because both lakes let the water in but no way out. The lake’s castle has a history of being a strategic position to the Hannibal army defeating the Roman army, now it's one of the most beautiful sites on the island. The castle overlooks the shallow but crystal blue water of the lake. Moreover, the lake is surrounded by farmland featuring vineyards and olive groves.

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