People all over the globe have always dreamt of seeing and living in heaven. However, what they do not know is that the majority of islands are stunning around the globe with the most idyllic settings to arouse their wanderlust. Therefore, spending time in paradise while on Earth is possible. Let them only imagine being embraced by a bewitching utopia with a dazzling azure sky, marvelous white sand beaches, and hypnotic lofty palm groves! These sites are a pleasure for all of their senses and provide the ideal natural escape from the sweltering cities. The following are the 10 voted most beautiful islands in the world.

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10 St Lucia

St. Lucia has a dark and gloomy beauty. Different from other Caribbean islands, its main astounding features are its beaches which are known for their mesmerizing golden sands and beautiful palms. Moreover, the island's topography is saturated with drama. The towering Pitons, two volcanic summits that rise more than 700 meters (2296.58 ft) above sea level and provide a beautiful background to the stunning surroundings, rule over the lush landscapes. St. Lucia's views include swaying coconut palm trees, astonishing waterfalls, coral reefs, picturesque fishing towns, incredible nature trails, and therapeutic hot springs, to name a few.

  • Location: The splendid island is nestled in the superb eastern Caribbean Sea on the border with the Atlantic Ocean

9 Fiji

When tourists think about wonderful Fiji, they can only think of utter paradise. It is one of those locations that never let visitors down, made of a group of 330 bewitching islands swimming in the clear blue South Pacific. This amazing tropical archipelago is still a peaceful isolated piece of haven with stunning white-sand beaches.

  • Location: The marvelous island is situated in the South Pacific Ocean

8 Palawan

Palawan is the Philippine piece of haven. With jaw-dropping limestone mountains rising from jewel-like water so clear that visitors can practically see the emotions on the fish from above the surface. Several islands have brilliant white sand beaches flanked by lofty palms, while amazing coral reefs match with an astounding variety of tropical fish, making the island one of the greatest diving spots in the world.

  • Location: The astonishing island is located in the western Philippines on the borders of the South China Sea

7 Ko Phi Phi

Rich limestone summits rise from the wonderful tropical sea on Ko Phi Phi, a tiny yet hypnotic archipelago in Thailand's Krabi Province, and warm waves lap at palm-lined and powdery-soft sandy beaches. The sole inhabited island, Ko Phi Phi Don, provides day tours to the nearby fabulous islands.

  • Location: The unique island is located in the Indian Ocean in Thailand.
  • Activities: Snorkeling, diving, and swimming are some exciting popular activities that tourists can enjoy on this unique archipelago.

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6 Bahamas

The Bahamas are not only among the world’s largest islands but also and without a doubt among the most gorgeous ones on the planet. Even from orbit, the island appears amazing, with marvelous turquoise blue seas and mesmerizing white-sand beaches. Visitors can enjoy on this island a broad range of stunning attractions. The nicest aspect about touring the Bahamas is that they may explore over 700 islands, each with its own distinct experience.

  • Location: The Bahamas are located in the Atlantic Ocean and are part of the mind-blowing Lucayan Archipelago in the West Indies.

5 Hawaii

The breathtaking Hawaiian Islands provide a lot to experience to fill a lifetime's worth of aspirations, from the rush and bustle of Oahu to the romanticism of Maui and off-the-beaten-path pastimes on Molokai and Lanai. Most tourists ask themselves where to start from being dizzy from all of this beauty that surrounds them. Hawaii offers them magnificent beaches and verdant valleys. They can enjoy an exceptional environment, especially at the eye-popping Garden of the Gods.

  • Location: The stunning island is situated in the Pacific Ocean in the Western United States
  • Activities: Hiking, zip line, paddle sports, surfing, helicopter tours, skydiving, and whale watching.

4 Bali

Bali is among the most visited islands in the world, featuring a diverse spectrum of man-made and natural tourist attractions. The stunning volcanic island has several attractive spots with a variety of scenery including lofty green mountains, graceful waterfalls, fairy flower gardens, and so much more. Bali's renowned rice fields are the main attraction of the area. The island is rich in history and culture adding to its attractiveness for visitors.

  • Location: The magnificent island swims in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the fabulous Indonesian Archipelago.

3 Seychelles

Seychelles are a bewitching archipelago of mythical beauty. Its spine-tingling granite and coral islands, which rise from a vast underwater plateau, have inspired innumerable tropical island fancies and are one of the world's final frontiers. Tourists know they have arrived in a destination of awe-inspiring landscape as their plane lands at the Seychelles International Airport, with marvelous granitic mountain ranges wrapped in pristine rainforest tumbling down to hauntingly gorgeous sand beaches. Seychelles entices discerning tourists to their coastlines with romance, adventure, and wonderful luxury resorts set in pristine, man-untouched surroundings.

  • Location: The hypnotic island swims in the water of the Indian Ocean, east of Kenya and south of the Equator.

2 Bora Bora

Bora Bora is among the most famed islands in the world. It is a pristine paradise. For its gorgeous surroundings and magnificent beaches, the island draws a large number of travelers throughout the year. It also boasts a variety of scenery, including Mt. Otemanu, a splendid volcanic peak. This mountain is surrounded by a lagoon that can be seen from space and is claimed to contain more than 50 colors of blue.

  • Location: The bewitching island is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is part of French Polynesia

1 Maldives

The astonishing Maldives, without a doubt the world's most opulent location, has become synonymous with paradise, whether for scuba divers, sun lovers, honeymooners, or stars. The Maldives are endowed with marvelous white sand ribbons embraced by dazzling crystal clear turquoise lagoons, spectacular underwater biodiversity, and unequaled luxury resorts.

  • Location: The striking island is nestled in the north-central Indian Ocean