Winter is fast approaching and so are travelers’ needs for a winter getaway. Included on every traveler's wish list during the winter season is to experience snowshoeing and ice skating on the crystalized frozen lakes. Nothing beats the fact that frozen lakes allow people to walk on top of the water. It also gives unforgettable winter experiences along with several activities. The best of these frozen lakes are just hard to find, so here is a list of the most beautiful frozen lakes you can visit around the world.

10 Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Japan

Specifically, this man-made pond is located in Shirogane, Biei, Hokkaido, Japan. The idea of the pond came into existence in order to restrict the erupted volcanic mud of Mt. Tokachi when the dam Biei river was constructed. Of all the ponds, the Shirogane Blue Pond is the only one that shows beautiful colors depending on the seasons. It displays from milky light blue to a deep green turquoise featuring the dead trees in the middle.

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9 Grey Lake, Chile

Flows in the eastern side of Torres del Paine National Park is Grey Lake. Featuring the mesmerizing Grey Glacier sitting in the Grey Lake, everything is just grey. With 500 meters of depth and surrounded by rugged attractions and home to huge icebergs coming from the Grey Glacier. The lake also provides housing, food, and transportation services that travelers can use when visiting the neighboring attractions.

8 Abraham Lake, Canada

Lining the David Thompson Highway is the artificial lake of North Saskatchewan River, Abraham Lake. Formed in 1972 because of the construction of the Bighorn Dam. Underlying the frozen lake are the air bubbles that create an incredible view of the entire lake. Due to the decomposed matter below the lake floor, methane gas has been trapped within which causes the bubbles to form. Bubbles slowly pop once the ice starts to melt, which means springtime is coming.

7 Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Considered the natural wonder of Iceland is the glacial lake and frozen beach of Jökulsárlón. What makes the lake special is the reflecting Northern Lights building a more dramatic and romantic scenery. This glacial lagoon is a popular stop for travelers going to the South Coast or around the Ring Road of the country. Jökulsárlón is also the deepest lake in Iceland with depths of 814 feet and a surface area of 7 square miles.

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6 Lake Baikal, Russia

Holding the record of being the oldest and deepest lake all over the world, containing 20% of the world's freshwater reserve is the famous Lake Baikal of south-central Russia near the Mongolian border. The lake features 27 uninhabited islands, and more than 300 streams and rivers feed here. Things to do here are skating, catching Omul under the ice, bathing in mineral springs, dog sledding, riding snowmobiles, visiting the ice sculpture festival, and much more.

5 Ellery Lake, California

Located just two miles outside the Yosemite entrance is the man-made Ellery Lake with two different views. There is no official trail around the lake which makes the visitors find their way to the site. Ellery Lake features a campground with 12 campsites, and some of these accommodate vehicles up to 28 ft. No reservations are needed, register directly to the campground. Recreational activities to experience include fishing, horse riding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, and sledding.

4 Lake Superior, Wisconsin

Located on the northern edge of Wisconsin and above Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the largest freshwater lake in the world. Lake Superior features a wonderful frozen cave.. To reach the caves, visitors can walk across the lake during heavy winter, however, boats can be an alternative if necessary during milder winters. Activities to enjoy around the lake are fat-wheel biking, skiing, skating, ice-hole fishing, and snowboarding. Also, take this opportunity to climb up the split rock lighthouse to see beautiful views.

3 Lake Louise, Canada

Looking for a perfect winter wonderland? Lake Louise can be the one for that. Surrounded by rugged mountains and alpine trees that turn white during winter, the lake is a top spot for winter savvies. To experience a more accommodating stay, head directly to the Lake Louise Ski Resort. Children can enjoy sleigh rides, snowshoeing, ice skating to the glass lake, tubing, and many more. The resort also hosts several winter events, especially in Banff National Park.

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2 Mount Douglas, Alaska

Located in the south of Kamishak Bay, near the northeasternmost part of the Alaska Peninsula is the crater lake situated at the summit of Mount Douglas. The summit requires a climb or drive of 7,000-foot and has some of the best 360-degree panoramic views in the world. Marine life such as seals, orca, and waterfowl are often on view - photography enthusiasts especially will want their cameras for this visit!

1 Lake Morey, Vermont

To peacefully experience the beauty of winters in Vermont, visit the Lake Morey Resort for accommodation services with plenty of winter rentals and amenities. Experience the crystal clear 4.3-mile skate trail with the white mountain backdrop as the view, pond hockey rinks, cross-country skiing, and many more adventures. Travelers can rent winter sports essentials in the resort but with additional fees. There are also indoor games and other family activities. The resort will grace every traveler with an unforgettable winter wonderland.

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