The Amber Palace (or Amber Fort or Amer Fort) is perhaps one of the most eye-catching palaces/forts in all of India. The palace is located in the incredible Amer region of Rajasthan in India atop a craggy outcrop. It is located a stone's throw from the large city of Jaipur - the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is world-famous (and UNESCO listed) for its many impressive forts. The Amber Palace should be one of the essentials in any fort trail itinerary in this remarkable Indian state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan with its many forts, palaces, temples, and stunning natural sceneries is just one of the many reasons why everyone should visit India.


Why The Amber Palace is a Must For Anyone Visiting India

Rajasthan is famous for having some of the most stunning attractions in India, both for its incredible natural beauty and its many architectural attractions - like the Amber Palace.

The Amber Palace is famous for its gates, large ramparts, and cobbled paths. It overlooks Maota Lake and is easily the main tourist attraction in Jaipur.

  • Located: Just Out of Jaipur in India's Rajasthan State

The buildings of the fort are built of red sandstone and marble. The opulent palace within the fort is laid out in four levels - each with its own courtyard. The levels are the:

  • Diwan-e-Aam: Or "Hall of Public Audience"
  • Diwan-e-Khas: or "Hall of Private Audience"
  • Sheesh Mahal: (Mirror Palace), or Jai Mandir
  • Sukh Niwas: Famous for its Articifical Cooling System

The Sukh Niwas even has an artificial cooling system. This is created by winds blowing over the water cascade within the palace.

Tip: While In Jaipur Visit The Monkey Temple Just Out of the City

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History and Background of The Amber Palace

The Amber fort was expanded by Jai Singh I and continued to grow for the next 150 years. In 1727 the capital was moved to the neighboring Jaipur. This fort-palace was once the center of an empire and in its courtyards victory parades would be held.

  • Built: First Built In 1592

In the past, the palace was the residence of the Rajput Maharajas and their families. One ruler, Raja Man Singh, had a total of 12 queens, so had made 12 rooms for each one of them. Each of these rooms had a staircase that connected to the King's room.

  • Designated: It is Listed As a World Heritage Site (Along With Five Other Forts of Rajasthan)
  • Pronunciation: "Amber" is Pronounced "Amer"

The impressive fort was the bastion of the powerful Kachwahas of Amber and is iconic of the popular imagination of what the Indian Rajas were like. Visiting this fort really takes one back to what India used to be like and how wealthy its empires once were. It is located in craggy hilly and is a combination of Hindu and Mughal styles.

It is considered to be one complex with the nearby Jaigarh Fort as they are both connected by a subterranean passage. Some of these passages have been restored and are open to the public.

  • Subterranean Passages: There Are Subterranean Passages Linking To another Fort - Some Are Open to the Public

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Visiting The Amber Palace

Visitors will be greeted with imposing and harsh exteriors that look very much impregnable. But on the inside, the harshness gives way to a much more inviting interior. One will be amazed by the carvings, precious stones, and mirrors that adorn the palace.

  • Suraj Pol: The Sun Gate - The Main Entry Leading To the First Main Courtyard
  • Opening Hours: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

One of the popular tourist activities here is to go on an elephant ride. There will be a number of colorfully adorned elephants in and around the fort for the tourists to photograph and ride if they wish.

Many tourists choose not to ride the elephants as there is concern about elephant abuse with the elephants used in this complex. There have been reports of some inhumane practices for these intelligent animals.

  • Elephant Rides: There Are Elephant Rides Offered To the Tourists

Jaipur is one of the (relatively) more developed cities in India and there is a respectable amount of tourist infrastructure here. One will be spoiled for choice for accommodation options.

One can book the tickets for visiting the Amber Palace online on the official Rajasthan tourism website. If one can't visit, then one can enjoy a virtual tour on their website.

One should plan to make this the main activity for the day as there is plenty to see and explore and one should take one's time to really get the feel of the palace. The location is in itself stunning and worth a visit.

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