Aside from its incredible wildlife, Africa is also known for its gorgeous natural scenery. In Africa, waterfalls represent life, with their never-ending water flow that cascades down various floors and sprays gloriously. The spray operates like constant rain, bringing rich life to the area and attracting visitors from all over the globe to wonder at its splendor. Africa's waterfalls are a treasure not just for its people, but also for the country's tourism sector. As a result, listed below are the ten best cascades that can be seen in Africa.

10 Lofoi Falls, Congo

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Central Africa is the Lofoi Falls, located in Nkonko, Congo – Kinshasa. The waterfall cascades 340 meters continuously from its crest and is a renowned outdoor tourist attraction. During peak season, the waterfall releases a considerable volume of water, while during drought season, the flow gets limited. Additionally, tourists are permitted to camp at the top of the waterfall, allowing them to take in the breathtaking vistas while immersed in the immensity of nature.

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9 Wli Waterfall, Ghana

Wli Waterfall, located in Hohoe, Volta Region, Ghana, is the country's greatest cascade, falling 80 meters over two levels. The waterfall is known as "Agumatsa Falls" by the locals and is a major tourist attraction near the Togo border, surrounded by dense jungle rich in wildlife. The falls are divided between lower and upper levels, with the latter requiring more effort to climb the slope than the lower falls. In addition, the peak season is from April through October, when the water flow is at its highest.

8 Lumangwe Falls, Zambia

Along the Kalungwishi River in Chimpempe, Zambia is the Lumangwe Falls. During peak season, it is said to be Africa's largest waterfall, having a width of over 160 meters and a 30 to 40-meter waterfall. It is frequently mistaken for Victoria Falls because of its massive volume, a huge curtain of rushing water, and drenching spray, even during droughts. Furthermore, the waterfall is also surrounded by lush deep vegetation but receives lesser visitors unlike the other cascades within the country.

7 Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia

The Blue Nile Falls, located in Ethiopia's Blue Nile River is locally known as Tis Abay, which means "great smoke." The massive spray created by the flowing water alludes to the falls' local name, making it a popular tourist attraction. It merely drops 52 meters, but it has a 400-meter width, which is particularly noticeable during peak season. It is also well-known for its essential role in environmental conservation due to the presence of rare species that can only be found in the area.

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6 Owu Falls, Nigeria

Known for being the highest waterfall in the western region of Africa is the Owu Falls, located in Owa Kajola, Nigeria. It drops 120 meters into a frigid pool at the bottom, with five levels of water flowing down the rough slopes. The waterfall sprays at its best during peak season, especially when the water flow is high. Furthermore, it has a spectacular natural setting for nature tourism, and the lush greenery around the waterfall's banks is teeming with native species.

5 Ouzoud Falls, Morocco

The Ouzoud Falls is formed when the El-Abid River cascades down the edge of the Atlas Mountains before dropping 110 meters to the river's craggy cliffs. It is a well-known tourist site in Morocco since travelers may easily access it. During peak season, the waterfall stretches for 90 meters and is the highest in Africa's northern area. It also allows tourists to view the breathtaking splendor and thunderous roars of the water drops, as well as see native animals such as the Barbary apes.

4 Kalambo Falls, Tanzania

Located along the Kalambo River in Sumbawanga, Tanzania is the Kalambo Falls. It is Africa’s second-highest and longest-running waterfall which drops a continuous 235 meters water flow and a width of 1.8 to 3 meters. Because it is one of Africa's most remote waterfalls, visitors must first hike up the edge of the cascades for 3 to 4 hours. Furthermore, the cliffs and green highlands of the most prominent archeological sites in Africa are also visible between the gushing water's spray.

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3 Tugela Falls, South Africa

Tugela Falls, located in Royal Natal National Park, Giants Castle Game Reserve, South Africa, is known for being the highest waterfall on the African continent. It drops at 411 meters, making it also the world’s tenth-largest unbroken water drop. However, due to its short length, the water flow is seasonal and may dry up during droughts. Additionally, during peak season, a large portion of the water flow drops to its lowest point, generating a spectacular spray for tourists to enjoy.

2 Kongou Falls, Gabon

Located along the Ivindo River in Gabon, is the Kongou Falls which is 3200 meters in width making it by far the largest cascade in Africa in terms of length. Its wide flow produces a tremendous volume of water. Although it only drops at 56 meters, it is still regarded as one of the world’s most intense water flows. The amount of water flowing through the system decreases over time, especially during droughts, yet it never completely stops.

1 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a regional tourism magnet, is Zimbabwe’s, Victoria Falls. It is by far the most well-known waterfall in Africa that drops at 108 meters high and has a width of 1,708 meters. The falls was also recognized as the Largest Waterfall in the World as during peak season, it boasts the largest volume of water flow with over five million cubic meters of pouring water per minute. Additionally, it never dries up, even during droughts.

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