The world is a magical place that offers us brilliant landscapes and wonders above and beyond our imagination. Nothing is the same and that works out perfectly for avid travelers. A vacation means look different, depending on who you ask, but some people want to find a remote getaway and still get the same island experience. A popular place to unwind is a warm, tropical oasis that we can probably dream of in our head.

Not everyone likes overcrowded (and often over-rated) islands destinations, so luckily, there is a list of islands that have been hardly touched or visited by humans. Stunningly exotic and away from the hustle and bustle a normal tourist spot would have, these remote beaches on these magical islands are where you want to be for a unique and relaxing travel experience

When people vacation off the coast of the Indian Ocean, they usually gravitate towards the Maldives or Madagascar, but what they're missing out on is Réunion Island. Just as beautiful and relaxing, Réunion Island offers beautiful beaches, but at a slower and more private pace.

8 The Faroe Islands Alongside Denmark May Not Be Tropical, But They Are Nothing Short Of Beautiful

For those of us that would prefer more of a rugged, rustic island experience, the Faroe Islands is a good destination to consider. Technically a part of Denmark, the Faroe Islands consist of 18 volcanic islands and jaw-dropping views that a traveler can only experience here. Wherever a person is on one of the islands, they'll never be further than three miles from the ocean.

7 Curaçao Is An Island In The Southern Caribbean Sea That Gives Off The Best Vibes Of Europe And A Tropical Oasis

Located to the north of Venezuela, Curaçao is one of three islands that makes up the "ABC Islands." Curaçao is full of untouched nature and landscapes, with scenic views that will take your breath away. This secret gem is rarely visited by normal tourists and remains quiet and quaint.

6 Paros, Greece Offers Secluded Beaches, Gorgeous Hills And Whitewashed Villages With A Laid-Back Vibe

Greece is a magical country to visit, that offers a rich history and beautiful land to discover; Paros included. A lot of Greek Islands have been raided by celebrities and tourists alike, but somehow Paros remains low-key. What stands out the most is the whitewashed villages and friendly, nudist beaches.

5 Madeira, Portugal Has Been A Well-Kept Secret For Some Time With Its Colorful Markets And Black Lava Pools

It's easy to see that Madeira looks like a dream travel destination, but there's more than what meets the eye. The untouched beauty of the organic lava pools to the thousands of miles of irrigation channels that interweave through the landscape is just the tip of the iceberg. The Madeirans pride themselves on the food and wine scene and want to keep it a secret for as long as they can.

4 Vis, Croatia Was Once A Military Base And Has Recently Opened Up Its Tranquil Beaches For Tourists

Vis, Croatia's most remote island, has a fairly solidified reason for being an unknown destination. From 1959 to 1989, it served as a military base for the Yugoslav army and was cut off from people visiting. Because no one knew of the restriction lift, the island was underpopulated for decades. The silver lining? It's authentic, secluded, and quiet.

3 Islamorada, FL Offers Some Of The Most Stunning Beaches And Has Been Voted One Of The Most Romantic Islands In The U.S.

Florida is an enormously popular travel destination for the U.S. It's affordable and accessible and boasts long spans of beautiful beaches, but what a lot of travelers don't know is that there are many hidden getaways still untouched in this state; Islamorada, FL for example. This piece of land often gets overlooked because of its neighbors.

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2 Western Visayas, Philippines Offers Tucked Away Coves And Fresh Fish Barbecues On The Beach

The Philippines offer amazing travel experiences that attract a lot of tourists, but Western Visayas is a different story. Because this area is difficult to travel to, it's not visited as much as it should. Rich with historical structures and natural wonders, Visayas should be on everyone's bucket list.

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Navarino Island, Chile is a natural wonder that everyone should experience. While tropical islands often highlight their white, sandy beaches and palm trees, this island is much more than that. Draped in snow-capped mountains and crystal clear lakes, Navarino Island has all of nature's best features that make it easy for couples to fall in love with the picturesque views.

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