With over a thousand beaches in the US, it might seem difficult to select the most beautiful ones. However, with nearly every beach goer taking pictures of beaches they visit and posting them on Instagram, one can easily collect these data and select the most hashtagged ones. Although tedious, this job has been done by Family Vacation Guide, and after comparing hundreds of US beaches using Instagram and TripAdvisor data, these beaches have now been fished out as the most beautiful in the US, and the scenery alone is enough to make them worthy of a bucket list.

10 Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii has a lot of beaches, but Waikiki Beach has been singled out due to its beauty. The beach has 936,900 Instagram posts and up to 4,839 TripAdvisor reviews mentioning the word “beautiful.” When the numbers were put together and calculated, however, the beach came out with a total beauty score of 7.72, which makes it the tenth most beautiful beach in the United States. This beach is located in Oahu, and visitors there will enjoy a wide variety of activities from swimming to surfing and snorkeling.

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9 Okaloosa Island, Florida

Crystal clear waters and soft white sand are some of the attributes that have made the beaches at Okaloosa Island some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. Although the island has a total of 93,700 Instagram posts and 688 reviews mentioning the word “beautiful,” its beauty score stands at 7.72%, which is the same as Waikiki Beach. Okaloosa Island is a great place for fishing, and the sunsets are also amazing to watch.

8 Ka’anapali Beach, Hawaii

Located on Maui’s West Shore, Ka’anapali Beach has been picked out as one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States due to its three miles of white sand and mesmerizing water and its high beauty score. At Ka’anapali Beach, travelers can enjoy some exciting cliff-jumping adventures and whale-watching opportunities.

7 Driftwood Beach, Georgia

Georgia is known for its mesmerizing beaches, but only Driftwood Beach made it to the list of most beautiful beaches in the country. With numerous driftwood trees scattered all over the shores, this beach is not just beautiful but also unique. During the day at this beach, one will be met with mesmerizing scenery, but at sunset, the views are just out of this world.

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6 La Jolla Cove, California

La Jolla Cove is one of the most hashtagged US beaches on Instagram, with a total post number of 353,oo0. This Instagram popularity, combined with 4,446 reviews mentioning “beautiful” and a high beauty score of 8.03%, places La Jolla Cove in sixth place on the list of most beautiful beaches in the United States.

According to the survey by Family Vacation Guide, the top five most beautiful beaches in the United States are all located in Florida, and Navarre Beach takes the fifth position. This beach located in Northwest Florida is characterized by a pristine shoreline and beautiful views of turquoise waters. The beach has 192,000 posts on Instagram, which makes it one of the most Instagrammed beaches in the country. Besides the scenery, this beach caters to the needs of nature lovers, outdoor adventurers, families, or just about anybody who seeks a relaxing beach time.

4 St Pete Beach, Florida

In 2021, St Pete Beach was named the number 1 beach in the US, and number 5 in the world by TripAdvisor, and the beach remains at the top of many beach lists. In this list, however, it comes in the fourth position with a beauty score of 8.68 and Instagram posts of 542,000, but this does not make it any less beautiful. With its sugar-white sandy shores and mesmerizing views of the Gulf of Mexico, the beach remains one of the best places in the world to watch a sunset.

3 Clearwater Beach, Florida

With a total of 1,200,000 Instagram posts, Clearwater Beach is the most Instagrammed beach on this list. The beach also has up to 4,575 reviews mentioning “beautiful,” and just like its name suggests, this beach is characterized by crystal clear water and sugar-white sand. In the past, this beach has been named the best beach in the country due to its inviting natural scenery and the abundance of activities one can enjoy, some of which include - shopping, swimming, fishing, jet skiing, and boat tours.

2 Pensacola Beach, Florida

The sugar-white sandy shores of Pensacola Beach and its crystal clear waters are some reasons the beach has remained one of the best beaches in the country. Coming in second place, this beach features a total Instagram post number of 641,000 and a beauty score of 9.12%. At this beach, visitors will be met with a mesmerizing shoreline that offers opportunities for fishing and relaxation.

1 Panama City Beach, Florida

Coming at the top of the list of most beautiful beaches in the United States is Panama City Beach. With its 21 miles of sugar white sand beaches and amazing opportunities for water sports, this beach is the perfect spot for an exciting seaside adventure. Scuba diving, fishing, paddle boarding, and dozens of other exciting water activities can be done on this beach. Located close to the shoreline are dozens of other attractions and restaurants offering delicious seafood.