Yes! Greece is indeed beautiful and is a dream destination for many but going on a vacation to the historic European city does not have to empty up a person’s entire life savings. There are so many affordable places in Greece where travelers can visit but these Islands offer both affordability and an enjoyable experience.

8 Kythnos, Greece

Kythnos is located in Western Cyclades. The Island is made up of hills, beaches, and white-washed houses lined up close to the beautiful Aegean Sea. Enjoy an amazing island vacation in this small town of 1456 people by engaging in hikes to see the scenic views of the municipality. Kythnos features some of the finest beaches in Greece and travelers can visit some of the beaches for relaxation in the blue waters. Restaurants, bars, and cafes in Kythnos are mostly situated in strategic locations which overlook the natural scenery of the Greek Island.

  • Accessibility: There is no airport in Krythnos and the nearest one is the Athens international airport. Therefore, the easiest way to get to the Kythnos is by ferry from Piraeus or Lavrion ports in Athens.

7 Agistri, Greece

The small island of Agistri is part of the Saronic Islands of Greece and it is located just 44 km from Athens. In Agistri, travelers will enjoy views of the wide variety of plants and flowers such as the bougainvillea flower which is used to decorate houses on the island. The beaches in Agistri feature lovely turquoise waters, and views of beautiful wild peacocks. Cycling, diving, kayaking, fishing, and even hiking for sunset views are some of the things to enjoy on this Saronic Island.

  • Accessibility: The island of Agistri does not have an airport but the Athens International airport is nearby and travelers who touch down at this airport can get to Agistri by ferry from Piraeus port in Athens.

6 Lefkada, Greece

The island of Lefkada is located on the Ionian Sea and it is famous for its turquoise beach waters, majestic mountains, and rugged terrain. Enjoy the charm of Lefkada by visiting the gorgeous Agiofili beach, Porto Katsiki, and Egremni beach, or hike to the Nydri waterfalls for more scenery. History lovers also have the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada to explore, windsurfers have the Vasiliki resort to deal with and mountain bikers have the mountainous and rugged terrain of the Island of Lefkada to defeat.

  • Accessibility: Lefkada is conveniently connected to mainland Greece by a bridge and this makes it easy to access by road from nearby towns. The Preveza airport also lies very close to Lefkada (54.2 km) and travelers who touch down at this airport from Athens can easily take a car ride to Lefkada.

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5 Astypalaia or Astypalea, Greece

The historic island of Astypalaia is located between the Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands far away from the Greek mainland. Here, travelers can enjoy the beautiful white-painted houses as they lie uniformly across the hilly terrain of the mountains. From the mesmerizing Steno Beach to the Venetian castle, Drakos Cave, and the Archaeological museum, Astypalea has a lot to keep travelers busy.

  • Accessibility: Travelers can get to Astypalaia by ferry from Athens at any time of the year or from Santorini, Kos, Crete, Amorgos, and Naxos between May and September. Another way to get to Astypalaia is through the Astypalaia Island National which is the closest airport to Astypalaia; although, this airport only receives domestic flights from Athens and other parts of Greece.

4 Tinos, Greece

The small and peaceful island of Tinos is a Cyclades Island located in the Aegean Sea. Its topography consists of beautiful white pained structures spread across the windy island. Tinos is mostly known as a religious destination mainly because of the Panagia Evangelistria – a church that attracts visitors from all parts of Greece who then arrive and crawl up the stairs of the church on their knees as the church is believed to be a miraculous place. Beaches, historic museums, and religious sites make up the list of things to enjoy on the Island of Tinos.

  • Accessibility: Athens International Airport is the nearest to Tinos and visitors who touch down at this airport can get to Tinos by ferry from Piraeus or Rafina ports.

3 Aegina, Greece

Take a vacation to the Saronic island of Aegina and experience a quiet and fun-filled experience with an exploration of the Ancient temple of Athena Aphaia, the temple of Apollo, and the archaeological museum. For some relaxation, head over to the beaches of Aegina which are well-suited for pleasure with their impressive mountains and serene waters, and then wrap it up with hikes across the gorgeous trails of the Aegina island.

  • Accessibility: Aegina Island is located 52.1 km from Athens and travelers can easily take a ferry from the port of Piraeus in Athens to Aegina and arrive at their destinations within an hour.

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2 Naxos, Greece

Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades and its topography features clear blue skies and a white-painted house. The island presents lots of things to enjoy from the historic sites and beautiful white sand beaches to villages that sit majestically on the unique mountain formation. Travelers can visit the archaeological museum or the Mitropolis museum for some history, then head over to the Agios Prokopios Beach or Plaka beach for some seaside adventure and wrap it up with a visit to the town of Chora for some culture.

  • Accessibility: Naxos National Airport is located in Naxos and it only receives domestic flights from nearby islands including Mykonos and Santorini. Travelers can take the 7-8 hour flight from Athens International Airport to Naxos international airport or take a ferry from Piraeus and Rafina ports in Athens to Naxos.

1 Crete, Greece

Enjoy an adventurous and inspiring vacation in Crete - the largest island in Greece and the center of the oldest European civilization. Crete is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and travelers who pay a visit to this bubbling island begin by learning about the interesting history of this ancient island from the Heraklion archaeological museum. Next, head over to the Knossos palace to see the incredible Bronze Age archeological site. For some relaxation and scenery, travelers can visit the Preveli beach and Elafonisi beach and try not to gasp at the enchanting sight. When it comes to exploring Crete; hiking through the Samaria Gorge, exploring Chrissi Island, and Scuba diving at Chania is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Accessibility: Heraklion International Airport in Crete is the second busiest airport in Greece and travelers can get to Crete directly from any part of the world. Travelers can also get to Crete by ferry or flight from Athens as well.

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