Some love to see the city lights, but others of us travel to immerse ourselves in the natural world. Our hobbies are geared for adventure and provide us with a thrill, as well as the opportunity to see things only found in the depths of nature. People may not understand this passion we fail to contain, but we crave to find new places that have yet to be explored.

Luckily, we understand this need for adventure, and it is the reason why we created this specific list. You deserve to go on the trip of a lifetime, and there is somewhere for people of every taste. Keep reading to learn about ten U.S. campgrounds for only the most adventurous campers.

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11 10. Acadia National Park Campground

Acadia National Park is the perfect place to camp if you have a variety of tastes. They have plenty of routes perfect for cycling, as well as places for birdwatchers to see the nesting of a peregrine falcon.

There are plenty of hiking trails where adventurers can decide whether they want to walk along the coast or reach the summit of Cadillac Mountain. Winter brings even more fun as visitors spend their time skiing or even snowmobiling across the landscape as they begin their next adventure.

10 9. Mohican Adventures Campgrounds and Cabins

Mohican has both cabins and campgrounds available depending on your preference, but their main focus is the fun you can have on the river. You can take a raft down a seven-mile stretch, or you could decide to canoe or kayak. They even have tubes you can rent to leisurely float downstream for a relaxing vacation.

If you are looking for something with a bit more adventure then you can enjoy yourself at the aerial adventure park, which is a high ropes course with different levels of difficulty. The state park is also nearby if you would prefer to hike, ride, or hunt to your heart's content.

9 8. Pinnacles National Park Campground

Pinnacles National Park is the perfect place for you to set up camp as it is at the center of adventure. There are over thirty miles of hiking trails, and most of them leave directly from the campground itself.

There are also two caves in the park that visitors can hike through, but they are closed during certain seasons to protect the colony of bats that resides inside. It is also great for anyone interested in rock climbing, as Machete Ridge was created by nature just for this purpose. Birding is also a big deal, as golden eagles and California condors tend to draw a crowd.

8 7. Assateague Island National Seashore Campground

Assateague Island in Maryland is infamous for the wild horses that roam its landscape. The campground is open year-round and you can set up your tent directly on the beach. Guests can visit the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge to see one of the two herds of horses, but more people are generally interested in trying their hand at crabbing or clamming.

It is a fun activity that many enjoy, while others prefer to grab their kayaks and surfboards and hit the waves. It is an adventure like none you have ever had before and is definitely worth the trip.

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7 6. Glacier National Park Campground


Glacier National Park thrusts you into the heart of nature when you decide to camp here. You can choose one of their formal campgrounds, or decide to rough it in the backcountry. This place is perfect for hikers as there are over 734-miles of trails for you to explore.

There are plenty of places for those with a love for photography to grab the perfect shot, and fisherman can spend a day on the water and catch some nice-sized trout. You have the opportunity to see a bear or two, but even without a glimpse of some dangerous wildlife, you will have the adventure of a lifetime.

5 5. Black Canyon of the Gunnison Campground

Most people visit this campground because they enjoy the thrill of climbing, and this park in Colorado is the best place to reach new heights. These are for experienced climbers, but if that's not you then you might want to stick to the hiking trails.

The trails can be perilous with steep drop-offs and the constant threat of bears, but the experience is unlike any other. Stargazing is another reason to add this to your list because the stars that will fill the night sky will take your breath away. You could see more than 15,000 stars and an astronomy festival is held here every year.

4 4. Twin Hollow Campground

This campground in West Virginia was created for people who love to ride ATVs. You will find your campground is on a mountaintop with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape for you to see.

They have ATVs you can rent, as well as trails for every skill level. A few of the trails even connect to nearby towns, so you can grab a bite to eat or window shop while out for a drive. There are several ATV trails you can reach from the site, and there are several other attractions nearby if you are looking for more than just a fun ride.

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3 3. Lake Powhatan Recreation Area and Campground

This campground is right on the lake and is located amidst the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. A short drive will bring you directly to some magnificent hiking trails that you won't ever forget. This campground is also close to Asheville, North Carolina, so you can grab a drink after a long day at one of their rooftop bars. The lake is perfect for fishing, as well as swimming, and the nearby French Broad River is the perfect place to go tubing.

2 2. Big Bend Ranch State Park Campground

This park only has primitive campsites, so you can remove yourself from all of the amenities the city has to offer you. Many people travel here for their superb mountain biking trails. There are several trail systems dedicated to this hobby, but the hikes are just as amazing.

This park even lets you bring your horse with you if horseback is your preferred method of travel. The Rio Grande River is nearby and guests are allowed to take a canoe down its watery trail and even set up a small picnic for a midday lunch stop.

1 1. Scofield State Park Campground

This park in Utah is flocked each year by campers looking to try and catch a good number of trout. Fishing is such a big deal here that they even have their own fish cleaning station, which any fisherman knows is a blessing.

This hobby happens year-round as people trade their boats for snowmobiles and take part in ice fishing, or take to the trails with a pair of cross country skis. The campground is situated high in the mountains, so you can be sure to have a spectacular view even if fishing is not your thing.

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