Mountain biking is a pure adrenaline rush as you race past trees down narrow trails while singlehandedly making it over numerous obstacles. It can be dangerous without the proper training, which is why this is a sport made for true adventurers. If you are into this hobby then you understand the want to find and ride the most amazing trails on the planet.

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Luckily, we have compiled a list of them just for you. These trails are located all across the globe and are only for the most avid and capable riders in this sport. Keep reading to learn about ten amazing mountain biking trails for true adventurers!

10 10. Bobsled (Canada)

This flow trail in North Vancouver is kept in fantastic condition and is perfect for any thrill-seeker looking for a great ride. It is less than a mile long, but the wooden wall ride is a favorite among riders. It is a welcome ride for all ages with quite a few bridges and other quirks along the way.

You will feel the adrenaline pumping as your bike carves its own path into the dirt and you fly past the trees to reach the end of this amazing trail. It is worth the journey, and many people decide to take another pass or two at it for the ultimate adventure.

9 9. Lupra Pass (Nepal)

The entire country of Nepal is covered in mountains, which makes biking the perfect way to get around to see the sights. The Lupra Pass trail is in a remote part of this country which brings you closer to the natural world as you beat the obstacles put in your way.

This is less of a trail and more of a multiday journey, which is why it is recommended you find a trail guide to help you navigate the landscape. It will be one adventure you never forget and will want to do again because the experience will be something you share with friends and family for years to come.

8 8. Colorado Trail (Denver, Colorado)

This trail runs 549.3 miles, so chances are you can come back several times to Colorado before you finally finish the entire thing. There are some people who choose to go a backpacking route where they complete the entire trail in a single ride spanning multiple days.

It does pass through several towns, so this is entirely possible to achieve as you refill and regenerate at motels and local eateries. It can be anywhere from technical climbs to flowing trails, so every rider can find something they enjoy on this adventure strewn path.

7 7. Roller Coaster (Italy)

This is a trail at Finale Ligure in Italy and it is one for the history books. You take a shuttle to the top and the driver will point you and your bike in the right direction to find the trail entrance. It isn't completely obvious if you have never been there before, but that is part of what makes it so great.

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This is an advanced trail only recommended for top-level riders and the trail is usually dry and well-kept. There are tight and fast turns with a flowy feel, as well as some rollers and berms. The views are great as you can look over the landscape to the sea and find your inner tranquility before riding the best trail of your entire life.

6 6. Top of the World (Canada)

This trail spans four miles and it is part of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. It holds a black diamond rating, but it is full of fun obstacles any rider would enjoy. Many people have considered riding it twice in one day, but the park can be quite expensive.

A chair lift will take you to the top, but make sure to double-check it's open before traveling all the way here, as it does close once winter hits. There is plenty to do during your stay if this trail is above your skill level, as well as an entire mountain biking festival for enthusiasts of this hobby.

5 5. The Old Ghost Road (New Zealand)

This challenging ride wasn't made for beginners, and it is highly recommended for anyone willing to give it a go. This is a backcountry trip, so make sure to bring a backpack filled with supplies to spend the night in the wilderness.

It is an old abandoned route that used to be traversed by gold miners, but now all that remains is an abandoned town and some huts for the passerby to stay in. It takes about two to three days to complete and there are shuttles to help you with transportation. The views will be amazing, and this advanced ride will be something you can brag about for the rest of eternity.

4 4. The Whole Enchilada (Moab, Utah)

This trail spans 34.1 miles and it covers every type of terrain and landscape you have ever dreamed of conquering. There are several shuttles to help with transportation, and the trek through the forest is no walk in the park. This is a trail only experienced riders should attempt, but the danger is worth the reward.

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It will wear you down and tire you out, but this is one adventure you will plan on doing again and again. It is rare to go without at least one flat tire, so make sure to bring extra inner tubes, as well as plenty of water to keep you and your group hydrated.

3 3. Petzen Flow Trail (Austria)

This flow trail is six miles long and a gondola will take you to the entrance of this adventure. You will be pushed to your limits as you ride harder and faster than ever before and it is an average trail for any biker to try.

There have been some who complained of motion sickness if they rode it straight through, but luckily there are rest stops along the way to help avoid these unpleasant effects. There are plenty of views of the surrounding areas for those who prefer a more scenic avenue to their mountain biking adventures.

2 2. Cerro Paine (Chile)

This trail is in Patagonia, which offers amazing sites as well as an epic ride. This is less of a trail and more of a hike to a peak as you make your way with your bike on your back to the top of the mountain.

It is technical as well as fun, due to the differing terrains bikes have to understand how to navigate through. This may not be the most adventurous ride you could take, but it might be the only one that takes your breath away when you reach the summit. The fun has not even truly begun, but the pictures added to your collection will act as lasting memories.

1 1. Mefjellet (Norway)

Your friends may have had this adventure on foot, but it's not fun until you throw a bike into the mix. There are so many magnificent views for you to see as you travel along the fjords of Norway.

This is an advanced trail, and should only be ridden by those proficient in their craft as it can become quite difficult to navigate as it goes on. They do have a bike tour that lasts seven days and provides you with lodging, boating, and fishing for a well-rounded trip.

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