There are some truly wonderful airports to be found throughout the world, and especially across Europe, which continues to be a hub of activity from top to bottom.

Alas, as reported by PR Newswire, it turns out that Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport holds the title of being the most punctual airport on the planet, courtesy of recent findings from OAG.

The Facts & Figures

In conducting the research, OAG compared Sheremetyevo with airports that also serve in the 'Mega Airports' category, which is defined as an airport that handles 30 million or more seats every single year on frequent departures.


From arrivals to departures, the overall rate came out at 87% for the winners.

Pride Of The Airport

Understandably the Russians are pretty proud of such a title, as noted by Chairman of the Board of Directors for MASH JSC, Alexander Ponomarenko in the following quote.

"We are especially pleased that leading international experts rated the punctuality of Sheremetyevo Airport so highly. We are constantly improving the quality of service for passengers arriving in and departing from Sheremetyevo. This recognition is direct evidence of the effectiveness of our work in this area."

Embracing The Numbers

2019 was hardly a year that saw this airport slow down, either, with a passenger flow of a whopping 49.7 million that we could easily see rise once again to over 50 million in 2020, especially when you consider the fact that it's already gone up by 11% in comparison to 2018.

They're on the map in a big way, and you can bet that they're here to stay.