Moscow, Russia is a fantastic city that is overflowing with culture and fantastic foods. There are restaurants around every corner, and it can be hard to choose just one. They all have their own unique dishes and flavors that will help you experience all that Russia has to offer.

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We have compiled this list to help you decide where you should eat while visiting this grand city. They vary in flavor and cuisine, but what they all have in common is tastes that are unlike anything you have ever had before. Keep reading to learn about ten amazing places to eat in Moscow!

10 10. Bon

This adorable little restaurant has been raved about by many unsuspecting travelers as they come upon it by accident. The prices are reasonable when compared to other restaurants in the city, and they also serve great food.

You can try some authentic Russian dishes like borscht and pumpkin soup. They even serve pizza if you didn't feel like straying out of your comfort zone, and they serve plenty of tasty alcoholic beverages to complete the dinner after a long day spent exploring the city.

9 9. LavkaLavka

This restaurant serves food as fresh as it comes and caters to a wide variety of diets including vegetarian and vegan. They take authentic Russian dishes and give them a modern twist that is unlike anything you have ever seen.

The plates are small for the price, but the food they serve is exceptionally good. You can order things like wild halibut, deer, duck leg, and ossobuco, and the waiters are exceptionally good at helping you choose something to eat. They even know what drinks pair well with what platters so everything you order ends tasting like heaven.

8 8. Ottepel

This restaurant will help you stay within your budget, while still giving you a meal that will excite your tastebuds. They do an excellent job of converting traditional foods into modern masterpieces that your whole family will enjoy.

The fish soup comes highly recommended, as well as the tuna tartare and rabbit cabbage rolls. The experience isn't always the best for travelers who can't speak the language, but the food will make up for it as it all melts in your mouth with every delicious bite.

7 7. Cafe Pushkin

This restaurant serves foods like caviar, soups, pierogies, and a wide variety of meat dishes. The design of this place is outstanding as it transports you back in time as you look upon the wooden walls and bookcases scattered throughout this establishment.

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Often times there will be string music playing that will help you with the digestion of your food, and there is a bar if you prefer just a few drinks instead of an entire meal. You can't go wrong in choosing this place, but their only downfall is the limited number of vegetarian options available to customers.

6 6. CDL

This is another restaurant in Moscow that you might want to eat at just for the atmosphere alone. It holds historical value as several famous Russian writers would meet here to compose their literary works, and many specimens are showcased on the walls of the restaurant.

The menu is endless and filled with so many different dishes that you are destined to find something you want to eat. It is a tourist trap of sorts, but that doesn't diminish the value you will find inside once you begin digging into your meal.

5 5. Dzhumbus

This venue combines Slavic and European dishes together from the Balkan Peninsula to create unique tastes that you won't find anywhere else in the world. They have soups, salads, fish, lamb, and even a gourmet squirrel dish that will drive you wild.

The interior of the restaurant might seem simplistic, but that is because all of their focus goes into creating one-of-a-kind dishes that you will never forget. You can wash it all down with a beer or choose one of their delectable desserts from their menu. It shouldn't come as a surprise if you decide to visit here more than once during your stay.

4 4. Severyane

A look inside the doors might have you heading the other way due to its dark interior, but the smell of the food will make your feet walk through the doors. The decor is trendy and the meals they serve are even better than the decor.

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A few of the recommended dishes are the sea bass, camembert starter, and crab golubtsi, all of which will supply you with tastes that you will never forget. The staff here are very friendly and want everyone, tourist or not, to have a great experience at their restaurant and leaves with a huge smile on their face.

3 3. Piccolino

There is an authentic Italian feel when you walk through the doors into this restaurant, and the food will blow you away from the first bite. They have a wide variety of pasta, soups, salads, pizzas, and tender meats.

These chefs even make their own unique sauce blends that literally cannot be found at any other restaurant. It is the perfect place for a romantic dinner date while spending a night out on the town and the staff will cater to your every need.

2 2. Lure Oyster Bar

If you are an oyster fan, then this is the place you need to visit while spending your vacation in Moscow. They understand how to make these seafood specialties taste delicious, and also serve plenty of wines that pair well with any meal.

The thing that makes this place stand out compared to other seafood establishments is the toppings they put on their foods. You can buy oysters with fruit gels, gold leaf, and coconut cream, which is something other restaurants can't claim they do. It is well-priced, so you won't feel a huge dent in your wallet by the time you leave this establishment.

1 1. Megobari

This is a Georgian wine bar that the locals rave about due to its great atmosphere. They have a wide variety of menu options that cater to both vegetarian and vegan tastes, as well as star dishes like cheburek with beef and khinkali with lamb.

This restaurant also lives up to its name as it has a huge wine menu and the servers are very knowledgeable on what customers should order based on their individual tastes. It encompasses some of the Russian spirit and it is definitely a place to visit if you want to immerse yourself in the culture.

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