Though the world’s most popular destinations still attract the most tourists year after year, there are several countries that are receiving increasing numbers of visitors in 2020. Rising out of obscurity, these destinations could be the next big thing in travel hotspots. Read on to find out which countries more and more people are traveling to this year.

Myanmar Is The Fastest-Growing Tourist Destination In The World

More And More Travelers Are Visiting Puerto Rico

Tourists Are Enticed By The Wonders Of Iran

Uzbekistan Is Waiting To Be Discovered

In 2020, increasing numbers of tourists are determined to discover the marvels of Uzbekistan. Both a former Soviet republic and a Central Asian nation, Uzbekistan played an important role in the history of relations between the East and West. Today, you can still see several buildings and landmarks that were once related to the ancient trade route known as the Silk Road.


Uzbekistan is an ideal destination for those who harbor a deep appreciation of architecture. The country is known for its brilliant mosques and other examples of Islamic design. One of the most famous is the Registan located in the long-standing city of Samarkand.

Learn about the rich history of the country at the Khan’s Palace in Kokand, which served as the home of the last ruler of Kokand Khanate. The enormous palace complex contains 119 rooms and a collection of charming courtyards.

Montenegro Is A Gem On The Adriatic Coast

Straddling the coast of the Adriatic Sea and nestled between the Southeastern European destinations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, and Kosovo, Montenegro has been traditionally overlooked by travelers. But that could all be about to change, as the Balkan country has officially been named as one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations on the planet.Montenegro features a picturesque landscape so common for a nation on the tip of the Adriatic. Think stunning beaches steps away from medieval villages against a backdrop of rugged mountains. The capital city of Podgorica is known for its bustling nightlife and scenic architecture.A slightly less busy alternative to Dubrovnik is the Old Town of Kotor, which boasts medieval architecture that will give you all the Game of Thrones  vibes. Those interested in birdwatching should head to Skadar Lake, which is home to more than 280 species.NEXT: Why Backpacking Is The Perfect Way To See Europe (According To Reddit)