Montreal, Quebec is one of Canada's most iconic and historic cities, so it's no surprise that the city continues to see a noticeable jump in tourism numbers.

According to Tourisme Montréal (h/t Newswire), the city saw a five percent jump in international visitors in 2019 from a year ago. Travelers from Mexico, Germany, France and the United States played major roles in boosting Montreal's tourism.

The report outlined that travelers from Mexico increased by 20 percent, while the amount of German and French visitors jumped up to 14 and 10 percent, respectively.  There was also a three percent increase in travelers from America.


Montreal has seen a nice increase in tourism numbers throughout the years. Back in Sept. 2017, the Montreal Gazette reported that the city would see over 11 million tourists for the year - which Pierre Bellerose of Tourisme Montréal calling it the city's best year "since Expo 67."

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The Montreal area was set to bring in $3.6 billion from tourists that year. Travelers from Mexico increased by 119.3 percent, per the Montreal Gazette. There was also a 32.1 percent jump in travelers from China.

In 2018, Tourisme Montréal reported that over 19 million people came to the Montréal–Trudeau Airport. Overall, the year 2018 saw a 1.9 percent increase in visitors. So yes, the city of Montreal continues to trend up for international visitor numbers.

The city is well-known for its long list of mouthwatering dishes, including poutine - one of Canada's finest food creations. Schwartz's Deli, which opened in 1928, is one of the nation's most famous and historic restaurant - specializing in smoked meat sandwiches.

Other popular tourist attractions in Montreal include the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, which is among the world's most famous churches. Mount Royal, Montreal Botanical Garden and La Ronde are also popular for tourists. And of course, hockey fans often make it a priority to catch a Canadiens game at the Bell Centre - widely regarded as the greatest NHL atmosphere.

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