Montana is a beautiful state with a lot of things to offer visitors. It's the fifth largest state in the US, but it has among the lowest populations with just over a million people that live there. Even though this state has a low population, it's still a popular one for tourists to visit and there's so much to do across the entire state.

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There are a ton of places around the state for just about any interest that a visitor might have. From historical sites to hiking trails, the options for what to do in Montana are nearly endless.

To see 10 of the best things to do while in Montana, keep reading!

10 Pekin Noodle Parlor

Pekin Noodle Parlor is a Chinese restaurant located in Butte, Montana. This restaurant is located in the historic uptown section of the city and is known for being the oldest continuously operating Chinese restaurant in the US.

It was founded in 1911 and features decor that really takes the visitor back to the days when this restaurant was brand new.  Inside, the seating area is made up of a narrow corridor filled with small cubicles where people can sit and enjoy their food.

9 Bannack Ghost Walks

Bannack State Park is located in Southwestern Montana and is dedicated to the now-abandoned ghost town of Bannack, Montana. Bannack was founded when gold was found in mines in the area, but was abandoned in the 1950s when the gold resources dried up.

These days, visiting Bannack State Park during any time of the year is a fun step back in time. But we definitely advise that visitors go during October so they can take part in the nightly Bannack Ghost Walks to learn about the eerie history of this historic town.

8 Glacier National Park

If you're the type of person that likes to experience the great outdoors and spend a lot of time in nature, you're in luck! There's so much in Montana to experience for everyone that loves being out in nature.

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One of the best is visiting Glacier National Park. Here, there are hundreds of miles of trails for visitors to hike, lakes, places to camp, and so many wild animals that call this National Park home. Glacier National Park is located in the northwestern part of Montana and sees millions of visitors each year who come to see the many lakes, plants, and animals.

7 Ringing Rocks

No, this isn't some kind of myth that is told to gullible tourists. The Ringing Rocks are named that because of the fact that they make a melodious ringing sound when they're knocked on with a hammer. This unique location is just east of Butte, Montana in the southwestern part of the state.

Scientists believe that this phenomenon happens because of the way that the rocks are positioned together and the way that nature has eroded them over the years. To make this site even stranger, if a rock is moved, it doesn't ring anymore. Visiting the Ringing Rocks with a hammer to hear them can be fun, but make sure you don't move them!

6 Cousin's Candy Shop

Visiting a new place can be really sweet. And when you're in Montana, that can be especially true. Virginia City, Montana is a historic town in Montana that has just under 200 people that call it home. The ghost town of Virginia City began to be restored in the 1950s in order to become a tourist destination.

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Today, a ton of historic buildings have been restored to their original glory and Virginia City is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in the US. If you start to get hungry while you're exploring the old west, stop in at Cousin's Candy Shop. This historic candy store has hand-dipped chocolates and a huge selection of other candies.

5 Old Pitt's Burial Site

Old Pitt was an elephant that was part of the Cole Brothers Circus until 1943 when she was struck by lightning and unfortunately did not survive the event. She was buried near the Beaverhead County Fairgrounds in Dillon, Montana where the accident happened.

Old Pitt was reported to be over 100 years old when she passed away and today, visitors can go to the fairgrounds where her memorial site still welcomes visitors that want to see this piece of Montana history.

4 Museum Of The Rockies

The Museum of the Rockies is a museum located in Bozeman, Montana. This museum has a vast number of different exhibits, but is best known for being the largest collection of dinosaur remains in the United States.

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Along with their huge dinosaur collection, the Museum of the Rockies also houses other exhibits like their Living History Farm and an exhibit dedicated to what life was like in the area decades ago.

3 Earthquake Lake

Earthquake Lake is located in Southwestern Montana and is a testament to the power of nature and the effects that a massive natural disaster can really have on the landscape. This location has been a tourist destination since the 1960s when it started to see its first visitors.

Earthquake Lake, also known as Quake Lake, was formed in 1959 when a 7.5 earthquake hit the state. This earthquake caused catastrophic damage to the area and took the lives of 28 people that were living in the area that is now Quake Lake. The earthquake and the landslide that followed it left behind a lake that is 190 feet deep.

2 Get A Pasty

Where exactly the pasty came from is something that no one really knows. Although the phrase dates back to The Canterbury Tales, written in the 14th century, people living in Butte, Montana might argue that the origin of the food doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that Butte is known for having the best pasties around.

When you visit Montana, make sure you take a trip to Butte and visit one of the restaurants known for their pasties. Some of them include Joe's Pasty Shop, Town Talk Bakery, Gamer's Cafe, and Nancy's Pasty Shop.

1 Miracle Of America Museum

The Miracle of America Museum is located in Polson, Montana and is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. This museum was founded in 1981 and has seen visitors from around the world since it first opened.

This museum is dedicated to American history and has a huge collection of artifacts and relics from several different categories, times in history, and locations. From Native American artifacts to vacuums, vehicles, and toys, this museum has just about everything that someone interested in history could want to look at.

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