Traveling can get expensive, we all know that. Luckily, there are a lot of ways that people can save money when they're traveling. From booking their trip to actually being on it, the Internet is full of ways that a person can save money while enjoying themselves on their vacation. There are so many tips and hacks out there that figuring out which ones actually save you money and which ones don't can get confusing.

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Getting stressed out over trying to plan your trip or trying to save money while you're on your trip is no fun. No one wants to have to be overthinking things while they're on their vacation. To see five money-saving travel hacks that are worth it and five that aren't, keep reading!

10 Save: Get An Airbnb

There's definitely a good reason that Airbnb has become so popular in recent years. Staying in hotels is becoming a thing of the past for many travelers. Instead, they're renting an Airbnb where they'll be visiting. It's a way of feeling more at home and it can even save money.

If you're staying in a hotel, you're probably going to be eating out a lot. While eating at new restaurants is definitely one of the best parts of going to a new city, it can also get pricy. If you stay at an Airbnb, it gives you a chance to cook at least a couple meals for yourself to save some cash.

9 Skip: Getting A Tourist Package Like CityPASS

Some cities sell packages that give tourists access to several different tourist attractions for one reduced price. This isn't always a bad idea, but it's important to research what's included in the package in the city you're visiting before you purchase.

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Buying a single package that gets you into several different popular attractions around the city is great. But, they may not be right for anyone. Some of them can include attractions that a visitor is simply not interested in and some that they do want to see might not be included.

8 Save: Try The Street Food

There are amazing restaurants all over the world. Anyone traveling to a new city has likely done quite a bit of research on the restaurants that are going to be located where they're staying, so they know what they're going to have for dinner. But, if you get hungry for a snack in the afternoon or don't know what to get for lunch, it can be easy to be drawn to a fast food place.

Instead of hitting up McDonald's or another fast food restaurant that you'd normally go to at home, try some of the local street food! It can be cheaper and might even introduce you to your new favorite dish.

7 Skip: Setting Price Alerts

Setting an alert to see when the price drops for the flight you're looking at can be handy. It'll send you a notification if the price goes down during the dates you're planning to travel. Sounds like a good way to save some money, right? Not so fast!

Looking at the same flight over and over and setting a price alert can actually make the price go up for you. So, when the price goes down and you get that alert, it might actually not be that good of a deal.

6 Save: Bring A Reusable Water Bottle

Exploring a new city means a lot of walking around. It's important to stay hydrated and that's not exactly hard considering you can just walk into a grocery store or convenience store to grab a drink. But think about all the money you'll be spending on disposable bottles of water!

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Instead, try picking up a reusable bottle of water that you can take with you on your adventures. Many convenience stores and fast food restaurants will let you fill the water bottle you brought for free or cheap when you buy something else, so you can stay hydrated without spending too much.

5 Skip: Getting A Credit Card Just For The Rewards

Many credit cards offer rewards in different forms when you use them. Some of them let you trade in points for gift cards while others give you cash back as a statement credit. Then, there are some that give you travel rewards in the form of miles, hotel rooms, and travel discounts. While this can be nice if you're someone that is already responsible about credit card use, getting one solely for the rewards is never a good idea.

If you're not careful with your credit card usage, it can be easy to spend more than you can pay off and that means that getting those rewards is definitely not going to be saving you any money.

4 Save: Research Public Transportation

There are a lot of different ways to get around the city you're going to be visiting. Some cities are heavy on ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft while others let you rent a bike to ride around, among other methods. These different methods can have super different price points.

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Before you go on your trip, it's important o do some research about the public transportation in the place you'll be visiting. That way, you'll know about how much it's going to cost to get to the different attractions you want to see and you won't end up spending too much to get from place to place.

3 Skip: All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts can be a good way to save money, depending on what exactly you're planning to do on your trip and who you're going with. For an entire family traveling somewhere or you're going somewhere that is known for their expensive restaurants, staying at an all-inclusive resort can be nice because you'll know exactly how much everything is going to cost.

But if you're someone that doesn't mind exploring the city and making your own plans, you might be spending more money than you need by booking a stay at a resort like this. It's important to do your research about where you're going to be staying to make sure that it has what you need, but that you're not paying for more than you'll use.

2 Save: Use A Private Browser

Viewing the same flight over and over on a travel website can make the price fluctuate. Other factors, like if you'd previously looked at attractions in a certain city or booked a hotel there, can also make the price go up slightly for you. This is because of the way that travel websites use your browsing history to adjust the price of trips to certain locations for you specifically.

In order to stop this from happening and avoid accidentally overpaying for a trip just because you've been researching your destination, use a private browser. Most browsers have incognito mode, or you can simply clear your history before you look up prices for your flight.

1 Skip: Renting A Car

Of course, no matter where you go, you're going to need a way to get around. Many people think that renting a car so they can drive around on their terms is the best option. But actually, it might not be.

Depending on where you're going, there's likely a lot of other methods of transportation. From ride-sharing apps and services like Uber to taxis, buses, and even subways, there's a ton of ways to get around most cities. Because of this, renting a car can not only be a huge and unnecessary expense but a bit of a hassle.

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