Vacationing in New York can be expensive. From restaurants and food to means of transport, most things in New York come at exorbitant prices.

But vacationing in New York doesn’t have to push people beyond the sustainable financial limit. It’s still possible to crack an NYC vacay without breaking the bank. There are multiple tried and tested ways to keep the trip as affordable as possible.

Here are 10 practical NYC money-saving tips to consider.

10 Prior Planning

The biggest mistake made by most people traveling the US on a tight budget is failing to have a proper plan in place. NYC is not just any other tourist destination. It is a city of systems with high regard for the rule of law. There are hardly any shortcuts in this city. How long is the trip lasting? How about the accommodation? Accommodation alone can rake up a big portion of the budget. Travelers are thus advised to adopt a plan early enough and book reservations while they are still there on a bargain.

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9 The Subway Is The Real Deal

In this day and age of technological advancements, people are clinging more to the convenience of the internet and forget other aspects. A good example is the transport sector where people are comfortable ordering cabs from their homes and get chaffered around. Cabs are a no-go zone in New York. The subway rules this part of the world. With New York’s crazy traffic, cab rates keep rising as the clock ticks. The NYC subway is a cheaper and equally reliable means of mass transportation around the city.

8 Embrace Street Foods

Food is a big deal in NYC. The city’s diversity means there is something for virtually everyone to explore. Global cuisines conglomerate in New York and vacationers will be tempted to try out some foods in different joints. However, adventurers are advised to desist from the urge of eating in those uptown joints and concentrate on food trucks. Street food is cheap and if anything, it is a better way to connect with the locals.

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7 Rent Instead Of Buying

With each passing second, it will be easy for vacationers to spot things they love. From clothes to shoes and utensils, there is an inner drive to buy each of them to blend. However, renting is recommended as an alternative to buying. New York allows people to rent fashion services. After all, nobody will know whether it is rented or bought.

6 Winter Vacay

Although most holidays are a preserve for the summer, winter vacations are equally thrilling. Unlike in the summer, the traffic in the area is low and the demand for tourist destinations decreases during cold weather. With the lowered demand, the charges drop significantly, giving vacationers on a tight budget a chance to shine. NYC looks great under the ice. Take advantage of that moment and explore the city’s hidden treasures.

5 Pizza Slices Instead Of Whole Pizza

Foodies usually have a rough time in New York. It is not the best place to go around trying different dishes. Else, there is the likelihood of being slapped with heavy bills that will be hard to foot. Part of the city’s delicacies vacationers can’t get enough of is the New York Pizza. The sweet aroma of this delicacy is so tempting for the average vacationer to resist. The bad thing is that ordering a whole NY Pizza is an expensive affair. Pizza slices are recommended instead.

4 New York,The Walking City

NYC is not the best place for vacationers to flex their cab-riding abilities. Experts have defined it as a walking city for various reasons. First, the intense traffic means it may take longer to get to some places by car than on foot. Secondly, walking comes in handy as a cost-cutting measure. Adventurers are advised to keep their places of interest in proximity to each other such that no other means of transport will be required in-between them.

3 Have A Credit Card

This city is a tech powerhouse. Almost every other payment requires a credit card. Some don’t accept cash payments at all. The mistake most vacationers from the outside world make when visiting New York is rushing to exchange their currency when it is not necessary. Adventurers save some money by not exchanging their currency since there will be no transaction fees charged with credit cards.

2 Airbnb Is Cheaper Than Hotels

The person who invented Airbnb must be one great genius. Today, the service serves thousands of vacationers with New Yorkers being among the top beneficiaries. Airbnb is a cheaper option than hotels by far. Unlike hotels that charge an average of $400 per night, Airbnb can cost as low as less than $100. Bulk booking is recommended for the discounted rates to apply. With Airbnb, there is no temptation to order extra food as it happens with restaurants. As much as Airbnb is a cheaper option, settling for the uptown areas like Manhattan can multiply accommodation rates 10-fold. Look for friendly neighborhoods without pushing finances to the extreme.

1 Visit When It’s Less Busy

Although timing can be challenging, tourists should visit New York when there are fewer tourists. Yes, this place is busy throughout the year. That means everything is expensive, including accommodation, flights, and hotels. But for the best deals, travelers should visit between January and April.