An Australian mom combined an inflatable pillow with a pet bed to create the ultimate travel hack for flying with a baby.

We hate to say it, but the sound of a baby crying on a plane can make the whole experience that much more annoying and stressful. However, next time you're on a plane with a crying baby, imagine how the parents of the little one must feel. Desperately trying to figure out a way to soothe your child, all thinking about how much everyone on the aircraft hates you.


If by some miracle, you do get your child off to sleep on a plane, there's the risk that they fall asleep on you. That usually means two things. No trips to the toilet, unless you want the crying to start back up, and not being able to feel your legs for the majority of the flight.

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Thanks to the inventiveness of a traveling mom from Australia, your baby on a plane woes might be about to come to an end. The mom combined a Plane Pal with a pet bed. The combination of the two products made the perfect mini resting place for her baby on the seat next to her. Plane Pal was so taken with the idea it shared the creation on Facebook.

"What do you get when you add Plane Pal (Hiding under the pillow) and a $5 Kmart pets bed to you carry on? You get a very happy baby!!!!" Plane Pal wrote. For parents unfamiliar with the Plane Pal, it's an easy to travel with inflatable pillow that effectively fills the gap between your child's seat and the seat in front of them, preventing their legs from dangling while they sleep.

There's good news and bad news about the price of putting together this makeshift plane bed for your baby. The Plane Pal doesn't come cheap and will cost you around $77. On the bright side, the pet bed used in the post above is from Kmart and cost the mom no more than $5. While the prices might be polar opposites, we think $82 for the idea is a whole is a price worth paying.

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