Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is like any other town. The streets are roaring with daily traffic, there are different restaurants, stores, hotels, and businesses all around and people are out and about living their lives.

The only thing different about this town is what lies underneath. See, in the sewers, there is another community. A community of adults and children who have no other choice but to live in the sewers in order to have some type of shelter. They are homeless, penniless and some have no families to turn to for help. They live in filth. No running water, no soft beds, barely any space to move and stretch out, it’s no place for someone to live, especially children.

Here are 10 secrets about the mole people who live under the streets of Bucharest.

10 They Have Been Living Down There Since 1989 When The Communist Regime Was Overthrown

In 1989, the Communist regime in Russia was overthrown, forcing all Romanian orphanages to close. Thousands of children were thrown on the streets with no money, no belongings and nowhere to go. Some of them decided their best option was to take up shelter in the sewers, where there were heated steam pipes to keep them warm. They have been there ever since.

9 They Use Bags Of Garbage & Rotting Clothes As Beds

With no money, the community of adults and children must get creative in order to find food, clothing and other necessities. Being homeless in a sewer, bedding is hard to get. While some of the residents are lucky enough to have sleeping bags, others must resort to using the bags of garbage and rotting clothes they find down in the sewer.

8 Police Have Tried To Block The Sewers So They Can't Go Back, But They Found Other Ways

When it comes to the homeless, the police don’t have much sympathy for them having nowhere else to live but the sewers. They want them out and to try and accomplish this, they have tried sealing off the sewer entrances. The mole people are smart though, and it seems that no matter what the police try, they always find another way to get in and out of their home.

7 The One Who Grants Permission To Join The Colony Is A Mysterious Man By The Name Of Bruce Lee

Not just anyone can walk into the sewers and set up shop there. First, they need to go through Bruce Lee, the leader of the group. Bruce has lived in the sewers for over 24 years and he is basically King of the sewer people. He has silver hair, which he colors with paint, jingling medals all over his clothes and he is never seen without his pack of stray dogs.

6 Some Have Been Down Their So Long, Moving Is Not Even A Thought Anymore

Coming to the tunnels means a person has nothing and is desperate for any kind of shelter. Sometimes though, there is one person who is lucky enough to get away from it. Either they move and find better digs, or they find a way to crawl out from the filth and build a life for themselves. For some though, all they know is the sewers and moving out is something they don’t even think about.

5 Most Of The Mole People Turn To Recreational Items For Comfort

The sewers in Bucharest are far from nice. Some areas are so cramped with people, that it’s hard to move around. Add that to not having basic necessities such as food, clean water, or a clean place to sleep and it’s enough to drive anyone mad. In order to try and escape the hunger, the thirst and their horrible situation, a lot of the people turn to “recreational” methods.

4 They Do Have Some Luxuries Such As Fans & Electricity

Anyone who has gotten this far probably has an image in their head of a dark sewer, packed with people, foul smells and garbage everywhere. While some of this is true, the mole people who live down there aren’t completely without. They do have electricity, a microwave to cook food, fans to help cool off and even a Christmas tree. All of which they scavenged the city and garbage for.

3 Lee Wants To Build A Home Outside Bucharest For His People To Live Safely & Comfortably

When it comes to Bucharest, it treats the sewer folk like animals. Because of this, Bruce Lee has been saving up to one day build a new, nicer community outside the city. Unfortunately, this has been a promise he has been making for years, that has yet to come true. It gives the young children something to dream about though.

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2 They Aren't Completely Alone, There Is One Charity That Is Constantly Trying To Help Them

Not many people in Bucharest are willing to help the people who live under the street, even the young children. Luckily though, there is one charity group called Samu Social that is willing to offer help when they can with things such as food and clothing. They even have a doctor, Dr. Costin Militaru, who will help with medical assistance when needed.

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1 It's Dangerous, Especially For The Children, But Thanks To Lee, The Community Has Stability

These mole people who live under the streets of Bucharest come from all different situations. Some have mental health issues, some were thrown out of their homes, some lost their jobs, the list goes on. It’s a dangerous place to live. Luckily though, Bruce Lee has managed to keep everything orderly and together. He makes sure to keep everyone in line and protects the young children.

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