There are several well-liked travel destinations in Europe that might thrill tourists. Despite the fact that there are many gorgeous cities around the globe, London is at the forefront of every traveler's list. London is a well-liked travel destination for visitors from all over the world all year long due to its many charms. The delights of London, like Big Ben, the London Eye, endless rows of vivid red pay phones, Tower Bridges, Westminster Abbey, and the endless list, draw in a lot of tourists. London, though, can be incredibly scary and intimidating when visitors see beyond these famous buildings and icons.

To be a first traveler to any foreign place is not always simple, and in a metropolitan like London, one will soon realize there are many unspoken regulations that every guest should be aware of. Although it is impossible to completely avoid making mistakes, such as one being not knowing that there are different languages that are spoken in the UK, there are some blunders that visitors to the city frequently make that can be avoided by paying attention to certain aspects. Let's look at some common tourist blunders that visitors make while visiting London and how to avoid them.

10 Don't Tip

The custom of leaving tips differs by nation. If visitors are from the United States or Canada, they are undoubtedly accustomed to tipping constantly. This isn't truly how things actually work in the UK. The majority of eateries in London include a 12.5 percent surcharge on the tab, so visitors don't even need to consider paying more than what is stated. Paying 10–12% of the bill in a sit-down diner where tips are not added is considered polite. However, one shouldn't feel obligated to tip at food stores, coffee houses, or bars because the personnel won't be expecting it.

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9 Be On The Right Side Of Escalators

The unwritten rule of walking left and standing right is followed by Londoners when using escalators. The right side of the escalators should be used if people don't intend to move at the same time as they ride them on the apparently endless escalators in the subway stations. If someone intends to be using the escalator as a stairway, people will remain out of their way. In London, the majority of commuters are hurried. So move to your right and wait if you wouldn't want to be yelled at or possibly even called names.

8 Get Yourself An Oyster Card

In London, many visitors make the error of purchasing individual subway passes. But this is significantly more expensive, not to mention how long the line-up for tickets get. Visitors should purchase an oyster visitor card alternatively. Not to mention how long the line-up for tickets will be. It's incredibly practical because people can purchase them at any subway or other transportation hub. Just keep in mind that people will need to "top-up" or add additional funds to their card after making the £5 small deposit required for purchases. The daily fare is limited by the card, ensuring that people never pay more than is necessary.

7 Avoid Tube During Rush Hours

The moment a tourist enters a tube station during peak hours in London, they realize they have made a mistake. By all means, visitors should hopefully avoid this experience and another of being stranded on one of the many abandoned tube stations in London. Unless one doesn't care about being packed between a swarm of irate, sweating travelers while they try and enjoy their trip from 7:30 to 9:30 am in the mornings and between 5-7 pm in the evenings, try to avoid taking the subway. The London TFL buses, meanwhile, are a perfect substitute for the commotion of 9 to 5 Londoners if visitors are still interested in using public transportation.

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6 Don't Limit Yourself To Central London

There is an excellent reason why millions of people visit central London yearly. It is host to several famous monuments in Europe and many fascinating historical sites in the UK. However, London is far bigger than just the city's core. Therefore, it will be a poor decision to only visit the major tourist attractions while skipping over London's charming neighborhoods, where the allure is a little more understated but no less compelling. Visitors who wish to experience the true enchantment of London should discover the native part of the city, which includes lush towns, secret parks, and picturesque views.

5 Ignoring The Coins

The pennies and pounds are handy in London and can be used to purchase many items. Unlike in America, where a collection of coins would probably just be stored away due to their low value. One may buy some great London trinkets or a filling lunch with these one and two-pound coins. Since visitors won't be able to swap these pennies for other money once they leave the UK, they must utilize them. Some airlines also accept extra change from international passengers and contribute it to a good cause.

4 Not Enjoying The Different Cuisines

Many visitors believe that London's culinary culture is terrible. However, it is obvious that they have visited the wrong locations. Avoid eating fish and chips throughout your visit to the British capital. London could satiate their needs for, perhaps, flavorful Indian delight since it is a melting pot of cultures. Visitors must at least try out one of their excellent Indian restaurants. Along with the full English breakfast, visitors should also taste other traditional British dishes, including Yorkshire pudding, mash, and bangers.

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3 Staying At Overpriced Hotels

It's no mystery that traveling to London can be expensive. Visitors will likely spend a hefty sum to stay in a posh hotel in the center of London. There are gorgeous rooms all around this beautiful city. Visitors can certainly do so, particularly if they have the money they want to stay in a luxurious hotel room. However, even a standard hotel room can be very expensive. Visitors can consider looking for dorms, bed & breakfast lodgings, or even apartments to lease out during the vacation to help lower the expense of an already pricey trip.

2 Overlooking Free Monuments

Even though London is among the most expensive cities in the world, it's a usual tourist blunder to believe that everything worthwhile will cost a fortune. The truth is there are literally many free things to see and do in London. While visitors prefer to visit Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of guards with an expensive ticket, all visitors are welcome to the British Museum, the National Gallery, the Tate Modern, and the National Maritime Museum in neighboring Greenwich for no cost. Together with the stunning Hyde Park, where visitors may spend a lot of time just soaking up the British atmosphere, one can also enjoy the Thames sight.

1 Don't Forget To Catch The View Of The City

While there is enough to explore and do in the city of London, it would be a waste to skip to see the city from above. Although many visitors to London ride the famous London Eye to see the city, the ticket is extremely pricey. Visitors can get free sights from Greenwich Park's summit, Primrose Hill, and the Sky Garden if they wish. Another choice is the lookout from the London Bridge's Shard, albeit one that might cost visitors a little bit.