It's official open travel season and with it being such, many people are already planning their trips to secluded spots and urban jungles. New York City remains one of the most popular travel destinations and the summer is the perfect time to visit... but it's also the most uncomfortable.

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Hot steam rising up from the city sewer grates, the hot sun bouncing off those high skyscraper windows, and so many people make it one big hot box. However, it's a hot box that's also an incredible journey from start to finish. The city is home to history, nightlife, entertainment, nature, and literally any cuisine you could ask for, so a little heat shouldn't stop you. What If we haven't scared you off yet, then you'll need to know the biggest rookie mistakes to avoid when exploring the Big Apple... and it starts with not referring to New York City as the 'Big Apple.'


Not Wearing Comfortable (Breathable) Shoes

Of course, it's super tempting. The city is full of high fashion and people who are so blissfully themselves, and this attitude is undeniably contagious. However, those people likely have callouses and blisters built up on their feet to the point where they can't feel anything, let alone a few more.

Since you won't be taking the subway (more about that later), it's so important to wear shoes that are not just comfortable but are breathable as well. When summer comes around in NYC, there's no better advice than to make sure that your feet are well taken care of. If you still opt for the stilettos or those cute wedge sandals, don't @ us when you feel like ripping your feet off at the ankles by the tenth city block.

Avoiding Parks Out Of Fears They'll Be Too Hot

It's a common misconception that you shouldn't be outside when it's hot out and the city's parks are actually one of the best places to be. Not only will being off the city streets make the temperature feel slightly cooler, but there's plenty of shade. And we're not talking about the shade that a tall building gives you, we mean legitimate, tree-filtered shade.

Additionally, the park is where you can find all kinds of fun food and drink vendors to cool down with. Head down to Bryant Park for some artsy fun or spread out a blanket under a tree in Central Park.

Underestimating The Power Of An Air Conditioned Restaurant

When those temps reach 95 or more (and they will), it's time to head indoors. While it's not true that every restaurant will have the AC blasting enough to make it feel like the Arctic, it's definitely worth looking for one that does. Coffee shops are great for this because you can scout out a quiet corner and wait out the hot flash.

If nothing else, it's good to get off the street during the summer to sit down and enjoy a good meal and drink some water. You might end up paying for it, but it'll be worth it when sweat isn't pooling in your (very comfortable) shoes.

Using The Subway

The subway really needs no explanation. Not only is it incredibly hot, in general, for an underground system, it's also a little bit stinky. During the summer, the subway turns into an adventure all on its own and while it might be the fastest way to get from one place to another, it's probably not worth it while you're on vacation.

Either splurge on a taxi or find a hotel near all the things you want to do, because the subway is the last place you'll want to be when temps reach 100.

Going To An Indoor Concert Rather Than An Outdoor One

This is more of a word of advice rather than a rookie mistake (although if you're attending a concert at Terminal 5, it could be). New York City is home to a plethora of outdoor concerts and Central Park holds them all season long.

A quick online search will reveal all of the entertainment that you could be enjoying from a park chair, bleacher, or towel on the lawn.

Not Bringing Extra Deoderant Or Wet Wipes

It sounds gross but you'll be thankful for it. When we say that it gets hot, we mean it gets hot while walking around the city. There are days when even the AC units can't keep up with rising temps, in which case, you'll be psyched to have a stick of deodorant that can be applied as soon as your morning swipe starts wearing off.

In the event of face, neck, and whatever other sweat that might be accumulating, those wet wipes will practically be therapeutic to use in the (air-conditioned) bathroom.

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