Viva Las Vegas! If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas with your significant other, then you’re in for an incredible time … well, if you plan it right. As much as there is to do and see in Vegas, it also means there’s a lot of room for error when planning a trip to the infamous city. Even if you’ve traveled to the city by yourself or in a group before, it’s a different experience when going with a significant other. You need to find the right balance between partying, sight-seeing, and romance. The two of you may have different interests or priorities that can make planning a joint trip a challenge. And, of course, given all that can happen in Vegas, it can put quite a toll on a couple (especially if you wind up in a wedding chapel and get hitched by Elvis himself).


Needless to say, there are tons of rookie mistakes to be made while traveling to Las Vegas with your romantic interest. Below we discuss four of the main errors to avoid when traveling to this wild corner of Nevada with your significant other. With a bit of planning and preparing, you can ensure you and your SO have the perfect Las Vegas experience!

Booking A Hotel Off The Strip

There are tons of places to spend money in Las Vegas, from the extravagant shows to the tempting casinos. Many couples try to save in their budget when it comes to their hotel. Sure, the farther away from the strip the cheaper the accommodation options often are. But there are downsides to the cheap price tag. For one, you won’t be in the heart of the hustle and bustle. You may feel like you missed out on an authentic Vegas experience if you’re not directly where the hubbub is.

Moreover, transportation will also become an issue at the end of the night when you’ve had a bit to drink and can’t simply walk back to your hotel. The farther your hotel is from the strip, the more money you’ll likely spend on transportation, like cabs or uber. The main point: don’t automatically assume that a cheap hotel is the best option when visiting Vegas.

Not Taking Free Transportation

With a little research, it’s easy to find an abundance of free transportation options around the strip that will be both convenient and budget-friendly. Sure, it may seem like no big deal for the two of you to split a cab or Uber. But why spend money at all when you can get around for free?

One Las Vegas traveler told Huffington Post that visitors should always check with the hotel chains. ‘Most of the hotels along the Las Vegas Strip are sister hotels and offer free trams that link between their properties,” they explained. “Three free trams that will save you a lot of travel time and money: Park MGM → Aria → Bellagio, Mandalay Bay → Luxor → Excalibur, Mirage → Treasure Island.”

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Partying Way Too Hard

Sure, Vegas is the place where people are known to let their inhibitions run wild. But if you’re going to the city of lights with a significant other, then be careful how hard you go. It can be fun to let loose on a few nights, but make sure it’s not taking away from the time you spend together.

You don’t want to be so wasted that your memories in Vegas with your partner are a blur. Similarly, neither of you wants to get sick or have to look after the other when there’s so much to do. Have a conversation beforehand about how much you two want to party (and what that specifically looks like) so that you’re both on the same page.

Staying Only On The Strip

We get it – the strip is what made Las Vegas famous. But it would be a shame to limit your date nights to restaurants only located in the downtown of Vegas. There are literally thousands of restaurants in the city that deserve exploration, and any of the best ones exist outside of the strip.

“There are restaurants just off the Strip, no more than 10 minutes away, that provide tourists an equal and/or greater experience if they so choose to venture out,” Edward Thompson recommended to Huffington Post. “For example, there is an outstanding steakhouse just behind the Strip, named Cleaver, that I almost always recommend when tourists ask me where to find a great steak during their stay due to the food and low-key atmosphere.”

Moreover, visitors should also check out the natural beauty that Las Vegas has to offer (some say it’s even more incredible than its cityscape). Vegas is home to two of the most beautiful state parks, Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire, so setting a day or two aside to check out the natural beauty is a must.

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