The Avalon Bay in Newfoundland is home to Mistaken Point. The difficulty of crossing the dangerous seas around the point earned the place fame and a name – at first. Ships frequently mistook Mistaken Point for Cape Race in adverse weather. They'd head north, intending to locate Cape Race Port, but instead found themselves flanked by boulders.

It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for the pivotal contribution that the fossils discovered here have performed in tracing the context of our planet. These rocks date back to 580-560 million years ago. And are the world's earliest surviving collections of massive specimens. After nearly three billion millennia of micro-dominated development, these fossils depict a turning point in the origin of life on This planet: the emergence of enormous, physiologically complex animals.


Getting There

  • Nearest Airport - St. John's International Airport - 149 km
  • It is a 2 hour and 30 min drive to the Reserve from St. John's.

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What To Do

Take An Organized Tour

  • Duration- 3.5- 4 hours
  • Hike Difficulty level- Moderately Strenuous
  • The excursion will cover the chronology of the location, Ediacaran microflora remains, and how Mistaken Point came to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Strolling on the top of these globally noteworthy bedrock covered with hundreds of fossils will allow visitors to see relics real close.
  • Take a stroll through time to Mistaken Point's undulating slopes. The winding trail winds its way along the shore, passing through wilderness.
  • This trail takes the path that leads to Watern Cove's historic seasonal fishing spot. Stone 'fish flakes,' which were once used to dry cod, may still be located in the vicinity of the hiking route.
  • In Watern Cove, a wooden bridge presently spans the narrow river crossing.

Hike The Designated Trails

  • The Rookery Trailhead takes the route to towering peaks where gulls populations and whales can be seen resting. Soon after Drook Beach, there is a concrete pull-off with a signpost for the Rookery.
  • The Freshwater Trail leads visitors through the wilderness to the shore of the lake, where they can see a diversity of birds. A parking space for Freshwater Path is available across the street from the path, where the dirt road commences.

Things To Note:

  • Visitors should gear up for a day of hiking in the countryside. They are likely to experience a mix of chilly, breezy, damp, and misty weather.
  • Bring sunblock and insect repellent.
  • Hiking boots and rain gear are highly advised.
  • Sandals aren't allowed.
  • Bringing water, a meal, and binoculars is an excellent idea.
  • Please be aware that there are no restrooms in the area and the trailhead car park area is the only place to use them.
  • Rock edges are extremely hazardous. Please don't stray from the path.
  • On supervised trips, dogs are not allowed.

Visit The Fossil Protection Zone

The Fossil Protection Zone is a section of the Reserve's shoreline where fossil remains are most susceptible to erosion and human impacts.

This section of the Preserve is only accessible by guided tour. More than 10,000 fossil imprints, ranging in size from a few centimeters to nearly 2 meters, can be found around Mistaken Point's shoreline for academic research and monitored observation. Unlike other Paleozoic era sites across the world, the region's fossils are found near the top of accessible layers, rendering them visible to researchers and the general public.

They are contained in a protection zone to preserve them from eroding and human disturbance.

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Where to Stay

Edge Of The Avalon Inn

  • The Edge of the Avalon Lodge is a four-star hotel.
  • The hotel has 13 guestrooms, including a king, regular, and luxury units.All accommodations offer a small refrigerator, flat-screen tv with cable, and complimentary WiFi.
  • Guests at Earhart's Bar can choose from a variety of wines, beers, and cocktails.
  • There is never a boring time here, with trekking, seaside scouring, native storytelling, and cultural performance, as well as the chance to see some of the local wildlife.
  • Address- 111 Coarse Hill Road, Trepassey, Newfoundland and Labrador A0A 4B0 Canada

Northwest Lodge Bed And Breakfast

  • The motel rooms come equipped with a television set, a fridge, and a lounge space, as well as complimentary WiFi, enabling clients to relax and rejuvenate with comfort.
  • A picnic spot, a sun deck, and seating areas on the lawn are available at Northwest Lodge Hotel.
  • Furthermore, as a cherished hotel customer, guests can take advantage of free on-site breakfasts. Visitors arriving by car will be able to park for free.
  • The lodge puts the finest of Trepassey right at visitors' disposal, ensuring a relaxed and pleasurable experience.
  • Address- Box 5, Site 14, Trepassey, Newfoundland and Labrador A0A 4B0 Canada

The Convent Guesthouse

  • The guesthouse has completely updated interiors while retaining the old Monastic construction, is contemporary, light, and immaculate, with comfy rooms filled with appealing native style and great facilities.
  • This along with an unobstructed spectacular view of the harbor ensures that guests' time at the motel will be unforgettable!
  • Complimentary WiFi, car parks, simple complimentary breakfast with espresso, tea, or juices, mineral water in the guestrooms, and recreational activities are all included in the accommodation rate.
  • USB charging connections, a vanity desk, a bath with robes, a hairdryer, booklets about Newfoundland and Labrador, a baggage shelf, and high-quality bedding are all included in the accommodations.
  • Address- 29 Church Drive, Trepassey, Newfoundland and Labrador A0A 4B0 Canada

Mistaken Point Ecological Preserve is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should be on the bucket list of any visitor to Newfoundland, or the motivation for planning a trip to this picturesque, historical, and multicultural peninsula. Those fascinated by the history of our planet must put it on their wishlist.

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