It wasn't the sighting of "Bigfoot" that researchers and scientists have been looking for, but there are some very happy folks in Linville, North Carolina.

Back in August, somebody stole a 6-foot-tall statue of Bigfoot that was in a landscaping company. The Avery County Sheriff's Office shared a post on Facebook pleading for the public to help locate it.

Well, the missing statue was finally located after a search that lasted two months. On their Facebook page, the Avery County Sheriff's Office reported that a man named Mike told police that he found Bigfoot.


It's location? All alone in the Edgemont area woods.

The sheriff's office will be keeping Bigfoot in custody for the time being. It remains to be seen if police will manage to capture the thieves who stole this artistic statue from the Mountaineer Landscaping company. But really, all that matters is that Bigfoot is safe again.

Discovery of this statue comes a nearly three weeks after Bigfoot researchers claimed to have seen the creature in the Lake James mountains in North Carolina. One of the group's members, John Bruner, took a photograph of the creature, which you can view below.

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There have been numerous reported sightings of the Bigfoot creature in the state of North Carolina. Many of the alleged sightings actually happen in the Pacific Northwest - namely in the state of Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The most well-documented alleged Bigfoot encounter happened at Bluff Creek, California in 1967. Robert Gimlin and the late Roger Patterson filmed a creature that they suggested was Bigfoot. Scientists continue to debate as to whether or not it was the ape-like creature, or if it was nothing more than a man wearing a costume.

Here we are nearly 50 years after the alleged sighting from Gimlin and Patterson, and yet the existence of Bigfoot still hasn't been confirmed nor denied. The only thing we know is that the researchers won't stop looking until they get their answer once and for all.

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