Minimalists are all about living with less. Sometimes material possessions can get it the way (literally) of what's important. Avid travelers will know the value of exploring the world and generally save their dollars for something more worthwhile than a brand new car. Even if you aren't a minimalist, there is something freeing about not being encumbered with obstructive objects.

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But for those not willing to give up their possessions quite yet, you can get a taste of the simple life by staying in these 10 stunning minimalist hotels from around the world.

10 10. The Pod Singapore

The Pod Boutique Capsule Hotel's location falls on Singapore soil. This quaint bed and breakfast is an ideal stay for someone who is simply looking to get a little shut-eye. As long as you don't mind bunking with the hostel's other guests, you will be fitted with your own cozy nook with just a light and bedside table.

There's room for luggage, but not much, as most of the space is occupied by its 100 sleeping spaces. These beds are made for comfort and in lieu of your own TV and couch, The Pod offers premium concierge services.

9 9. Lucy In The Sky

Lucy in the Sky offers unique views of the Netherlands' skyline. There are three different types of rooms available, each one with a two-person capacity.

It's dubbed the "mini-hotel" as the one-bedroom units only offer a bed, shower, and a pantry. Lucy offers skylit views from the transparent windows, but with its aerial grounds, guests are promised complete privacy.

8 8. Kirini Hotel Santorini

This hotel has almost-perfect ratings across all prestigious travel booking platforms. The Kirini Hotel Santorini is located in Greece and sits at a prime location. Just outside their rooms, guests can sit and enjoy the gorgeous landscape that meets their eyes.

The rooms are completely soundproof and offer comfort in the form of fluffy pillows and luxury bath amenities. You won't need much at this hotel, as its white and blue facade encourages weary travelers to simply sit back and relax by the pool.

7 7. Torre de Palma Wine Hotel

Visitors of the Torre de Palma Wine Hotel will never believe the hotel is built out of a 14th-century structure. This manor is filled with modern luxuries such as its pool-side abode and winery. The rooms are decorated with simplicity, making minimalists feel right at home.

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You can choose from its refined double room or indulge in the master suite that evokes a wilderness atmosphere. The hotel is built with the remains of an ancient 1338 building residing in Portugal.

6 6. The Beaumont Hotel

The Beaumont Hotel in London, England offers one grande suite that is the envy of minimalists everywhere. Designed by artist, Antony Gormley, the Beaumont commissioned this unique room around 2014 to appeal to the simple way of life.

The room is built with just dark wooden walls and a levitating bed. The suite has an air of magic and mystery. It also has soundproof walls so that guests can truly get a peaceful stay.

5 5. Treehouse In Harads

Travelers who want to spend a night in the trees can do so in this high-rise minimal hotel in Sweden. The Treehouse in Harads was brought to life thanks to the imaginative minds of Kent and Britta Jonsson Lindvall in Sweden. It became their dream to make treehouse hotels, and today people come from all over the world to enjoy their simple concept.

The adjoining guest house doubles as a restaurant and is renovated from a 100-year old fixture. The couple decided to keep the guest house's simple charm and used the same design in their treehouse hotel rooms. All guests need here is a bed, a gorgeous view, and great company.

4 4. Anemolia Villa

This villa is all about celebrating the environment and modern simplicities. The Anemolia Villa offers a peaceful getaway in an eco-friendly building in the charming community of Megalochori. It's a prime residency in the Turkish region that offers both luxury and simple commodities.

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There are hot tubs available for relaxation, but you won't find your room packed with anything except a soft, white bed. The villas are respectful of nature and have a fully furnished garden that offers peaceful tranquility.

3 3. Awasi Hotel

The Awasi Hotel has everything travelers need for a comfortable and exciting getaway. Located in Chile and Argentina, this hotel's best features are its surrounding environments.

Valleys, canyons, and mountains are all at your fingertips, with Awasi offering exclusive adventures at each of their locations. Along with serene landscapes, their rooms offer complete seclusion and simplicity after a long day of outdoor adventures.

2 2. Distrito Capital

You'll never get a view of Mexico City quite like the ones at Distrito Capital. This simple pleasure is at the heart of the city's downtown area. Skyscrapers seem just inches away and the city skyline has mesmerizing night views. However, guests here can rest away from the hustle and bustle of Mexico City in their captivating room. You'll wake up to a full city view with its floor-to-ceiling windows.

Inside the room, minimalists will be happy to find a plain bed, seating area, and desk to use at their leisure. Distrito Capital's reviews speak for themselves, with particular praise for the hotel's luxurious amenities such as the hardwood floors, modern lighting fixtures, and soaking tubs.

1 1. Juvet Landscape Hotel

Up in the farmstead of Valldal, Norway, travelers might be surprised to find this grandiose building structure. It is the first landscape hotel in all of Europe, sitting on the Burtigarden farm at Alstad.

This hotel prides itself on its rustic and remote location. Guests here can admire the rich cultural architecture and nature of Norway in their own personal room. They offer nine rooms, each one detached from the other for ultimate solidarity and privacy.  Each one offers their own views of the looming forestry with spa amenities offered on property.

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