The 10 Best Mini Putt Courses In America, Ranked

The experience of mini putt courses presents a fun middle ground of golf and low-risk competition. Traditional golf can be impossible to play with the exclusivity of golf courses along with the time needed to play eighteen holes. That is just one of many reasons why mini golf has become a popular experience. The idea of playing themed mini putt courses gives you the chance to have the golfing fun without making your entire day revolve around it.

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Mini putt is quite popular in the United States, with beloved courses located all over the country. Almost every major city will have a few fun options. They range from having unique themes to just setting up impressive courses to visually impress you. Find out just which locations are the absolute best in the entire country. These are the ten best mini putt golf courses in the United States.

10 Walker Art Center Skyline Mini Golf

Minnesota is home of the Walker Art Center Skyline Mini Golf with a highly impressive mini putt course. The location gives you gorgeous views of the downtown area to truly soak in the fun in between putting on the ten different holes.

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Walker Art Center Skyline Mini Golf has a few unique designs for the holes including one that sees you having to get the ball past a hot dog prop. This is a fun spot in the Minnesota area for anyone hoping to spend a fun day with friends or family.

9 Conservation Course

Most of the mini putt courses on the list have a fun theme, but the Conservation Course is mostly just a great idea. There aren’t wacky hole designs to play into any theme. The names of the holes are the most interesting element in play as they are named after indigenous plants or animals in the Everglades National Park.

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Conservation Course is located at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in the West Palm Beach area of Florida. The golf course is fun on its own without a theme, but the association to the conservation focus adds another layer to make it worth seeking out.

8 Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf

Disney often has their hands in every form of entertainment given the countless brands they have under their umbrella. The Winter Summerland Miniature Golf gives Disney an in for the mini putt world with this location in a Walt Disney World park in Florida.

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Various winter themed props make up the design of each hole with items like candy canes, snowmen, an ice castle and a surfing Santa all in play. This is the perfect mini putt course for families with members of all ages. Disney brings out the child in everyone and that extends to mini golf as well.

7 Mini Golf At Big Cedar Lodge

The Mini Golf at Big Cedar Lodge course provides some of the most relaxing mini putt experiences in the entire country of the United States. Missouri is the location here with the course having nine holes with different set ups along the way.

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One that stands out most features the golfer having to putt the ball into the mouth of a big Bass fish. The visual set-up of Big Cedar Lodge is already beautiful and the mini golf experiences gives it a well-deserved spot as a top tier course in the country.

6 Around The World Miniature Golf

The Lake George area of New York State gives us one of the coolest themed mini golf courses in the United States. Around the World Miniature Golf features eighteen holes all with a different design paying tributes to landmarks from all over the globe.

Paul Bunyan, the Statue of Liberty and a roulette wheel represent the items for the United States courses. Some of the international landmarks in the design include the Taj Mahal and London Bridge. Around the World provides a combination of fun mini golf along with a nod to history.

5 The Fringe

The Fringe is an underrated mini golf course with quite a few fun ideas put into the experience. Georgia is home to this mini putt establishment that allows players to golf over the course of eighteen holes all with a different and unique design.

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Some of the standout ones include nods to the Roswell Mill and Civil War. All the themes play into the Roswell area of Georgia. It is meant to both give you a fun day of mini putt along with a look into the history of celebrating the area.

4 Shoot For The Stars Mini Golf

The Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf course in Missouri attempts to celebrate Hollywood with the theme in play here. This colorful course is already visually beautiful when visiting, but it does provide some themed elements to take it to the next level.

Some of the landmarks tied into a couple of holes include the Hollywood Bowl and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The comedy involved adds to the fun as few golf courses do have a story in motion for the theme. You get the best of both worlds with pure golfing fun and the Hollywood dream story with Shoot for the Stars.

3 Pelly's Mini Golf

There are two golf courses offered with eighteen holes each when visiting Pelly's Mini Golf in Southern California. The first one is beloved under the name of Pelly’s Ocean Adventure with the designs including sculptures of sea animals like dolphins, sharks and whales.

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Pelly’s Surfin’ Safari is the second course with the holes having designs dedicated to surfing. The beautiful set up at Pelly's Mini Golf makes it one of the coolest mini putt courses in the entire country, especially if you have any love for sea animals or surfing.

2 Philly Mini Golf

Philadelphia sees its history celebrated with the Philly Mini Golf playing into the local theme. Every hole has a theme paying tribute to a different landmark in the city. Some of the standout ones include the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin Bridge and Independence Hall.

The Franklin Square location makes it ideal to spend an entire day there. Even when finished with the mini golfing, there is a carousel and beloved café to eat at. Philly Mini Golf is impressive enough to make everyone in other cities wish we had such a course to honor its history.

1 Crave Golf Club

Not many people would expect Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to have the coolest mini putt course in the United States but Crave Golf Club stands out for all the right reasons. The course features a theme of sweet treats all designed in the most colorful of designs.

Obstacles like ice cream, candy canes and jellybeans provide the challenge for you to golf around to put up a good score. There are actual sweets once you get the temptation with giant chocolate bars, a milkshake bar and many other treats offered. Crave Golf Club gives you a fun mini putt experience with an enjoyable theme in a colorful world.

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