The east coast is known for having some of the best beaches, but Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has always been a particular stand-out. Why? Well, for one thing, it's not just a beach -- entertainment, dining, shopping, Myrtle Beach has it all. Another thing Myrtle Beach has? Mini golf! A tried and true tradition for many Myrtle Beach-goers is to take time to play at least one round of mini-golf. We don't know how this trend got started, but Myrtle Beach has some of the most fun and unique putt-putt golf courses out there! Here are just eight of the most awesome mini golf courses in Myrtle Beach.

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8 Cancun Lagoon Adventure Golf

According to myth, a warrior named Pakal -- who also happened to invent mini-golf, apparently -- was buried inside a Mayan temple. Luckily for you, you can explore that exact Mayan temple at Cancun Lagoon Adventure Golf! With ancient artifacts, waterfalls, and hieroglyphics featured throughout the course, you'll be fully immersed in the story and theme. Not to mention, special effects like thunder and lightning might pop up! Another pro is that the course literally goes through the air-conditioned temple, giving you a cool break from the basking sun.

7 Mt. Alanticus Minotaur Golf

According to legend, Mt. Alanticus is a 50,000-year-old golf course that broke away from Atlantis and -- for whatever reason -- now resides in Myrtle Beach. Forget windmills --  Mt. Alanticus is decorated with aliens, sea monsters, and, inexplicably, Elvis. The highlight of the course, however, is the end. By the time you're finishing up, you'll be four stories high and have the most beautiful view of the ocean and town. Don't forget to try your best at the 19th hole, as you might be able to win a lifetime pass!

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6 Jungle Lagoon Miniature Golf

Jungle Lagoon is, of course, a jungle-themed golf course. Sounds cute and all, but you'll really be wow'd when you actually get there and see the waterfalls, tropical plants, and wild animals that make for some of the BEST photo ops. Even better? Jungle Lagoon is located only a mere two blocks from the beach. Why not buy an all-day pass so you can take a break from golfing, frolic in the sand and water, and then return to finish your game? We could definitely spend a whole day golfing and hitting the beach and never get bored!

5 MayDay Miniature Golf

Mayday! Mayday! Your plane has crash-landed on this deserted island -- well, deserted except for a golf course. You can choose to play the Mayday Mountain course, which features your crash-landed plane, or the Rescue Falls course, where you golf amongst waterfalls until you are eventually rescued by a helicopter. The storyline is cool by itself, but MayDay Miniature Golf has gone all-out with the decor. If you get lost looking for it, keep an eye out for a giant yellow plane. It's so large that you can't miss it!

4 Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Golf

If you really want to be immersed in a story, you can't do better than Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Golf. You literally ride a mine train to the first hole, and it's there that the mystery begins. You collect clues throughout the course, and hopefully will have gathered enough information to solve the case of the Lost Treasure by the last hole. You'll have to explore caves, waterfalls, and other ancient relics to find out where Professor Hacker's gold is kept. Solving riddles while simultaneously playing a round of golf? Sign us up!

3 Jurassic Golf

Rumor has it that the dinosaurs near Myrtle Beach survived the asteroid that killed the rest of their species! If you have a kiddo who's obsessed with dinosaurs, then it's pretty much guaranteed that they won't be able to stop talking about Jurassic Golf if you take them there. You can do the Ice Age course or the Predator course, and both courses are immaculately themed! With plenty of dinosaur statues and decor throughout the courses, there's no shortage of silly photo ops for the family. There's also pre-historic waterfalls, caves, and volcanoes you'll encounter that only add to the super-cool ambiance.

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2 Captain Hook's Adventure Golf

As the name would suggest, Captain Hook's Adventure Golf is themed after the iconic tale of Peter Pan. You can choose from either the Hooks course or the Lost Boys course. Your game will be magical throughout, with quotes and recordings from the original novel by J.M. Barrie strewn among the courses. You'll also get to try a hole on Hook's famous ship -- with an accompanying mechanical snapping alligator, of course. Myrtle Beach is great, but we wouldn't blame you if you'd like to make a small trip to Never-Neverland as well.

1 Dragon's Lair Miniature Golf

If you've ever strolled around Broadway at the Beach, where there are plenty of places to shop and dine, you'll probably recall randomly being startled by a humongous, fire-breathing dragon. That would be Sir Alfred, the dragon who occasionally pops up to startle you as you play a round at Dragon's Lair Miniature Golf. While the giant, realistic dragon is a selling point on its own, the rest of the decor -- such as streams, castles, and a Viking ship -- is pretty cool too. Next time you're at Broadway at the Beach, why not take a break from shopping and take a trip to the Dark Ages?

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