The midwest is filled with some amazing distilleries that serve alcohol that tastes like it was sent down from heaven itself. There are only a select few though that also offer incredible tours that visitors think are almost as good as the drinks themselves. It is a combination of the atmosphere of these establishments with the guides themselves that make these tours the best of the best.

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We have discovered the tours that you should book during your vacation in the midwest. They will give you an experience you will never forget, as well as help you find your new favorite drink. Keep reading to learn about ten amazing distillery tours in the midwest!

10 10. Copperwing Distillery (St. Louis Park, Minnesota)

This distillery offers tours only on Saturdays, and their previous guests have said that they are pretty great. The tour only cost $10, which includes a free glass and multiple tastings of their best spirits.

Guests love the friendliness of the staff and it is obvious they put a lot of effort into their venue. If you happen to stay behind to purchase one of their signature cocktails, you won't be disappointed, and on a slow night, the bartender might even help you create a new one.

9 9. Red Pine Distillery (Grand Forks, North Dakota)

The spirits sold at this distillery are made using only locally grown ingredients, and their tour is pretty great as well. They take you through each and every step of the process from raw ingredients to finished spirit, and there are plenty of samples to go around.

They offer you a taste of every product in production, as well as the ones still in development. You will get to leave with a souvenir glass and it won't break the bank as it only costs about $11 to join a group. Customer's favorite is a Sugar Beet Vodka, but they are currently developing lines of whiskey, bourbon, and gin as well.

8 8. Watershed Distillery (Columbus, Ohio)

If gin is your favorite drink, then you should take a drive to Watershed Distillery in Columbus, Ohio. The staff will treat you like family the moment you step in the door and the distillery tour will walk you through the process of making their star spirits. There are plenty of tastings along the way so you can decide what bottle you want to purchase to take home.

They invite you to sit down at their restaurant following the tour for an excellent meal and a one-of-a-kind cocktail made at the hands of experienced bartenders. Their Four Peel Gin is a favorite among guests with its smooth finish, but the smokey taste of their Apple Brandy has also been known to draw a crowd.

7 7. Templeton Rye Distillery (Templeton, Iowa)

You can take a tour of this facility for only $10 and this location is unique as it also features an informative visitor center. Guests can tour the facility and learn about the intricate process of making their spirits and finish off the festivities with some excellent tastings.

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Then, guests are invited to take a look at their visitor center which features some museum exhibits that show their integration with the local community. Their rye whiskey has a special kick that is unlike anything else you have ever tasted and it is the true magic behind the greatness of this tour.

6 6. Glacial Lakes Distillery (Watertown, South Dakota)

This place is known for its outstanding vodka and rum, as well as its famous distillery tour. They are a relatively small operation, but that doesn't mean their tour isn't one of the best there is.

They have an eye for detail in both their spirits and in the information they share on their tours, as guests learn about both the creation and marketing side of the business. Their vodka has won awards, but customers also rave about the special taste of their rum.

5 5. Old Sugar Distillery (Madison, WI)

Madison is a city filled with plenty of things to do, but one stop you must make is at the Old Sugar Distillery. Guided tasting tours are available on Saturday for $14 a person and they understand how to cater to their customers.

You will learn not only how their spirits are made, but also the historical significance of their drinks and their company as a whole. Guests are provided six different samples along the tour, as well as one cocktail of their choice. When the tour is over you can stop by their tasting room for some more drinks and a snack, as your tastebuds come alive with every sip you take.

4 4. Panther Distillery (Osakis, Minnesota)

If whiskey is your thing then this is the perfect midwest distillery tour for you. It is on the small side, but the atmosphere is friendly and inviting to outsiders. The tour of the facility is free, but if you want to taste any of their drinks then you are required to pay $10.

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You will receive 3 samples to try, as well as a shot glass to take home as a keepsake. Many people have said that they left with a few bottles to take home with them, which shows how their drinks alone make this trip well worth it.

3 3. Rhine Hall (Chicago, Illinois)

This tour is only $10 a person and lasts about 45 minutes, or you can book a private tasting with the owner for $45 a person. This second tour comes highly recommended as you are able to sample 6 different spirits, see where they started, and have all of your questions answered.

It is an experience you won't have anywhere else as they take time out of their day to hang out with their fans. Their main focus is brandy and they serve several varieties such as apple, plum, and pear.

2 2. Lifted Spirits (Kansas City, Missouri)

This distillery offers free tours where they divulge all of their secrets that are involved in the making of their spirits. You can see the entire process from start to finish as they take local grains and eventually turn them into a delectable drink that is poured into custom bottles. When the tour is over you can head to their tasting room and try one of their featured cocktails and buy a bottle of the drink that everyone is talking about.

1 1. Union Horse Distillery (Lenexa, Kansas)

They have one tour scheduled monthly, but you are also able to book private tours as well. This company is known for making small batches that taste like heaven in a bottle and for $17 you can get a look behind the scenes.

The guide will take you through the entire process, as well as inform you about the history of the company as a whole. When the tour is over you will be taken to the Rider Room where you can taste some of their amazing spirits and order a signature cocktail that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

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